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The New Treasury Notes

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The order to engruve lbo Unit d States Treasury notes ïuthorizud by ibe et ot July IVtii was received by the American Bank Noto Coinpa y July 2-jib, and bímcu thnt time frotn thirty t.. fortj firsi e lasa artists havo Ivon engaged in pri puriiig tho p lates fur the printers. Tbs vhii-U bas so far progressed ihat vc are cnublod tu give a general descripti in of the notes to be fonrarded to Washington for siguntnre by perno I to sign them for tlie Register of the Troasnrv and the Secretar; ut' thu Trcasary of the United States. The following 'liiti's l,;ive been engravod, und ure non printing ns ritpidly siblo : Ëight ]. lates of four five dollar i on each, payable iu tho fullownig pfoces: New 3Tork, Boston, Philadelphia, Kt Louis, and Ciucinnati. The iinmes of tho places aro eugavi-d on tlie notes. - Tiio notes are printed in two color.-, green and black on the faoe, and green (.11 the back This green is indestructible, and ia a perfect protectiön against phntngrupbic coui)Uri'ci(ing. The ü' uote is ei'iln liislied on the lelt margin uit!) n t'ull lengt h figure of ■ America" standing on a glube, with the motto UE Pkwibut ■ " and on the right a purtrüit of Alex.indcr Ilainilt.ii. Tbere are Bvc platps bf SlO's, four notes on eifcli, uiudc payable ut the places spscificd above, and printed in t!io saine diluís as llio fíves. Oi tliu lelt is au admirable likenessof President Lincoln j in tlie centre tbë American cagle; atfd uu the right a f.ill-leiiglh figure reprcbuating the Arts. " j Fie platos of S'20's, paja ble as nbovo, : and in tbe sanio tints, in tlie centro nf wbich isa full length figure of Justice ■ Tlio otl'er paria of thü píate are íiiled , witb of geometrionl latlie] work and otfacr securities against eomiterloiting. 'J'bose notes are all executed in tlie finest style of engraving, and are realjy bëantiful works of art. Of ilu-se notes a portion of the SO's will be sent to Washington for signcture to morrow, and will be the firut in circalation. The% notes are all payable on deinand; tbey are ft liltle larger than ordinarv bank notes, and are nuic'i smaller than tbe 7 o-l) interest note; and were reduced ii ize for convei.ience aa a circulatiiig medium. In ndditioi) to these notes the following 7 3-10 interest notes, payable tfarco years a!ter date, tbe interest payable sjini-aniiually, are iu the course of ' puration, and some of them will be issued on tlie lst of September. Fifties, distinguished by a very largo eograviug of the American Eagle; one hundred dollar notes, rluch will be i ornami'iital witb an engrasing of General Seott, tlie best and uiosi lift? like pnr,ra;t of tlie original we hafu over BBBü: tlie five liundreds liavn in the centre a portruit of Washington, on tho left figure of Justice and on the right a ligure of Fortune. The 1,000 nqtn has a fine portrait of Seeretary Chase; the -Si,1' note '1;IS :l picture of an Indian woman Bupporting the arins of the United States, with au appropriato background and a tinre ot Juxtice nu the lett. The 7 'ó lü interest notes specify on the face that thoy are convertible iuto twouty years G per cent. United .States bonds. ind als ) state the interest per day on the notes of ach denoininalion. Tho notes havo been prepired with great. care and excellent taste. Tiio different denominationrt, firoai fo to S-3,0U0, are printed in the .saine tiirs, and have tiio same general characlor Tho design of tbe Tivasury Department has been to give thuge issues an idenlity as governinent securities and while the variotts douominirtioiia ditfer froin eaeh other, ïhere is a general siinilarity which distinguishes them from the ordinary bauk-note eiroulation.


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