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Governor Gamble Calls Out 42,000 State Militia

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Jeffersoo City, Mo., Aug. 25 The followiug proclamatióu lias been . issued : ' Tlio pjwer of the civil authorities buuig iusutticieut to protect the lives and property of citizuwa oí tlie State, I Haiuilton 11. Gainbli', (jrúvtirnor of the State ot' Missouri, do bercby cali into tlie active service ot tbe State, tortjf two tbuusaod i wen of the militia of the Stat'.', u.signiug six thou8aud as tliu quuta for each military dist lic , whieh is tUe sime as a Congresüioual district. Tbo forca thus callüd iuto survioe will be a- far as p issible a vulunteer torco, and will ci).iaist of j ten tbuusaud c.ivaU-y aud tliirty two tbouaud ínianti-y lt' tliu uumbr vuluuteüiiny s.iDUhl exeeüd tilia reqaisttiou, the excess will be beld as reserve corps; it' tliere siiouid bj a dejiuieiiojr it may 1 couie neocssary to resOrt to a draít. Tl;e Adjutant-üéiieral wiü issuotothe División Luspectora of the ueveral iniliíary distncts tlío orders necessary to cuirv tliis requiíition hito efl'cct. 'J'lio forcé callcd out will bo fór su uionths, uuless peuce iu ibe 6tatj siutl! üu soouer rostored. Arms will bu fumislK-d as rapidly as they eau be ha .. Gíveu under my liand a;d tl.e 6eal of I the State at Jefitrsou City tliis 2 itli day of August, iu tbo year L&til. (si-n Jj H. K. GAMBLE Ey thc Uoviinor M. Oliví.b ice y ul 6.atw


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