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Judge Miánii, nóihiuau'] by the demócrata is a candidato tor Gnverhor oi' [uwa, ii. is rtucaptüii the iio.iiiualion. Wi; iniiko :i fuw estr cis trom his otter of luccbtiiiico: '■ In 'all is lejía I requireriients, the govoinment Uiuwt bo lieyed n'nd snatained, whHtuver may be the coimeqnencuH. Nocitizun cun rigbtfully rtw legaicj the author.ty l inö nutiunal government, wheu uoting witliiü the conititutionnl limiis. nirely beoüuso it was (jou i) ter t' hi.s owa notions n nny uurüouliir subjaot. " On this, as wol! tis n uil other ocoasionf, we may 1 ghtly endeuvhr, in nny proper miinner, to iiraueïico ibc so iim uf ihü govumment 11 what w bolieva ii bo tho rigiil diiection. Iniict, it is our iinperutivo duty as uiuzun.i 10 do so. But wo can nover sut up our owi) dpiniona n ojipnrftion t a r::!e j once lúvvhiHy ütabli-huil by èii.her of tho thrce great depurtmenta ol tliegv. eroioen , with u view to tlnvurt or nuljity ita operiitioiis. '■ VVo must nol, thorefore, wiihh.dd our services, our propurty, or even our üves, wht-D c:i led f' by tho proper authoriiics U aid in c.irrying n any war in which thecouatry muy be engaged1 "Norisit tneralj because youra was a democratie oC vont ion th..t ï now give nny liaa'tnt to oóntinifö ia noiiiinoo. One great leudina ubjoot wit!) me has swullowed up all oUihm. Aitd shuuld any otbér coBvention bereafter useeiiiblu, styling itsélf rlöin.icraiic 1 r otharwwo- whether ualled regul.irly or rregularly (provided they udopt a pl'í'5'n ;1S oearly coincident with my own opiniona ua youra is, and pmyided ihut ihey show a pnwpeot of a tronger i popular voto than ihat whiub wül probobl- support your ticket,) I shálf, with I the grutttyst vi'ilüiignoss, witbdran fVom [, aml n. ï rwijy leuve iln: field truotèd ! tí ■ nomirïfie "f that .. luit m iil, li ihe itiiini-i of my. ubiliiy, i:.i'i" UiVoll La ncoare their s. Í!. i- time to dual willi sub'. Dot mure nuines'."


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