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Death At Camp Fountain

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-On Bat urdnv night as' . Edward L. Grover apii. vate in Capt Geiffith's eompany died ut bis quarters at Camp Fountain ftfter m illness of only twenty-four hours His disciutë was Congestion of the Brain. Mr. GfiiiTfiH WO B nativo of the State uf Nv York, but inlisted at Jackson He 2 yanre old, mul promiud to mate ft goíl üljier. H is funeral was attended on Smulay afterniioa immediately following the regular rehginus ezercise-i of the daj Tli ■ rvmniiM deposied in a !i:iiilínmo cufílii, borne ly the Btrong armn of his eoinr.-ulcs - nn ilnii' gtins- totli, grouii'ls of Forest Hill Cemetery, fol'owed by the regimi-nt anti la gc numl). rs of Citizen. At ihi: grave the burial service was rcad bv the Rev F. A Blades and the usual imüta ry salute wasfircd over ilie open trrave. The ceremonies wore impreive He died at his post, and " will know war no inore." {LV TCev. Mr. Buades preaohed at Camp Fountnin, at 3 o'cloclc i3 M on Sabbath la-t. H8 tut wa Joel 3. (L ().): - " Proclakn ye this nmong the G. ntilus ; prepare war, wuke ip ilu: miglity men. let thera come up. Buat y our plough shares into swords, anl your pruning houks into spaars i }et tlic weak say . I am stnmg." The sermón was nttentively listem'd to by llie Buldicrg and by large nuinbc-rs ofcitizens, a!l of whom we hope wül ]rofit by ir s sound instructioa' I33 A Priraary School of the lowest grade will be oneiied on Monday next, in a mall building on Dr. Smith's addit;on nearly opposite lii residi-iiec, whicli Ims been rented y tlie Board for tlmt pnrpoic Pcliouisof that prade living Enst of S aio Street and South of Hurón, and no otlurs, will bo admitted. Those of the grade sbove wil] attend olicols ns heretofore. SS" Ou Tuosday eveuing Ilon. J. M 0J .bt met moKt of the teacben of ihe Public Scho.. Is of thii City, ut the Uii'xn School Bailding. and gave th m a ■talk," or familiar leelure upon teaching by "ol'jeet lessons, ' fs])icinly in th primary na 1 intermediiito grades of our sjhools Tb plan carried out ns preen'cd we have no iloulit wontd be of greai interest and ben. fit. We hall expeel to seo sorne of our primary teach rs trying lt. L" We im-lfit;inH that C1. Bí, of the regiment „f ,r'8, was Gome s.xt.en yea,.s „ ft , P6aent &f iul. City, working abont one yeaP in tbe i emití) shop of V. Co api Co. JCgTFr-m H. M H.ogins, 117 Randolph Street, f liirngo, we bare reeeited. two pieoea of new mu-io : " Only Goina Homr," nnd "May" Ttie set o each piece aro bemtiful, and we take jt for i d the mTi;ie correnpön'd I L."J The September niiiiibt'.r of tho Iïadiei' RrpntUory U on our table It bri'js in illrs faiions: ' Day Dreiiiniwjf,' i faioy sketch i il benutiful une; and a fine portriit atibe biij Elieaheih Barrett Bruwning. lts I. Hot farefor 'I"1 month is varivd and .x-,n.i,t. $'Jynir; addresi Po i.HiTonCock, inoinnali . Ohió. ] ,,. Septambér nurabcr of tho EcUcite Maca int eonieii freiglued witb choice Belet timis froin l i' leading fui eign quiirtPili s and BiuutJilie Ttiirteen publieatioas h.-ive been 11 aai' tn piy tribute "'l tbs range l' literature pregented is bruntl aud cjmprehenaivo. - Th nomber i aocompunied ly n life-liko l r.i-.i i of Thorwaldien, the eminent sculp tor. S5 iv yeai", v. itli n buautiful premium lUte A'Jdress ff. H. üidwkll, 5 Beukman trecl N Y. - ülücitcootl's E'Jinburyh Muyininc, foP-A gust, is ou our table. Jl presenta eight j ;i pere, soiiiL' of lInTii of more ihau li.o usual intere&t . Tiicy ars Jüjepft VVulff Ou Mnnnera ; augllnn'i Re'TJÏotions in English History. Koniüiii Sinclair - ronolusioB. Tb i.uyal Acaikiii3' umi the Waicr Color Bocieiy. Ma i ü.yiliiotlier Minister 's Autobiografhy. Xbrwj D.iys iu tlie ÜigUUüda $3 n; wiili the four Reviews $10. Addresa Li.onakd, Scott & C., N Y 25 The VVtbh Siaterawill visit cur Cityon 'iti'Sthiy and Wedneaday next.and givti twu Roum Entert ui innent ip Hangaterfer' Hall They arobiirb f poken ol bui li as lingera anii theatrioal d&linentors.