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Trimming Up Fruit Tress

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An ornamental tree should aoldom oe touched by eaw or pruning Uuèe. Uöadïide trees, and th.e in pu-tures and public parks must -be Irimmed up ttn or tweko fWt iroin the gruund ; but lawn trees should generally sproud their limbs on uli sida n tboir native h;xuri..n e. And this for beauty We believe, nlso, that lor the sim.l; utility, ('ruit trees should have very little pruning oi tbcir lower limbs. Doubiless, oüo clusl' c(' tha iüsctscs to which such tre:s ure subject, lies in tlie fxpoaure Sil 'their tiuuUs 10 iliu hot sun. The leaves need ;1 tho light they can get, but nol .-io Jhe Ihfibs und trunk. Keep thetn oool and shaded und the s:ip vvill ilow np and down frorn the rooi and branch uniDJured. The injury irom the sun'a raya s probably as great in Winter and eaily Spring, as in ihe Snin:x.T. Altor a severo frosty night in &tarcb,!et the bright sun sLine upon the bark of a pear or cberry tree, and it v i 1 1 be quite su re to burst it. ín íhe norihein región w Itere wu now write, we can oouot tboueards oí' treea - app!es, cherries, pears, horse-efaestnuts, liudens, and otliers - with large cracks er rotten places on the south side of tho trunks, oaused, ondoobtedly, in the way abovo indicated Now, who will f-ay tbat it' the lower branches had been suifered to grow on thoso trees, they woukl no:, have preveoted these injuries? Thero is a beuelit, tü tlie soil, nlso, in tho treatment we recommeod. It is kept, cool, open, and in a favorable coodilioD fól' tliü growth ot roots. Grase and weeds inake but little trouble. Mulúhiog is seldom neoded. ♦ Low headed trees are seldom apt to blow over. The blossoma and fruit nro lusa liable to beblown off' by high winds. If i useets invade trie bruñe t!iey can bo more easily'reaobed and extermiiialed. Gralt'mg eau be done with g reaier faeüity. Fruit can be gathered wïth nmeh ease, and tbat which lalls totheground gets liltle injury. The bark oí such trees is eas likely to be nfested with verinin,bècausi) it is bright and smooth, and of courso thero is little or no need oi' Bcraping and waehing the truuk and Iimb8. We presume, also, that such trees wih be longer livod aad more productivo than tbose trimmed up. Tho oiïly objection wu have hoard i-1, (hal in such a ruit garden or orchard, nothing clse can grow between the trees. Well, there ougbt not to bo. A well managed fruit gardeos is ihe most prpduotivo part of a man's farm, aud ho ougbt to be satisfied with it. _MliiMuu- amm mom ■■minian- -a illifljigöK írgus.


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