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Rye For Feeding Sheep

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A writer in the Illinois Farmer, thua rehiles how a friend of his escaped tinanoial difficulties: llye is one of the tnost valualile of the green feeds for fiheep. A friend of ourt, an amateur furnjer, who lias his moaas a'i locked up n real estáte, but who is determined to inake it pny his expenses in spile of tho hard times for all the real eslata epeeulutors, inclo8od íour hundred afires, which ho rents out on shares, tho most of which bas been oultivated in corn sinco the ormh oí 1857. Beginning to fear that his third cf tho corn r.-op wouid not pay his tazos rn soine thousands of acres of wild land, ttith h's other expenses, he applied to liis arilhmetic, which convinced hira that a ihousand goud matton slieep vvould help him out; so nfter tho corhwas laid bv he per8óaded one of his tenants to allow him to sow some thirty aeres oí rye amon the corn. His thousand stieep wero " purchased in August, herded wherever he could find feëd until the corn was ripe, wben they wero turned on the young rye, which wna their principal leed until the first f June, when it was turned undcr and planted to corn. A poríion of the erop was well fod down, but had it not been for tho standing corn stalks, a respectable erop could byn'e been barvested írom a part of wie fiold. Bere was tho large part óf the feed of a thousand sheap lor eight monthh, ppstiug twelvo dullars for the seod and abo'ut the same for labor, and roturning the land i:i far butter condition than it was before, no doubt to the extent of eeed and labor. We have oever een a lot of sheep and lamba at this season in so good condiüou as this rye fod flock. The flock is now on the prairie, and will reinain thero until his reeadow is ready to turn into, when the rye pisturo will bo repeated. He will clear at least iifteen hundred dollars the tírst year in this oporation, the result cf brains in farming.


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