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G HE AT BARGA I M - AT Maynard, Stebbins & Wilson's. Q WE HAVEAGAIN REPIJ3NÏSHED OTJR STORE WTTH . . .ck of E3r Q E X S Lh at WAS ever offered In nny one establishment 111 Lbo Stati , fer for Asea Oes [p es O is cm O n islow as c-tn bu found in the Gbibn We want Money ! uu! nul rrake Great Sacriiiees on AnyUiin woj'.nvt1 to oltain ït, not cverpting ÓLD NíTES AKD ACCOUNTS We oordlajl; invito ALL CASH CU STOMERS ío culi uncí examine our (cio.'.k and Prlces. We al nviiv our Prompt Paying Customors to come ' ■':■■ for tlie Winlor. To tliom Bikfthful on , . e say to il.;-m,tak. tríthoutlongor waitii y for blgbet prlc C me in, i)Ul scores, mJ tl en t s'i.-li prlces ae tril] di ke up all loasee lt b hacdlj ileow Goods, for "We have IBvexy ihing! A largc nsb-ortmeut of UARFETIXG, CRObKERY DEY 0001)6, MEDIINES, GEOEKIES, PAINTS, OILS, CAPS, BOOTS, SIIOES YANKEE KOTIONS. &c, &co &c. OzSLIL L53O OHu Q3Oj{ (715tQ HAYNARP, STEBBINS & Wll.eo Stoves &. Hardware ! CC x ■■'.' ii H f o I w á ÍÍISDON & HENDEIISON iow In Store largo (usorimentoí mm nS7 L "ES7" JBÏ2 SÜ 9 Hardware and House Furnishing All V.Ork WÍ11 b' .siil.l nsCIIMAl' asat iiiy othor BstablisUment in Michigan They have got the Best Assortment of ('ooking ' A R L O 11 A N D 'LA Tb XTO" TUIS StrVJIk.'X'H, Ayd vnll sollthom Chaper than T 11 E V ïl E A r E S T, "tU and aw. Al kitids of t!n ware kept o hand. Particular attent Ion paid to all kinds of 7 CD 23 SS-&1 Qï LS O Whicfa i UI ba done witli NEA TNESS AND DIS1W TCIi i ■ illandMO theirSTOVE EOOMIn 2d tor OÍ Ncli . RISOON & HENDERSON. Ann AiTior. Jan. 6, 1861. O . BIiISS Still in the Field! WITU A LAIiGE STOOK of GOODS In my lino direct from New York, Boston, and the Manuiac turers! I have just reccivcd a largo aud well selectodassfn-tnu-u of CLOCKS, WATCHES, J 3E! "W 3Ï3 3 n 'S". SILVER & PLATED WARE, Musical Instruments, Table and Pocket Cutiery GOLD PENS, And a great variety of Yankee Is'otions. Ac. 1 wimldcall particular nttention to my largo stock of SPEUTjA-CIjES, ot Gold, ilver, Steel, and Plated, with PER S C O P I O GLASS A nufwhor ;vrtMc, mul groat varicty of articles n the 'CIIEAP for CA.&XX'' ' : ichcstoOo with classes, enn be accominodatcd as my Btork is and completo, 1" 8, Parüealrr att6i tï u i lid t ■ tho REPAIRING of all Idndfl oi Fins Watckes, Baob as Making & Setting New Jewels, PINIONS, STAFFS and CYUNDERS, also CLOCKÖ, AND JEWELRY, Ncatly Ecpairod and irarranted. C. BLISS. fogiutss, i(ie. : PATENTEL November lst, 1859. ,.- fc THE SIK. 1flfijV A, tlio ÏUtanco -- Wi round tbo Keek. 'Nl, B'"Btln Vukc. V 'KV"" "TB D to J), dM:incc ï '■ j around Iho Body Lal T1 "T M.1 thoArm-iiits. JTJ . I . M L to E, tho ]m longtk üf tho IICLOTJ'S Patented Iniproved Freucli Yoke SHIRTS. PA.TENTED NOV. lst, 1859 A New Style of S'.irt, warranted to Fit B . ' ■ ' : ■ ■■■ ■■ ■ nn 'r ïiiiii 1 wfl can fjuar - i't of our new style of Shirt, and n-tuni I :' ■ lie 1 ottod Btatws, at $12, lozen. .n order forvarded tor 1 -s tfaan balf-a-do n Hurí mportersand Uealvr in MEN'S FURNISI11NG (.(juli-. $31 WbolesaLe ti 1 r. ilio usnal torms. BALLGU BROTHERS, SOCtf iOJ UcowXway, New York. MOüHE & LOOMÏS Bav Remorad lo tbe STORE RKOENTLT OC'UI'IED BT C. MACK, l'lia'iiix Dluck.Enut sideofMaio St., AND . _ . HAVE In Store '&iSL&J& A Lai-ge ,nnl " ' ""■Ti. 'K'!u STOCK y!-?0 OF BOOTS SHOES Of cvery description which will be SOLD OHEAPEB THAN C.iy BE BOUGH'i IN ThisCity. .Kn BlftrgQ auortmeot ol 1 1 0 M E M A 38 U F A 0 T ü E E, Üf all kind.i maile in tliu mest Pashioiiabl e Style IïY 00D AND EXPER1ENCED WOKKMEN, -otmFEENCH CALF BOOTS are NOT su&passed thtg Mo of New York City, and are warranted not to Kir. Our PTOGASAND KIPSs. are made tr the best matetlala Our stock of Morocco Iiootees Tnr Ia lïea ia tl:" thé beal ín town, with beels or without We Malte to Order, andapver min ut' si tlie first time so gire usa culi and we will show you our stock free of charge "I n ed tho services of t .vi Ex Joürneymen, who do ourmending in the iVcnt est ttanncr, aixd o tice. Our motto la Quick Sales and Small Profits Thankfulor pas favorswe hopebjTMiyingstrictatteiitioii to our buRincsc to morit 1 liberal hare 1 yom patronage ror the In ture. jir Rememhorwe are not to toenndorsoW rft MiORE & L0OMIS ÏO'SSXV GOODS WINES & KNÍGIIT Aro uow rocciving Ihcir SECON'D Spring nml Suminer STOCK OF GOUDS In consequencc of the I Great Pressure in the we have been eiiabled to purcliase many kind of G00J5 at our own prioee. We can sell most kinds of URESS GOUDS for I.ES3 TIIATÍ WAS PATD FOR THE SAME KIXD OF GOODS in New Yorlsrx WEEKS SIN CE: We invile ihe uttection of all to nninspeitiuii of our Btoek. WIJfES &KN1GHT. May 10, 1861. GREAT BARGAINS C LOTHIN G ! ! ■A-t tlxo Cleveland CIcthing House II u ron Street, a fewdrors West of Ccok's Hotel, ANN ARBOR, MICHV , Q In consequence of liard times, and being comprlled to raise meney .n sorne sbape, we have concluded to scll tvery tliing in our line, consisting of Cluthing, IJats, and Caps, GENTS' FUENISI1ING GOODS, -c. At whatever price they may be it ever so little, Tliis ia no timo to stand for trifles. Profits is no object at all ! Gicc s a cali, and gol gooi Goods AT YOUIt OWN P R I C E S ! O Remembop the Placo, Hurón St.,5 doors West of Oook's Hotel. A, & C. LOBB. Ann Arbor, June, 1861. L0.1in3 Oval Picture Frames A 1,1. SIZFS, STYI.ES and PRICE3 just roccivod und CHOFF & MILLER'S. D l?, S0


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