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The excilement over the shoddy uui'orms furnished to tho soldiers has tarted numerous inquirios as to what shoddy" really is, and how it happens lat clothing is mado out of materials n reality worthless. A morning conemporary has thrown sorae light upn the subject, which shows that it is othing more nor less than rotten rags worked up by machinery and mixed with just enough wool to deceive tho mblic, and thus manufactnred into sloth; the cloth whon made into garmeDts last about as long as the wearer s purchasing it, prcvided, however, he bstains from all exorcise and sits as hough his lií'e depended upon his re)ainiuL perföotly quiet. It is ODe of ae mysterie ot cheap clothing and jig protits ol de'ers. It originated in he competition vvith manufacturera of loth, whö rosortod to tbis mode to ompete with their oeighbors, sell their jroducts at a lower price, and at the amo timo continue their profiis. At lesent the shoddy trade is quite exensive, originating, we believe, in John Jull's dominions, but now extensively arried on in this country, there being everal milis engagod in its preparatiou n this State. The invention of macbincry to pre)are the rags and mold thern into 'shoddy" has resulted in the refuse voolen rags, which were forraerly reected by paper makers as worthless, or fit only for manure, becoming sudlenly in demand at from seven to ten lollars per ton. The black cloth 'shoddy" is the most valuable, and is used ia tho manufacture of clotüing uch as was furnished to a portion of he volunteers, about which so much las beeu said. Uur cotemporary states hat these refuee and" worthless rags are assorted into whitoe, carpeta, hawls, stulls, shirtings, Iinséya and }lack cloth. Whcn thus assorted and baled, they are sold to the " shoddy" manufacturar, who tikes all the woollens, carefully assorts them and passes them tbrough tlie rag machine, which is a cylinderset vvith teeth ; this, revolving at a great speed, tears or pulls tho rags to wool. When thoroughly pulled apart and reduced to solt wool it is saturated with oil or milk, and bas the appearanco of balls about the size of a pea. The coramon " shoddy" requires scouring in heaters fiiled with chemical matter; when thus completad it is mixed with new wool, in as larga proportions as possible to escape delection. Tho simón pure " shoddy" is made of solt woolens ; but tho hard or black when propared in tho same way, will produce what iscalled " mungo"-an article usod exclusively in supurtine oloths, which is usually finished ia a way that will deeeive tho bost judges. Muny persons have no doubt been surprised at the accumulations between the cloth and lining of their aráñente, vvhiuh ia in reality Üio "shoddy" rubbed out of the cloth, and will bc found the scquel lor the sudden falling to piecea of their garrnents. The recent disgraceful developments in "shoddy" cloth made into soldiers' uniforma we presume will injure the " shoddy" trade ; but in the meantime it has extended into other mattere, es pecially into the political world. The political managers of this State a-re a present extenively engaged in th'm line and are pressing parties out of the rot ten rags and debrtBof the luto politica parties, whioh tliey imagino they car pafm off upon the public aa genuino Thuö we shall have a " shoddy" repub lican party and a " shoddy" demourat ic party jn tho field, both claiming t be composed of puro material, but i reality tho fagends, rotton rags, an debria of the old partiee. Their ergau iáííitions will, in íact, be " shoddy" from one end to the othor, and if tho public accept thera thoy will be a hundxedfold worao cheated than wero the poor suldiers with their " shoddy uniforma " We advise every one to beware of, and not put their fuith in any of the '' shoddy" political parties Jor political " shoddy" rnanufacturers.


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