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Naval Battering Ram Of The Rebels

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The rebels at Algiers, noiir New Orlcans, aro buikling a singular instrument of destruction, inteDded to be used as a batterring ram lor Ihe destruction of üio blockading steam irigate Brcoklyn. The tug boat Enoeh Train, built in Boston, and one of tho most powerful tuga of lier nías, has been converted to a purppee never intended by her builderor tho gentleman whose naiiio she bears. The upper portion of the boat has been covered with railroad ron and perfeetly shielded frorn the attack of au ordinary cannonade,. At tho bow a ram has been constructed. The bow has been built out to tho extent of five foet, heavily framed with timber and then covered with heavy wrougbt metal. At the extreme end a formidable máB8 of iron projects in the íorm oí a knob. I3cne'.ith this knob and booeath tho surfaoe of the water, two stroDg grapples havo been arranged so fashoned that upon eolliding with the ship the claws will fusten into the sido of the vessel arid tako a firm hold. Proteoted by theso grapples in a rnanner not unhke an insect's lance 01 eting, tUcre projects and auger connected, by meaos of shafting, with an independent machine on the boat. This iustrument is intended to opérate as follows : Upoi; the attncliment. of the grapples to tho side of the attacked vessel, the auger will be in rapid tnotion and boreita way ipto the side. When one hole has been forced through the auger can be withdrawD, and, by ireans of an independent axle, tho position will be changed so as to opérate upon anotlicr portion of the ship; thus boring holes rapidly and large enough to sink the vèssel. The boat will have a ore of six men, who will be protected benuath tho iron roof, the pilot observing the direction through a tube or small telosoope. The Algorines are s:ii)guine o( the sucöeea of their invocVion, and have spent a large araount ff rnoney ro perfect it. They evidontly have not estimfited tho not vety passiva nature of tho object against wbioh it will ,n directed, or thé chances of a íailure slmuld the Brook]yn decline to rema in Htationary long" enoogh for tbia monster mosquito t affix lii.s sting.


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