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A Story Of Gen Mcclellan

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lile Washington correspondent of tW Philadelphia Inqwrcr tolla this story ét Gen. McCleÜMi. It imj be true : "Gen.' MuClellan is in the habit tí riding around oecasionally in citizen'g dros?, accoinpaniod by a fcw of his staff A few days ago he was walking tbrough one of tbe cncampments aoross tbe Potomac and passing the rear of the tents he saw a buoket of coifee standing near a tire. ■ He askcd what it ivas, and one of the soldicrs said ' üoffee.' ' It looks more likc slops,' he replied. ' Olí,' said the soldier, ' it is not fit to drink, but we have to put np with it, and our other food is not a bit better.' ' Well, whuso fault is it V' he asked. ' Oh, our Quartermaster is drunk most of the time, and whon he is not he is studyinghow to cheat.' MeClellan paísed on, and seeing more evidenee of the dirty and slovenly manner" in wbieh the Quarterm aster conducted his operations in his tent, he accosted hita with tbc reiiKirk tliat tho men wore complaining of bud troatment from him. - Tlie Quartermaster flew into a passion, and swore t was nono of his business, and he liad better not come sneaking around trying to mako mischief. MoClellan answered him, telling him he had better be eautinus how he talkod. Quartermaster replied, ' Who aro you, that you assuine so :uuoh apparent authority?' ' I am George 15. MeOlollan, and you can pack up your traps and lcavc !' ïhe Quartettr.tster wasstruck dumb, and McClellan turned around aud left him. - That evening the Quartermaster left to the tune of the ' Kogue's March,' played by some of the boys who had got wind of it. Tliey now have a Quartermaster who does not ' get druuk aud cheat,' and that regiment would risk tueir lives at the cannou's mouth for the mau who does caro how the men are profided for. ': The story has beeu eireulated arouud some of the camps, and the offioers aro now always on the lookout for the General, and of course do not have too mueh lying around loóse."


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