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Annual School Meeting

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Thèunnüal Sein.] Meeting of School District No: Eleven of hu City bod Towr;sliip of Ann Arbor, w:is held at ' the Couit House, on Monday last, at 2 o'clock, P. M., and v;is laBgely attciulod. Tiie nrteetipg v:;s culiotl t order by J. ïf, Wübblib, Esq , President ei' tlio Baard, after whieh tlio SeureUuy, in bebalf ei' the Board of Trustees, prseuted andread tho annual repqi l, aa follows : The i:ndersiined, Trustees f School District tío. Bleven of the City and Townshipof Ann Arbor, submit tlie following statement ol liioneya received and expended during tlie Ödmol ycur ending the iid iny of September lt61 : MHXET3 KKOSIVIil). Krom Balance ■ of at foport, f ; i : " Loan roted t pajr.uutetanding Union Pchiwi Kond, " Tax ilcl lu i'y oulstnn ling V. . Bonis, 2,000 00 " ■■ „■ Intertui on " " I " " "topjrTeat:her8, 2.60 OU ' '■ ■■ incuimitals andfloatingdebVOO 00 " " '■ " Int Vard's'ekioJ House Lots, 200C0 ' Twa Mili Tftx, 2.092 06 ■ 1 riuuirj ïchool Fu:.i!, 90 un ■■ Til tl ii 1 ■., 1,18a Hl " Ulu.Sluvcsold, ï 00 Tiiial Rrcélpts, 114,821 '..■ MD.VKYS KXPF.HDCD. Pald Union School Boud , 1 1.-.-30 00 " ii.t.',.,; ... I i..i.i, :,:,... ,{ B.HinV, I,:,lsV5 '■ -1;il:irif.i ij" Trad mts, 6.b4'.l 00 ■ BaltiaofouLd Wardij. H. contract, 4'-3 19 " tor fuDitUR, Ma!, BtOYPH, t'tC. , 2d W;r.l ci i '1 &ub , ■ ' i.ti .vi . i, 1&3 00 '■ on Ui ivrd Sel o -(JU " ior a'ood School Buüilings 549 70 '■ Janltora? itvíii' & cU-:uiii]g School Jl' ii.'-'-. 377 -r1 'Rupnirsaodgenerulinci.'eutalsi 67S 9J $'.4,05D 87 Iï.'!a:.ce in Treauier's ljtii'], $1619' above accounts alLjwed aiul wnrranta drawn ut dnte of tliis ro)ort. During ilio year llie bended debt of the Uistriot has been Uecruaaed in thosum of Two Thoi:s;iiul Dollars. Ion ving on uut stand ing boDded ] riucipul of Kloven lhousnnd One Hundred Eigljtj-MTen 50-1 00 Dollora, (Jll,1S7 50.) Of tliia nmount Ihere will fall duo on the first day of iVbruary, 1SG2, tho si;m ui' $2,000 00 Add interest on entiro bondod d( i t , 1 ,002 25- 3,O96 2.", Making to be provided for by fhis meeting, either 1)3' lonn or uix, or port lpn and pnrt tnx, the sum of $3,090 25 The Board reeommend ihat a new ian be autiorized topny tUe $2.000 principal, and ttiiit the fl,t9625 intirest Ijü orovidod ior by tnx And in thia conncciion, Board are stato that tlie bonds issucJ by rdcr of the lnel annual biar LOteregt ut o.ily '.) per Oent. Hy resolutipn of t!e lat avnuaï meeting the Board wns to stublish nnd ptirchnse n ►ite in tLe First W'nid lor a Ward Schopl nnd uu apiTopiiation of $2üO WM mftdfl low.'ird pnying for the ame. In nccordonce Tiith eitch oetion, the Board have purciiasid three lots of E. II. Spnldiug, on State stret, four roda soutli of William Street. The lots have a frontngeon Slate street of cight roda, andón M.iynard street of four rod8. Tluse lots wer purcliaaed foi the amount of ihortgAgs thercon of One Thousand Dollars (Sli('"0) and tlio year'e inlevett which ft 11 dueonthe 29) h day ol July last. The year'a intorest , $"0,ha3 bqen paidand tlioiiih the puncitml does uot. bocomedu0 milil 1-6J. "the mort gag.'e litis rrceipted on ac. count of saine $1110 - leaving úw. thereon when the niortgflge bIiiiII mat ore the sun) of $000 o nconinuiid ;hat Ni net y Dollara be raised by tax to py the year's ibterest en tlie Mme to fiill due JiilyS9tbt í-Gú, and that the mortgags be auffired to mature bofore any 'ii[ propiiution is in n de for ihepauuent tlierepf. Duriiig the 3'enr jnst cloaed the severa! Bohool" in the district have been in a bighly prosperous condition. T!io aggregate at tendance fcr the year waB 1351, and the following tuble eitracted Irom the last animal catalogue Wlll txl.ibitthe cnrolnient and per oetitago of attendanci: m the several aobools and depanments. with the Average scholarliip in the Hih and Grammar Schools: f .i S S. c 5 e's f! Y Í 4 ', . Blgh School, Male DppdTtmcnt, 1S5 87 8.9 ' Pi muit bepurtai' n', 130 S8 9 GraHltuarS'chou,, í;ih' I e:winir..l, 129 fl 9 3 " " Ftinar DcioitOKlit, 1Ï5 89 9'2 l":r-t Wiird SolKül, lirtt (i-iilo, S3 87 " '■ Second Cr.ulc,. 7S M thirdüradf, 81 76 Seoood Ward School, f jtat "rada, no 6a " ■' " "Stcond t;.a-!o. io;ï 67 3d and 4th WajOs cli.iul. Int ürai.c, U5 75 3(1 and 4th " ' 'ü rado, !;! 70 8d and ttli " " üJ Grade, 127 05 First fcbool, 50 85 This por oentagc compares favorably with ' oiher Fchotls but il is not so liigh us the Bo.ird desirea. With a view, thereforo, of sa. eaiing a mere regular nt lendonce tlie coming yew tin' fplluwing :ule lu.s been adopted : V. l'vpry pupil in (ie üigh . 1mi1 who shalt be abeat ■■■' ■■''.! ' ■ ■ L '■ Srlinul win sii.ill be ahsuu. h;.' f"ilf daijs, and in the Xvard tfchoola . ght liaif ilay, in four :insfc.utiviveeks, wiihou' :m f.r,.' 'i ■ 1:1 the pateïitór guardián, fuiven in i'fiin ir by trrltlen oote, .i'i'v.n; ihi'toaclier tiia; tbi absent ■■■.■'■ eau - ■ i bjjiis.or her wn , gliall foi loii lii - ur in-r -at InBChool'; aui tlic UMcitfi' sliiiil forïh ilh .i Iho D .ai.: t:.a(. the X"1' i1' ï '8 ■ r 1 N'i pupil thus Blispendod hall bo restorod to 1 lic ! school prii : :m i ii i oommen.ccin ol l the ennuing tuin, i ardían shall tlve hatlsfactory j inuioi' t'ithe Board that the pupfl will be unctaial in tt:e faturé. 1 h s it-.le hr.s beeoav incorporasd intotho by-laws of the beat public schools of Üiis and abbèr t-'tat'.'S, and experietioe has tested its ' vulue for this nurpote. The Board hope lor the cordial ion of parents and gnar dians in soforaiiig il, and thus proiuot'j tho bist interest of om1 schools. Tlie recent censu-t of llie district exhi' itt a ' lnrgi: increnge of llie riumber of scholara, which lact, tig'.iher with llie crowdtd state of the Ward Sobools, and the inconvonient local ion of t ie "O11 Aflédemy" and itsyearly increisiiif; dilamdai un, rendéis it iinp .rutivi: i!u ■. y of ihe Board to rceonimeiid nn api'roprini ion uy this meeting for lb buil J ing of a Ward bcbool tlouse m the First Wtlrd. They have been already cornpelled lo rent n room and cstablih a school of the primary grad; to accouimodale in part tlie wants of tl:ftl portion of .he City An approprtailon of (3,000 for thia ]iiirpoe is deeised neceseary, and a tax ia rsaoaimended. Wit li this amount added lo ihe otlu-r appro. ! priations necesiary, owing loa lurae inórense of the taxable"irope ty of tho district by the annezation thcieio oí' distrk-ta Moa. 4 and 9 of the Towushi) of Ann Airbor, the per centagu will not exceed that of last year. I Tlu Board also recoiniueiid that they ' thorized tosill the present School House site knówn as the '■ OU1 Aeadi-my ." In tualcing lheir tstimati s nnl '. i:.í ie: ■ forj the coming ycar, Ibe Board liave Dot förgotten the flnancial difficulties onder which wc rest, but they onsider that the bist intcrcsls of our City domnnd thatour Schools should be sustaiucd ucdvr all contin grneici. I Scíu'dulo A nccomi:inyinL tliirf report is a statement of t lio salaries ] :i 1 the si-vernl Teachers in the einploy ol the Boavd during 1 the achoo) year onding th:. dy. Selu-lulu 13 ia n eslimate sheet of the reciMpts mul expenditnrcs forthe coiuing yenr. Th r.umbr of scholars in the (liel.iict bu twoin the n;;ts oYft and 20yeas,by the census jnsi token, ia 1S70; lieing 237 in execs of tlncensus of ln-t year fer the districls now comprised in Xo Eieren. By Qrder of the Board, JN'O M. WHEELBR, President, E. B. Pond, Sceretary. DiiUti, Ann Arbor, Sept.2d, 1661 . The report was aocepted inri :ipproved, aiter which u motion wan made , to iistruct Iba Board to so a mond the ibauntec rulo, - piven in the report - i tliai a written excuse írom paren t t 1 gunxdmii should lo received without i regard to cause of absence. Pending i voto on the motie ti, a protracted and earoest dittcuflsion ensued, which nsulted in tito rejection of tho motion, and t lio sostainjng th& aetioti of the Board in adopting thorolu, a rule abaolutoly oeceesary to semiro arything lilco a M'gnliir attendancu apon our schools; nbd 'wfthcHlt a regular attend;incc it iá folly to epond thouaands oí ilo'hirs imiiially, " ïiitiiply to go through the motioriív' Tir pun&ual teholar xciU makt the punclual man, and if our schools f':.l n ths particular they fail a a vital poiiit. Proceodingin tho regular Dusinese of the meeting, the foÖowing appropriationa were mado fór the ensuing yjar, wi'.h a iinaniinity which showa thut our citizuus are determined to Biintain tliuir setioolB, and the wuveral amount.s ordered raiaed by tax ou tlic prope'rty of the district: TopaJ Xnohen, 12,684,00 ' u f r fufrl, ie]mirs.ctc, L8';0,0-í tl Interest on booda oatstan'dftig, 1,0'H' ,'.'", " " '■ FiratWard SrhoollotsMortzage Bo, o " " tqwards buildj igg .-. II. In Ut Ward.l fii'0,0.) Tit:il taxis voteJ, t. ,l,i',-ó Ttiin amount is 85í)8,.rj0 lesa thafl the tax vitfd last year, and, distriote No 4 and 9 of lie Tcwnship of Ann Arbor havihg been recontly onnexed to tin; district, will hu levied on an agregnte vüluation inoreused over .? 100,000. - The estímate preserrted bv the Board íor ala nea óf Teachers the coming year was .$0, 3 and the amount above thu surn v ited abore for that purpoáed will be dei-ived l'rorn the ''tiro rhill tas,1' tiiilinn feos, añil tho primary school fu uil. A loan of $2000 was authorized foi1 five yeara, at oot to exomd ten per cent.nici'csi, to take tho eiifhö if Union S'.-lioi'l bonds to fall Jue on the first lay of Febrijary nest. Als a loan of $1500, on samo le rui, toaid in building a 8uhool House in tlio l''irst Wurd, making an uppropriutioii of JoOOO for that purposo. A resolution wad also paHsed aulhoT izing the Board toscll thelots recently purchased of E. H. Spwlding on, S'aio Street, for a First '.Yard School House site, and purchase the toar lots 3uth of and adjoining tbe rtfsidence of O. II. Millen, 1 thej shonld deern üch cchartge for the bost interest of the district. Jlessjs. l'hilip Bach, David Godirev, and Pa-iiclc Dono van Wre thon elected Trustpes fir the term of tbree yeare, atid the meeting ndjonrncd tint die. C Capfe RoiwKSON, of tlio United States Arniy, liaviug recoived permission frein tho War Dopártinint to accept a position in the Voluiiteer aervioe, bas been appointed, by Gov Blair, Colonel of the Michigan First. Colonel 1'. luis the reputation of being an ablo offieor, and his nppointinciit givcs satisfüction to the regimuntal officer previously in comtnission Col. R was in eonnnaud at Fort McIIenry when secessionisin was rampant at Kaltimoru, and is tho officer who sent a shell into the rebel camp and cuL shurt the building of rebel forts. His1 reply to the message of inquiry ou.r readers will roniciuber; Ho bad rcad of Fort Sumpter, and the way batteries wcro erectcd around it, aud could peimit no such " fooling " in the vicinity of Fort McIIenry. Col li. visittd " Camp Fountain " ou Wcdnesday, and will assume command oa Mouday. -In this connection, wo may be perniittod to adviee those wishing to enlist to join the " First." It will gn nto the field w it h honorable reputation airead y won, md under the lead of compotent and oxperieficed flicers, oilieer.s whö havo been tried in active service and f jund fáith'ful and brave. Fill up '.be runks ol tlie ' Michigan First" Il l I ■ ♦. f3P The Sixth Regiment, Col. Cur tbnios, left Kalamazoo o Friday moriiiiig last, en roitle for Washington A large number of our citizens congregated at tlic depot licro, and the arrival and departurü of the train was grected with loud chccrd. ÏIic train oonsiited of eighteen first dais coaches, and five freight cars. The regiment was fully uuifonned, but without anns, aud nunibered 100.Ï rank and file. Col. CdetbniüS has SJCii service borh in Soutli America and Mexic), and Lieut. Col. Ci.auk also servod in Mexico, as Lieutenaut in a Kentueky conipany. Th: regiment is a body of fine looking men, and will sustaiu the honor of the Stato. The Saline Sharp Shooters, ' apt. Couuon, is Coinpany F of this reiueut. JST-jC" Wc have examined various nia[is and luive failed to fii:d the precise locatlOD of [latieras Iulet, the place of the reeent brilliant Naval achicvument ; we presume that our readers have Djaoy of them done the n;vnie thing. Uro find it. however. laid down on map No. 14, in the volume of Coast Survey for 1855. - This map places it jast ubovo latitud o 35 10', and about half way between Cape Hatteraa nnd Oeracoke Inlet, two places indicated on nearly all the inapsOne singular thing is that at the point where tho Coast Survey map - wc take good authority - marks this principal Inlet, JohnsonV, ColtonV, and other prominent inaps, mark a continuous coast with no ign of an inlet.


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