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Reimbursing The Slates For Advances

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The folïowiiig aio the rules lor the prepurulion iiód irettlettient t the l'reiwnry Departrjiént, u rider acts of ('■ gres, : j i 1 1 v i rl july 17, 1801, of ■ :!..i;.,s lor reiniburstiuent óf expewen pfoporly tfcurred by tüu Sltá, pe spectivélv, on uceount of fheir Lrtfiips tvóa ui aidiny to suppr .-- líie procent i ui tcction against the United rit lites : 1. Arc'iints, with vimilu'is, for u] expentlHiires rfi&de must .ïv.-oMi-d lo the Becrelury "I tliu T.rëftrtiiry, bv vvhorti ili y will In.' referred töt-he'proper at'couiiüiïg (fficers lor WveötigiiHon ti 'i. I: u::lv fartiSponditures on auCOiilii 't' troopiij iiffiuefr, ol' mon. tha'l have (ir m;iy tiu uiustered and rvceive-ii iiitu, or .icitialiy aiftployed in, the servicc nl il,;' EJtlited átHttíd, Uiat ix-'ii) biii'NL'ineiit wila In.1 in.nln Or.i :;':. .- ['m :■ a .- ■' or ; üiipted t- ':n iHnde-. büt ii"t intistorèd I roceivad inío, uor uctiiHlIy etnpliiyéd in, 6hö.epvicö, u il . Hcig(iizd N r aiII nny ruimbnrsemeiit bu mudt) liy Ibe UiiitetJ . - f CXjJCOSi'S ii,C!UlTl'(l ill Hl'gíl II MMi.',i'j lipping, niid niait!iü)ing troops Si io pilrpoiiöti, ur liöihu giiard! . r imlUij iut liy tstát1 tír uiher lucal iutlnri! y, un'css s.iüIi '„roojiv .al. i oiii, and u i eapendi urea in ciincl at tho iHjiii--l or urider itie au tliorhy uf the President or (hu Soc ry ui ::i ;j lVismal expenses ol unmruiseionuil oliicTs iu recru ting Ihe r conipaotett, i' lo tiit'ii' buiuu iituntered ihuxiervuu', will lio ailowod ; but oor iiiissionocl ufficers muy be ullowwj the ame t r HU&siHteitee and qunrtera (board arnl liniuiüj.) as pri .■ali:s, iVimi ihe dau) ut énróllintíiii uniil irnistered ia'n ■■■T'.Mv Tl) ■ i.t-'f.o.-sarv and actual traVelinjj expwnseaoi rèbógnizvd military aiiüitri ot' tho 8t iti;, wDen auoórn ptlhisd liy mm 'il' particulars and rebeiplH for payoién, will be rufninK-d. i. Billa L partiüulfaiwj uith dtctes and raU's ol' ehitrgeK, and tbo receijjt ot il io party tci whutn puyment was made, rntixt in all uusea be furuished. It is not sutficient tb show that u grosw aui uut was: expended, till that suma ere turnod over Ui individuáis tu expeiid, without evidance Bhowinj? that thoy were expooded. In short, original voucheM &r expttndUureá of' eVery döHoriplinti must be iurnished Tb espsoüitares shoiild bu cjassiiicd, tind separate bstracta wiili the vouch8Ffl presonlcd. fat p:iyr sab.-istencu, clothfnjt, tratiRpórcatioa, arm?, nd tíCjipinentH uud oúmr eSpenses; and t'nrv sbfarid a!su destínate, as tiir as ppHOtioaWe, tlu; part oular rojg munt, or corpH, on account of ■ hich thu expendi ture was incurred. Claims tor pay of troupe mast bu ucciimpanieti with complete pay-i-olls fur uaoh corp-, properly ciTiitifd and receipted; the eame'aa ro (juircd in t'ic regular service. 5, Where eubaisfoaoé in kind could nut bt) funiisfaöd arnl öipeiiööH wisre incarrëd lor ''board"' or "board and lüdgiug," ratefl will depend upnn i'he Hectioci i'.f country .vhcro furnished, and the praoe paid Ibr cinplute rntioos ot ilit: nearost lem-uitini; atntioH 'm j rv post; and in in casü will a lil.i.-r rato ,b ".lluwod ihan tho atnount aetualy puid Tho bilis must spéotfy the lOiiimutit or cunipan iu vvhbh iho troufifl ÍQ BuhííSUíd oí ij i.i;-;crcd bolongrd, niid that mi.uis could, otxt'b'e proouród. Uüls for'liutginjf will bu re-! Btricted U whuro tliei-o vvoro no tenis, ■ and qdartéra uimtd nut be oilierwine i iibt.-ini'd. l' of subsiteieu in bullí will be paid [or at nut exooeding the cur rent price8 ut place ol puríhftp , ppotfidiii-g that tho qu unitios are in pi-dpcr pui pui ■Im.-i-', roas nably su, : tu tho ntuubec ut uil-m . coordina to tho rittes uf al.uióiico ín the BlibsieteDoe DepMl'liuo t Tihü ar ir.'u's oí iil)-sieu(!H must bü HKch as are reuognized in the Pegtiliir ■ ; m-, ifuihor nrtiilen a'xpubstituted llíe con] ol ihowhul u)t liflt cXAr'l t,ib repulir supjili -s. liilN l'nr sp;i it'i IIW ij ■!"!■.- irciliiiii, oxpi.Mi-'s of holding eliiciiönn f.r dfficer, II not be y; v.rd or ptiid. G. Trafiíportation ai.d ijnartevs fop trocips ai rfa-onalilM--i:o wül lie pai'l ft r Tran--iii-tatiu'i is Festrictèd to lliu usual routes and mudos of c ïrvoveuc-e, Mini oxcosi e qu;inliii( s will not lio recogniziid Wngng hi:'t fop the transportation c( men thuMiselves will not be wnnctipned. Charm-s furir npprtntiou by lailr ad or o; public, convoyi'nc.e must be acooropanied by bilis of Itiding in cases uf p-iijiorlv pp suppüe; nnd fr troops, the nuiiiber "f men, with the regiioent or corpc, must ba distinctly Bot forth, ond wbon the Mime han been dgae i pursuunce of a i' iNti'ic', tho cdu' r:i t musí ace mpuny v .:i.-!icrs Tlw same rovxonr upjily tn trauriportfttíon ly 've.el 7. C::ii:ii. jjroiving nut ''1 impremíinent of propertjf n1 service, and i'.ir ilatiingi'H done lo individuáis or their (rjjj.öriy, :ire oot áuíln rizecl lu be pttid. iVoviáiima (or such claims miiHi be in ide by special tot if Cnnrea , where not ulreudy pruvidud tbr by general luwt, 8 Bónnfiea or dopaiia,) tojnen or their líimilies to induce men to vkIhii!■( r il) apt bc. recognized. 8uch hountiefl 118 naay be nuthorizuil by law uil] lm partrl by the United Stattw lireutly In t-be mn aMtlirizet t.) recéive thenn. VhIumi.-it eontíribatimifi, éither by LSf;iu-s or l"c corporationii, (r by individúala in :iil ai fáinHk óf hlunteer, &e , constitute no charge asuinst the United 8 aitée] flöd i!l uot be ro funik'd': !). Ivn-h Stilte must present its fu'l aml tin;i] cc Tnits tor feiinbiïTRement, iiMili-r the acts providing therefor, n tn the date of tl:;: paísSi.ffo of paid ncw. The proper aüthiiritww ff tliu 8 r : t o phould ci'ftify, ovtr th'eir official se;), that the respèotive ;nm u i' iHtiinkid tn be reíunded hnvu ii:.n ictuully :iid by e lid Btate'. und that no part thereof luis beun p;ii(i by any disbui'siug officer (;i' tho United St;itu.-. At-prövedi S. P CHASE, Secretary ni tha Tréaw y'.


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