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The Kentucky Legislature

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típeoi&l Ulupatch to tlieC'iuckmati Commercial Frankfort, Ky., Sopt, 2. ïho Logislature to-tlay effoctod an organlzatioD, except iu the Senntc, wiiere there are ten ooutestod Beats; tlie eontest, howevcr, iti vol vinir IMS party difft'renoe, but growlng out of tlie apportionmcnt law, will be seftlfid haruíonioUsly; M.igofüü's message probably toniofrow. l'he House cloctcd Sndge Buckner, of Lexingtori, Speaker; W. T. ÍJttmueis, Olërk Tlie votes show sevcntj-íivo Union tO twcnty-íivú secessiori inembers. ïiio Union uiajority n tlio Senate is also dü cisivo. 'J'ho meniboís geucrally rejflesient I bat tliere is a dutermined Union s(!nti ment risiug, We have six out of nine Union Con gressmeo here. Tli iu lias been no conference yet - Members anticípale a sliort session, cliiofly oceupied with military matters Tbey tbreateq to cié up Magcifin, wlio has received a littlo aid and comfort and the anticipated row t be stiircd up by tlie secessiouists fceénrs llkely to end in snioku.


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