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How To Succeed In Business

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Ilichtird's rules ere : 1. Cut short your losaeo. '2. Let your prufits run on. In order to do tliis, one rnust have expert ence and to avoid a too costly experience, begin email. iH'cel your way. Bonaparte had a quick and powerful mind; we may learn from birn, observingtodogooj with our knowlodge, instead of evil as he did. Whon in Egypt, he and many of his officers were rkiing out in a dark evening on the seu-beuuh, whero it was very wido. SuJdonly tlio tide come io rapidly, acd the water grevv every moment deeper where their horses stoud ; they could not see which way was dry land, they beciime nlarmed and bewildered, and destruction throatoncd them. Bonaparte seomod nevor to ├▒iii for an expodient. He orderod all to form a circle, with horsei' heads outwards. - They did so. He now ordered all to rido ahead ; if any iound tho water growing deeper they wero to turn about; if any iound it growing shallower, they were to rido on, and all the rest to follow. This brought them to dry land. It is so with business. Proooed cautioiiisly in different directions ; if failure resulto, wheel about; ii success attends, go ahead. This is the way to carry out Eiehard's rules. " (Jut short your Iosse8 - let your profits run on."


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