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511E] ■■■. Rl ' ■ ' afilie Ijrick Block, oornei i n Ai-bor, W ashtenaw Co., MkhJgen. Kntrance on Huron Stropt, opposite the Franklin. fc, j_ I ü TT B, POND Editor and Publisher. TEJ13IS, $l,5O A ÏEAR IS ADVANCE. ADVERTISIKG. One square (TJ unes or less) one week, -r)ii cents; .md 2.0 eent fur every inserUon thercüiter, [9SS than three uionths. lie square 3 montlia t8 Quartïrcol. ! v.vir $-0 Üne Jo li d .... 6 Half col'mn l mo J8 Duo do lyear 8 Hlf do lyear M rwó sq'ies 6 mos 8 One o mos Jo r,vo dO 1 year "■'-■ '!" 'P 60 -AderU(nient unocompnied by writteD ( rv. r 6are, ■ puWished untü ordered out, and hi red cm ttB, ftrit tosertion, 60 cents per [o for e;teh Bubsequent Lnsertion. i:! is M-Vlfil Ib an adVertLsemeni the liuie wül tie oixai-ged thfl anmc as foi ftrsi isMrtiDD. JOB I'PÏ.IlSITIlSrG-. Pamphlel ,"Hand-biU, rcu'nrs. Cards, Bli ind her varwtiee "f 1 in and Fam-y Job 1'riutiDg, jxecute.l ith promptnut, ai in the besi styi.e ROOK BINDING, Conner ! Offle ia a Bqok Biadery id f a eompeteni werkman. Connty Beo föurnal, r.n.1 all kini ind of the liest -tock. Pamphtets aod Periodioals in a'neat and au Ob e ' Detroit pril üMiieetdTlinaer.vthronsli IKHÜS Onice. ___


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