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W. N. STRÖNG NALL, DUN CK LEE & Co., TTTHOL'SALE and RETATL dealers in Drj G Is, Car" V i-. ' an(lH.,,, ment of FumiaWng Good, No 74 Woodward - gotnerofLarnedst.-, - - - ftEtRÖÏÏ', Mteh . , i Iers solicited and promptly atteodefl 1 RAYMOND'S Pliotographic and Fine Art GALLERY Nos. 205 aii'l 207 JotTVrsnn Avenue, DETBOIT. ,.(, colnrcil or jlain, cabtnet, m perial, Melnini . ■ etc S-CARD HCXURta by the Dcsen or Xhas, .and. 80n1 onI. "o. O. F. Wohti-"W tOBGK N'. 9, of the Independent , rdet .i Od I !■■ Howa moei at theii ■ , rery ! d airs r, 'tl ï;.. o'eSKJk, K. JONKS, N 8. .1. F. ïi'AiMNCi, ;cc'v. bTg suthejbland & son, HTHOLíSALB AND Grocers and CommlssiOD W Meíohanti, East Kde Mato Street Anu Arbor B. IIESSE, Piiysician & Sooos Heepectifñlly tender bis professional services to the eHizens of Ann Arbi dcinüj-. Sf in Maot'l New Building, iuu 1 rbor Miobi. Ñ. B. ïilglrtcalls prótcply attended to. TWITCHELL & CLARK. irrOKNïYS&nil Counssllors atLaw, General Lift and ll Jirel ents. Office in City Hall Koek, inn Arbor. Calleotions promp' adrenu ' ention paid to conveyi d. s. Twiii hei , , [74Sttl r. ma. J. M. SCOTT. murotvi'h & PaOTOOBTB Aktists, in tho rooms fVforinerly! ■ Uey,overtbe store of Sperry 11 Mc ! PTrecjitlsfación piaranteed. WINES & KNIGHT. DKALeEsinSttple, Faucy Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, aStreei Ann Arbor. MARTIN & THOMPSON." FUFixnritE Waw iler ín all kinds of Furniture, &c. Wew lïlock. Muin Street. EISDON & HENDERSON, DEALERS in p&rdwace,StoTe. houH furntobinggooda Tin 'A' A. P. MILLS, Dts and I ; ithing, Uui Irbor BEAKEs & ABEL, " Chanwry. Offlée in CStj Hall Block, over Webster feCo'B '-:n Ir' luÑGSLEY & vIORGAN, ttokxkys. Counsellors, Solicitors, ftnd Nota ;_ ii(;. . ring tii les ui aii Lande n the .ounty, andattend toconveyancingandcollecting -■■ inl-Te-1 in iiiv jart ui .-. ■ -nn A1'or. JAMES R. OOOK, JrffncE op IKK Pkacb. Office nearthe DeDot, Yp Michigan. Wn7E WiïT, M. D., ,v Surceos. Office at bil ■ mee, North ,le DiVïsion itreet, Ann Arbor. O. COLLIER, ".Tam ■ i in Boots and Shoes. Es iVA ehaogê Bkek, 2 door Soutlj of Uaynard, : ï Wil-Mü' - ■ bpr, Micli. MC ORE & LÍJOMK7 iT 4üT-cttesb8 íiti'1 ieftler in Boot a i VI. Fhceuix Block, ■ ', oue door Nui-tli rf Vasington. M. GUITEÍÍMAN& CO-, ïTruoi.HSAr.K and RetajJ dealers and mannftketarers of V Ki ■ era ol' Cioth Dercs, noeötinö, :c. No. 5, New lilock, Ann Arbtr, _ C. B. PORTER, #■- .---■■ SüBKOST DbnTBI. OfficP corner 0 tfaln twÜL--- an "lruT1 t reets, over 1'. Bacli's stort-, April, 1859, Wm. WAGNER, D bales in Ready Kade Cl thing Cloths, Csaeimees and -■. Main it.t Ann .Aibor. BACH & PIERSON. DRAT.KRsinDry Goods, Groccries, Hiirdware, Boots & Shoès, fte., tóain aireel , Ann i ■ MAYNARD, STEBBINS & CO., Dealers n Dry Goolsi Groceries, Drugs Jt Medicines. A: Sito;;. -c. , cw uï Main and' Ann tl z w the Exchange, Ann Arbor. SLAWSON &GEER, Irockrs, Provj.iu.v ,t Commisgion Merchani m lersi] uk, Laxd Plastbb, and Plastbb oï ?ARis,one door EaetoíCoof s Sote!. C. BLISS, Dealer in Clocki. WatchOB. Jewclry. nd Fanoj Ooi It the lign i itoh, lío. 27, PhoenixBlock j. C. WATTS. DüAl.RRinn.iri-andSilveriVavu X(i 22.. NVn [lock. Aun ArSbr. T. B. FREEMAN. Basso, anil !' ■ 1 ' Drewer, Main Street, Aun Albor, lüch. Hair ftronts and Curls tept onstantly on tiand. SCHOPF & MILLER. Deai.ei'.s in ULsellaneons, School, aiul Blaak Booke Bta tioncry. ] , ■ .,,,,, Arbor. MISS JENNIE E. LINES, rpEACHEIt OF Plano Forte, Quitar, and Blnging, belng I. desifouaof ealar rjla . pupilsai the reaidenaa of Prof. WIXCHKLI., wh4ch bei .i School, wilibevüryconvenientforsucli sebol:io may wtoh to pürsue the study simusicin eom ttoo with olher branches. TarmsflO, nalf lo be páia at the raiddhand the balïucc at the clM fo the term. D. DeFOÖEST. iynoLE.SALE and Iti-tuil Üealeriji Lamber, Lath ShlmI gla, Bashj'Doors, EKnd 'laster, lUaRter I I Niils of al) sizes. A full ;u"1 ptfeo( aortment of abore, and all other tinds of buililiog niatc-i-ialsconstiintly i.i . on Detroit utree, a few ,- nTtJvl Uvelyiath. 'W ASBTESA W CÜUStFbTblE SOCIETY. EPo.siToiiY sf BMi ,. societv i W. C. Voorheis'. " ' CHAPÍN, WOOD & CO., SÜCCESSOES TO tTCTICrx, CHAPIKTdfc Oo N!ANUFACT''i; ER8 OF COLOREO MÉDIUMS. riis Papcr,o. ? tliliOlt M1CH. CARDS! CARDsTrcARÏislM HiTingpsrchaKd i:, ■..;,,„■ ,:,,-,,,,, DliltOOT1 C:u.,, ortment ol l (oraaer i,,, „,,,,, 0 aviicïUiuiis and Visitii '■ ete., etc. Cali ■,,„! JÍL sewiwgIhackine for salëT I,1 ;.: H-B (i m flrsl i Miouiiic. rBtlB0iettei in rn Ana Arbor, Jaly 16th, 1801.


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