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"laura, Laura, Don't Secede."

"laura, Laura, Don't Secede." image
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Kiss me, Laura, ere I go Aim'.i md áriU'd to meet the foe; Gun in hand, and on my back A hi.' .il pounder - havereaok. I go; iny coun i-v calis - adieu! To bütli, my darling gii'l, be truc; Au 1 coiuc succes-, come sjathe and need, Laura, Laura, Uun't aeoede. When op the tented field, perhapi Witli rationa suori, and suorter naps. We wheel, present, advanoe, retreat, Thi.u'lt nove, O, bearensl at liiy feet Sume in.' persnadiugljí present Himseli' and uu estauïisliiiK-ni ; aura, no such triller heedl Though he glitter, dou't secede. Cling unto Ui}' mother, dear; Let no '"lk:!::i' Uuards' oom% anear Dancing gewgaw fora ihv Jlniiing liglit ui' houaehold tics, hratiufj of tliy voman'a rights, Gbllantiog thee nboui o' mgii s. Lest the rose should prove a weed B;isuly erimsoned, dou't seoede. Good bye, Laura! No regivts 11' iruui b:ills iind bit3'onet,s, IVuin "broils and battle ' - (boils,Iman; For deadlier is tho suu; tur ii. When badly ecasoned, thau the bore Of ihe oudest cannon Ihat can ro:.r) Safely delivered, swiftly I Back toeaso and theo will fly. United, then, in word and deed, Laura, dear, we'll both seo;de.


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