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A Blind Girl Feeling For A Sunbeam

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The sun hasjust burst out through the clouds, und a heavy golden beain comes in at window. How briglit aud cheerful ! It comes iu so silently, yet it speaks to the lieart ; yes, thank God for lunshincl Ages on ages it has iliumiuated and gladdeued a world, jet we hardly thiuk of the great fouutain of light and beauty. Wfiting of sunshine bringa to miud a touchii;g incident which eame under our observation as we wcre traveling in the cars. Opposite waa seated a í'amily of four. ooottsting of a man and bis wife, aud two chjldrea - boy and girl - twins totaly biiud. Two lovelier ehildren we never saw. The fauiily vvere from the South, A southern suu had giveu eaoh cheek a rieh olive complexión, relievod by a beautiful bloom upon the ohildren'9 Oountenances. The boy was lightly built, had fiuely chiselcd features, aadhair of a dark brown, clustering in rich curls around his neck. The girl was yet more alendar, ajd fragüe as a leal, and of the most spirifualizud beauty. Her hair was ; black as niglit, its heavy glossy tresses, confined by a golden baud, which i ed brightly upon the dark background, l They both feemcd happ}-, conversina with i an iutelligenee beyoud their years. The train stopped for a moment upon tlieir route. The windows were all raised, and the chüdren leaning out as if to sce. The little girl heaved a long sigh, and then leancd back in the seat, exolaiming, " O, inother, I cannot see anything." A tear trembled in her cye, and her voico v;a.s go sad aüd low, that it went to the heart of evcry passenger who heard the beautiful and uflfortunate creature. ' Neilher can I see, Bell; but I thi ik that BverythiDg is beautiful," said her brother, as the light wiud lifted the thin loeks. '■ You are beautiful, are you not, Belle r" Juyt then a flood of sunshino gushed from the white clouds in the west, likt a flash, and tben feil f'ull and warm upon the eheek of the sad girl, and upon the tears in her cyes. Quick as thought she put up her hand, and atteuipted to grasp the golden pencils that were playing through the braids upon her neck and cheek. Eagerly sh'j hut her hand upon vacauey, and a shadow feil upon her countenance as she failed to touch the sunshine. " iMother, I cannot feel it has it fled out of the wmdow ï" " What, Bell V" " The sunshine, inother. It touches my check, but I eaunot touch it." The mother'e cyes swain in tears, as did those of nearly all in the cars. The )lindgirl feeling tbr a sunbeam upon her heek ! That beam was radient witli )eauty, yet she could not behold it It gleamed upou a world, yct all was night to her lts silver burstiug in the east, or its golden light fadiug in the west followed as day follovved day ; but it burst not upou her visión, or ftided at decline of day. It glowcd in the sky, upon forest and field, and lako and riyer ; but uot in the blue orbs of the sightless girl. By a singular eoincidence, the boy tried to feel for the breeze that came cool upon the cheek as the cars sped swiftly on. The breeze swept over the yellow fields and meadows, and still waters, and coquetted with the locks of the blind boy; but its footstcps were unseen by hiaat We involuutarily thauked üod tliat wc could look upou the beautiful world He has made, and dropped a tear for the happiless ohildren who must grope thcir way to the grave through a ong night. But the light of bliss will mrst upon thenj. Long shall we reme mer the two blind children.


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