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Expenses Of Recruiting

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The followi:ig army order giveg information respecting the expenses propcrly inoun-ed in the bniiaesS of rcoruiting volunteers : Wab Dei'-íhtheni, Axijutxnt-GknSbai's Om i; 1 Washington, SépV.S. ƒ i : SgRAL ORDER-tio.8. It is announeed that appropriations for collocting, drilling, and prganizing volunteers uuder aets athoriziug the Pre," ident to accept the services of 500,000 men, iutendcd for the payment of all expenses that inay hereafter be incurred thérefor, as well as for the reimbursement of imUviduals of sueh amounts as have been alrendy justly and aetuülly expended by tkem in raising troops that have been or may be mustered iiito the service of the United Statos, Kcinihursement of expenses for organizations raipcd, or atteinpted to be raisoJ, but not ■ actually mustered into the United States service, will not be made. Claims of States for expenditures ; tofore made by them in raising j teers are provided for' by separate and distmet appropriatioi.s, and wül not be paid froni tlie uue now roferred to. Bills I must, in all easoa specify the date of' expenditure, particular items, aud amount. and the oompany or regiment for vli;cb the expense was incurred. They must bc aueumpauied by the receipt of the party, to whom the payineüt was made, and by the certifícate of the oflicer incurring the espeiise that it was neoèssary for the pub lic service, few troopa raised for the üni ted States, and that the amouiit chargec was accurate and just. Aihong the es penses properly ehargeablo against this appropriatiou may be euumerated : iirst- Heudezvous or office for recruit ing Second- Conimutation of fuel an quarters for officers already musterod ia to service, when detached ou reeruitiag int7, Tlird - Subsistence of volunteers prior to their muster intu service. After such muster, subsistence will bo bo providec by the Subsistenco Department. If pos sible. subsiste! ce will be issued in kinc as recognized in the regular service, or if other articles are substituted, the cosí of the whole must not excecd tho reaular pupplies, and will be paid for at rates not esceediug tho curreut pnces at the phee of purchase. If snbsistence cannot be furnished in kind, and board be nocessary, it will be furuished at a rato not to exceed 40 cents por diem. Fo 'rtk - Necessary transportation oi volunteers prior to complation of company orgaaizatiou and muster into service as a cornpany. Af ter completion oi such organization and muster, tvansportation will bo paid by the Quartermaster's Department. Transportation will bo paid at tho ra te of 2 eei:ts per mila for railroad travel, and at the current rates for atage und staamboaA faro, ififth - Rent of grounds nnd buildings for camping purposes, or oost of creotiou of guarters; of coolang stoves, hen absolutely necsssary; of cierk ad oliloe liire, v.hcn authorized by the Adjutant General, and all expendes incidcutal to camps of rendezvous. iiixth- -Knives and forks, tin cups and tin platos for volunteers. Sávénfh - Nccessary iwcdieines and medical átteódance prior to organization oi' i-egiments, or tho mustering iu of regimental surgoóns. Jiighth - Actual r.iilroad, stage or steamboat i'are, neoessnrily incurred by apthorized agente in raishig or recruiting volnnteers. Ninfh- Advertising - Offiecr3 recruiting will bo authorized to advertiso for resruita in not to exceed two n cvspa rcru for eaeu reudezvous uudcr their char: .'. Tmth - Fuel and Btrartt, pvevious to sompany organizing, according to the allowanco for the regular army. Eletmth - All other expenses allowed for recruiting in the regular service, not lierein mentioued, aud iucurred for voluuteers previous to their muster iuto the United Statos servico By order L. THOMAS, Adj. Gen. [Offieiai) Thomas Higolks, Asn't üen.


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