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1776 And 1861

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lvev, Dr. Bellovvs writes irorn Wash ingtón to the Chnstiun Inquirer of tliis week : "I enclose for publication in yoiir columns a letter from Benjamin Frank lin, the original of which is in the possession of his iltiistrioua ereat Rrandson, Professor A. D. Bache Cbief of the Gaast Sürvey, wbo nherits scveral vainable heir-looos of his great progenitor, among which the chiefest is a largo portion of his genius. " The oxtraordinarv adaptation oí this letter of 177G to 1861, shows how, beneath all pbyeical and social changes, the great dentities remain. Praükfin was a man for all time - and the spirit of patriotism and the suggestions oi prudence vvhieh he breathed eighty five yoars ago, are jnst as fresh, as true and as timely now as then." Hk.ADQUARTEUS C.UIBIirnGE ) Oet. 19, 1775. ( Deae Sik; H We henr 3-011 have had an alarm at Philada. I hope nn ijl consequences hare aftonded it. 1 wonder I had no LinefromyoB. I mako no douBto! our People's defendihg Iheïr City and C)un;ry bravoly, on the most trying occasions; " I hear notiiin;; yet of Mr. Goddard, but suppose ba is on the Roa J. I suppose wo nhall loave this Place next Week. I shail not return in company vv.ith the olhor Delegates, as I must eall formy sister, and we nliall hardly be ablo to travel so fast; but I jxpect to he at Philada within a lew duys of them. " Thore has been a pléhtííul year ïere, as well is wilh u?; and thre are is niany cbtwrful oountenaoooa among ;hoso who aro driven from house and lOfiW at Bostoo, or lost their all at Dharlestown, as araottg otber peoptk Not a murmiir baayet been heard, that f they had been les.s zoalous in the cause oí Liberty, they might stül huye enjoyed their possessions. For my )'[] part, tho' I iim for the most prudent parshnony cf the public Treasury, lam not ternfied by the expenses of this war, shonld it continue every so long - A httle moro frugality or a little more ndustry in individuáis, will witli case lèfray'it. Supposo it L100,000 a honth, or L1,200,000 a yoar. If 500,000 fAniHtes wijiecb epend asbiHiog 1 week loss or earn a sbilfiná a week uore; or if they will spond sixpence, a weck leas and car sixpence a week lore, they may pay the whoje smn vithout otherwiss teeliog it, Forjearing to drink tea pavés ih roe-fon rths f the money; am! 500.000 womeo d(jing o'ich threepe.iíce worth oí epihliDgèr knittmg in a week will pay the est. I wish, sereftbëtess, most earnestly for peace, this war being a truly UDnatural and nwsehievoaa one; but we have nothing to expout from submission but slavci-y and contempt. "I ivm ever "Your affoctionateFatlior. B. F." - 1 n . SL" Giva t'ie Jiovil hu (49. ' .


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