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Prentice On Going A Fishing

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Tho following froia the Louisvillo Journal, is dccidedly Hoodish : " OurneigLbor Uob .McKee, the very smart editor of tho Courier, as soou as ho learned tho result of Mouday's eleetiuu, started off upon a fishing excursion.-When the twelvo ditciples were in great trouble and perplexity as to wliat tbcy shoald ür could dy nest, Simou Petui, with his usual facility of resource, said, ' I go a fislhng,' and Bob suid o too. Hu was so appalled by the popular vote, that ho at ouce bouuded trom poll to polo. Findiug that iu politieul conflict he was out of his element, he went to sce whether he could'nt haul a few pikt-, baas, and catlish out of theirs. liealizing thut he could no longer cheat the people, he lowered his pretensions ïuatcrially and undertook to retricve his self-esteem by fooling the poor simple fishes. Unable to lead voters by the nose, he thought he would try to pull fishes by the lip. Jlis present employmeut k decidedly the lesa sca!y of the two, and we hope he will have a few hills and mouatains to scale, and a good iuany ii.shes. It is highly probable that bisfinny victima will swallow his bait more readily than his readera hare awallowed bil statement!!. Virc protest against his using nots; let hira take his fish as his Southern frionds took thcir forts, arsenals, miuts, and revenuc cutters - by hooking them. We oommend him to the fishing rod, and we commeud the rod to him, for we know of no editor that more deserves it or desorves moro of it. In case he drops a lice to a fine pike just to teil him he would like to see him t diunur, he may, if his liquors are good, drop us a line of like import. If at any time the question shall be whether he shall pull a big fish out, or the big fiah shall pull him in, both parües will please remember that we are a strict neutrality man. If he shall get into the rivor and bu devourod by the ..iiibitauts of the flood, we hope he will agree with them botter than he has ever agveed with any patriotio party. We presume, howéVer, there is uo danjrer of his drowning, else there is no truth iu oíd adages. If he does not repeut of his sina amid the calm and quiet scones of nature, tlie worst we can have tho heart to wisli him is that the mos juitoes, ticks, sand-flics, and cross do's may bite, and the fishes not. And please remember, dear Bob, in all your Behing exporiences, tbat tho dovil is tho chiet of üihunueu, and that you are his Bob."


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