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Pic-nic At Camp Fountain

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The citizona of our City and the towns adjoining and BurrouöAing gave the sol diers in Camp rountaiu a public dinner on Wcduesday. Nottvithstandiug the heavy rain of Tusoday and the unpromising " look " of the sky on Wednesday naorning, the farmers with their wives, sods, and daughtera began to pour in at an early honr, bringing with thom all those substautiala and luxuries which satisfy and dclight tho phvsieal man. Tho special traius, too, brought largo numbers of visitors, and tv noon the grounds were well filled. At one-and-a-half o'clock P. M., tho farmers from Dixboro and thereabouts came in procession oiic-hundred teams strong, laden with fat things, headed by the regimental Band which met them at the " lower town." At 2 o'clock, P. M., a regimental parade took place; at 2 o'clock or a littlo after, the soldiers were called to tho tables and did ampie justico to tho provisions so bouctifully supplicd. They seemed to enjoy it as a good dinner is always enjoyed, not alone for the eating. - As the companies filed from tho table after knife and fork drill was over, each gave sueh cheers for the ladics of M'ashtenaw County as showed that they appreciated the compliment that had beca tendercd thora. After the dinncr, tho following senti monts were announeed from the stand but the responsos were generally omittcd in consec[uenecs of tho necessities of the occasion ; each, howevcr, being answercd )y cheers from citizsns, soldiers, and 3and : lst. The Constitution and the Union - Vvroe to ho Vrnitors who would trample oti the üdo and rebel against, the othei'. 2d. The sous nfthe PatrUtt nthe Rcvolutinn Vill strike down Rebellion, as did thoir atbers tho Heiaisse, in their struggle for ndependenoe. 3d. The Michigan Firul Regiment - Tlie first ,0 trtad Rebel soü niíiy lie be the to eavi it. All honor (ó her gnllant soldiera nd brave offto&rh. 4th. Col Wiilcox. of the Firit Regiment Mich?' Volun eers- t'ho gentleman nnd the soKlier. wtule we honor hia oourat'e, and sympathise with him in his misfórtnne, althdiigh wounded nnd a prisonr he will not be f.rgotten by tho pi'ople of Miehigftti. 5th. Col Rohimon - The hero of Fort MoHenry, a worthy suooessor to Col Wiilcox. 6A. Lieul Col. Rolerts- Alreafly distinguisho'l n3 a diaoipHcscisn, ha will make hia mark upon the bftttldfíeld lli Muj. Whittlesey of tlie First Regiment- lie lias been tried, and we knuw hu will ajway lo !iis duty. tth. The Captain of the First Regiment- Hay they all return öneralg. 'Jth The Qocernment of the United States- The elrt'iigest in tlie world for it 3 foundcd in the hearla of all loj-al citizens. lOth. The Volunteer intelli gencc, courngc, mul patriot iam will suecusafnllv defend the Republio in iia huur of danger. Wth. The loyal tadies nf the United Staleê - They fnmisb sustenance to the iofantry and huusewivuB for the cavalry ainl artillvi'v; when they fly to nrms, the well diseiplined aoldier gracefully Burreoden Appropriately responded to by Kev. G. Taylor. 12A Thearch Trailor, Jcff. Daiis- "Oh dr a vh ip in every honest hand, To Itt8h tlie rasc.'U naked ihrough the land." After the sentiments Dr. Tappan made a brief, appropriate. and eloquent speech whioh ws followed by a dress parade and battsilliou and company drills, continuiug till the hour of five o'clock, wkon the pcople dispersed with the thanks of the soldiers, and showering upon the soldicrs their blessings. The hour at which we " go to press" compels us to be thus brief.


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