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Gen. Grantenters Padueah, Ky

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Cairo, 111., Sopt. 6. Thia morniog, at eleven o'clock, Gen. Grant, with two rcgiments of inl'antry, one corapauy of light artiüery, nud two ' gun boats, took posscssioa of Paducah, Ivontucky. lío found seccssion flags ! ing in different parts of the citj, in ; pcctation of groeting the arrival of tlio southeru anuy, wliicli was reportcd j thirty-ciglit hundred stroug Bisteen miles distaut. Loya] citzous torc down the ■ cession flags on the arrival of our troops. Gen. Grant took possession of the telcgraph ofiicc, rajlroad depot and marine ■ hospital. Ho found largc quantities of , completo rationa and leather for the : southeru army. Tho following proclamation was ' sued: i liare come among you not as an enemy, but as your friend'and fellow-citizen, not to iujure or annoy you but to respect, ' defend and enforco the rights of all loya! ■ citizetw. An enemy in rebellion ngainst our common government has takeu ! sion, planted its guus upon the soil of' Kentucky, and íired upon our flag umbus and Hickman are in his hands and ho is moviog upon your city. I am here to defend you against this cocmy ; ' to assist and maiutain the sovereignty of your government. I have nothing to do with opinions, and slmll deal only with armed rebclüon, its aiders and abettors. You ean purgue your usual avocations without fear. The StroDg arm of the ; government is here to protect its friends, but only to punish its enemies. Whenever it is manifest that you aro able to do fond yoursclves, maintain the authority of your government, and proteet tho rights of loyal citizeus, I sliall withdraw tho forces luider my coininand (Signed) N. S. GRANT, Brigadier General Coinmanding.


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