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The Third Annual Fair Of The

The Third Annual Fair Of The image
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Agricultural aml Mechanicnl Afioofcflön of Baltic Creek, ia to be hld on the 18th, 19th, nnd 2Oth inst. Tlie list of premiums offered exceeds $1,"ÜO, nnd tbe Sweepstake Premiums to oiie, $200, iv-liich it is oxpcctcd will ca] out some of the fincst Horses in the West Theexhibi tions of the Association hnvesofar pruved 6uocfcssful, and we presume that euch will be the case with the coming one. We re iudebteJ to the Secret ary of llio Aseociation for a " Compliment ary" Oard of lulmission, -wliicli other engageuients, however, wil' prevent our using. LS" On Tuesday cvening J. Insco Williams will commence exhibiting in Hangeterfer's Hall, his Panorama of the Bible. This Panorama is paiuted on 400 yards of canvas and portrnys the prominent, scène? ónd eventa deseribel in Bible history from the Creation to the Babylanish Captivity. It has been on exhibition in Detroit for eome weeks, and is highly spoken of. EiSST We are indobtcd to Frank IitTTLE, Seoetoryof the Kalamazoo Cuunty Agricultural Society, for a. eard of invitation to the ICth annnal exhibition of Uio Society, to be held on the 95tfr, 2Cth, and 27tli inst It s to Be regreted that the cxhibition cccurs ón the sumo days ns flis State Fair. The Stnte Socicly mus'; bn broVcr1 n) if County Societies place tliemselves in oppositíon. LL- The Cth annual Fair of tlio Washtcnnw and U'ayne tfnion Agrioultural Bociety is to be held on the grounda of W. U. Hnwkins, at Ypsüanti. on (lie 2d 3d. and 4th dors of Octobcr next The pre-nium list )8 liberal, nnd I he oíHccrs hope for a succeraful cxhibition JtS I0Dt forget that tlio State Fair is to be held in Detroit on the 2Jth, 25th, 2Glh, and 27th inst , an.l that (he nnnual ad3resB is to be delivered by that iiDble patriot, AxDRr.r Johxsox, of Tennessee. Thcusands s-ill po ío hear hi:n, if tliey care little or lothing for the Fair.


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