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The Richmond Whig On The Hatteras Capture

The Richmond Whig On The Hatteras Capture image
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bAirñiORK, Sept. 10. A copy of the Kichmond fVkig] received here, has a most saroastio artide on the capturo of tho Hntteras foits, oeosuriDg by implieation tho Confedérate authorities, and oommencing io tina style: "Let iw imítate tho Chínese by áJI mean?. The Fort has been taken; many buodreds of men have eurrendered; valuable officera havo bécome priaoaers; a large amount of powder captured; the most important point oi ourcoast for privateering purposea is in tho hands of the enerny, and tho fiallant North State is now Hable to invasión. Stii! it is a small matter. It will take 30,000 men to regain the fort but that is nothing. What do we want with itï It was built f ■ r lm, evidently. Had we been in earnest, somo notico would have been taken of tlw warninggiveo by Northern papera. it would be the height óf folfy and treason to accu-e any momber of the Cabine of negligence in the premmes. We,wholiveat the seat of Government, know loo we tho Buperhunian energy, eleeplees vïgiiance, and rairaoulous promptitude ol every Dopartraent to entertain for a moment a Bhadow of a suspieion of any short eoniing on the part of any one near or remóte] nected with the Adminiètration. Picayune Butler can novv jeave as inany men as be phmseg at any of the fortB of Ncrth Carolina. Of cour we will vvhip thom, for have we v.n', he grwtft ou.'über of unaj-;i:cd müitifl V'


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