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A Great National Work. Bometbing for cvory Citizen, Evory ■ Fireside, cvcry Reader I ! ! Xo Man, no Fara '. , i houi [í Tho only Corred and Completé Ilistory of the 11 'ar, Cn WEDHESDAY, AUQUST 21st, BE PUBasHJD, THÊFIBSÏ NUHBER , r POPULAR XATIONAL WORK.OF IXKSTIMABLE VALCE TO AIX, V17.: THE SOUTHERN KEBELLION, ASB Tin: WAB 1F0R THE UNION : a m rrosr of nv. Riso and Procrees of tlie Robollioa, ANP Conspcutive Narrativo of Events and j donts, frona the Fitst Stages of the Treasen figainst the Kopublio down to the close of the Conflict. In Weekly paris, 32 pages, largo 8vo, ü?:r,io:e io ceistts. intofan authtntíc&nñ thorough ITistory "f th referenceand f u ure preservation, is the subject of general rem-irk. No work of thfti na. yOi toen offerod to the public, and all wbo wish forinfon mpelled to grope throogh the maze of the pumorSj ieports, dispai I and editoriaia of thedaily nevspaper, to precipítate, fromj its cnnfuKM columnw, the grat facta and meiden ta of tbe gla for the l'nion. Tomeet thia want, and to produce a work of perra a - nent Talue aa well as of proeeni interest, tUe publisher hiLS arr a Bet fbrth - in a form and atairice which shall reader Et aeccptable to all. Thishistory wültell the Ptobt as it is, giving a elcar, . re nartative of tbe enthre raovement, tnelu■ ■ t order, and contalnteg the important documenta and extracta from remarkable speeches. Itwill oot be a mere ii:iry, oor mere aumerfttion of dry and nakend dates, nor a compilation of slips frora newspapers, but portray ia connectod and !n teren t ing a&rratfr - tiooaxy icp3,;is well as the m,eA&urea 'jí' thE Go remmen t. It willearefallyclige1 all eri '"" wiUsiíl all rumora and vc[v_.rts - wil! fix uponfacta, and oorreat bo fai :is . i ! Lie errorri and discrepan cJes incident to tliu , narrativas of the men spapers. It will be wrilten in a atyle Buitad to Ite theme- ftt .■f.hic, earnest and himinor.:;, otroducing Buch pi rsonal and rodal incident as may serve to show the relations of individual and oonimunities to ttie grand venta of tl titfle. It Ea troe, wOryKdy re&dfl 'ho newspripers, but the f l of the momeni ■ are not a correct, coruected . ■ catioBj afterbouncl in a hfttidsome volume, will bea book For the iiniiiy, whicb wil] )" yalued like the records of the War of Imleperfdenco, or thé Life of Washtnp worthy to be kept for cbildren and grand-chUdren, aa a memorial of the pi "■■ Dl time. It wil] thua ptove deairable, ftv!Iatile üril ptisfnctory to evory citizep, ■ rtry familjr,every office, every Übrary; o ihc public ia the full aiaurai tbat II wtil command the approbation f every patriot, fvcry Union man, erery good citi.en n our sÜll Gloriua Land. To be had of all twwsdcad ■ tmagte in the United States, and of bonkellem and nêwsde&Iers in Canada, Graat Britainand Australia. nding Öxk Po&lai ín I or poaampa to STtli'K lilKftvUI, General Ageni for the Publiotion, 81 Nsuiaau gtret (l'obt Box 40U1) New York t'i'-y, io whona all orders are to be ilirccted, will roceive by mail, pest paid, ten number, (Pisbmg to f umi h their frienda n treat Trifain, California, Cañad mul Australia with the publtcation post paid, bj ateamer, will send (for ten auwl era), tncluding Ehetage, to Gxcal Britaln, $2.20; to Cali fornia, $1.10 ; to Australia, í'2.'.!0 ; to Canada, $1.10. Ia ordcring copies the full and exact addrea, with town, couDty and tt íi 1 o should ho given in every instance. JAMEdD. TÜRREY, S14w4 Pubhsbe r. 13 Bprace Ltreet,:N.Y. Great Reduction in tho Price of SINGER & COS Standard Machines ■ Well known to be 1he Best for Manujacturing Purposes. No. 1, Standard Shuttle Machine, formerlj sold at 00, reduced to 70. No. 2, of sume kind of Machine, for raerly soid at $100, reduced to 875. SINGER'S LETTER A MACHINE Is -tbc best Machine la the world f or Family Sewing uaA ; Manufaoturiag PurpoMi : (wiik Hemmcr,) bül! beautifally ornament) á S50. rhO Nos. 1 and '-! Machines are of great capacity ind apprication fut maonfacturiog purpose. Our No. o Machines are especiAlly adapted to all kinda of Hght and heavy Ijeather iVork, in Carage ïrimniii1-'. Boot and Bhoe Making, Harne8BjSlaking,ete.(etc. They ;;i. .' ■ f i xtra izc, and with hu arm long enough to -. part nf a Trimmer.-1 ötitching tba1 i done with .them than byhand ; bo, too, the paving oi time and labor i'-.v great. Thetbleof the r mi ■ ng, and the shuttle wijl hoM six ■' 'i;i: ntityfof thread. 'Jhelarge machine worl I ■ ■ ■ ■ ' nes. We wouïd auk fpr our Letter A H&chinee, tbc spp. Makers and l ': e '-]■■■'.-■'■■ t and all I ioeh for lightmanujat&uringpur pon, 'l' ■ body the pridctples of the standard machines, ■ ■ cel 1 ra f'--l f-r Fa3íii i 3i ■■■ , ,■'■ ■ aririg porpoua a . rd ma■axv for manufacturng puxpose in general We ha b ■ i ■■ on hai . ■ i ■■, DACGiTB,aiLKTWiHi USt.S AD COltOS THKEAD, O flfOOLS, SB O1L in ir.' les, etc., t te. Te manufacture our own Ncedlps, nnl wou ld wam a!I : ■ ■ üt machines not tobuy anyothers. We : ■ ■ d of v.'i most ■ ■ quali j at b gher prices than ■ ■ : ■ are manufarturcd eftpeciallj for . - . ■■ . Jt_r the ht.t machine ■. $de&. ■ i - may rest assui ' r ] ranch Offices are f urn In case ol mu i . ■ Bowt in ■ tam] . or b ■ b □ ti a. tmes distipctIy. lt , ■ ! . ■ ' ' , ij eaeft case, ktttw ' ! ■ ' I Sewmg . :■ uu the bost met In i ts of purchaaiog, can obtain 1 by i endmg to uBy Of any oi our B ranch Office i for a copy of I. M. Stagnr & Co '. Qazetto, Whicb ís a beautiftil Picforial Paper efltlrelj deyotedto the subject- Jí will bt sent gratis. 49" We invn m ■ la tbe abm - Rl DüeTION IN PRICEi with the two fi !■: w of benefiting the public and or si Ivrs. Tbe public have been ■ npurious mal-'i nel made in imitation of rmr. i them 5 iron c i itin ; to 1 1 ol pooiqu-ilify. Tbeir makers have nol themeans to dotheir work weil. They are htd av;iy in secret pi ■ impossible t have U tho ir command the jiroper mecha a ca : ;■ ■ ■ . b greal ■ ■ . an Í having eitennive manu&ictunng establishment, that ■--■■■'■ machines can bfl made at moderat ■ : ■ ■ bin 'S, BAOLY MA] 'I !, ■■- 1 e out of oriler, and are aura to eote and money to keeptbem In repairi The v;i '' ■ ''■ ' to be looked for m a Machi e e : eer ■ of conatruction, greal duraWHty, andrapidity of operatton, i : bor. Machines to ■ . íes, {musí Be □ itaï and . I : ! perfpction. We have tbe way and meaas, on JL gran , 1 liis, I ! it may . will Gnd thal those I [ualitles nul only work well a1 rapid aa speed .fliit !ist longer ín the fineatpo g order. ünr machinen, aa made by as, will inmor money with lesa lab r er m imitation oi oui ; ot qo1 . In fl ■;. t .. ■ . ■■■.■ other raachineBftfl agift. 1. M. MNGhït .: CO., . r adwwy N tv STork. j93" Potroifc Ofïico, 78 Grlftwold Sircot, oppnsite the Post Office, 81 Itf M. II; GOODRICH, Agent, Ann Arbor. Important National Wcrks, PuWkhod by D. APPLETON k CO., 3Ü6 AND 343 BROADVVAY KEW YORK lowingworks are sentto Sub of the cnuïiti-y, (upon receipj ofretailpi or oKyr TX11Ü HKWAMERIAN CYCIOPEDIA; A Popular I ■ ral IJnDwledgc. ].■ ■ select corpa of wrfters in all branches oí' inri Literature. Thia work is beiog publishedin about 15 largo octavo volumes, cach conta column Voto, i., ii., ni., iv. v.t vi., Vu., vin., t ix. are now rcady., each. coi . oaj artl ■ additíonal volume will be publ abotrl three montha. Price, ín Cloth, 3; Síiccp, $3.60; I ia , Z-l. 50 cae' . Tlio Kew Amfirican Cyclopíodia is popular without bcin? superfleial, Learned without beittg pedantlc, c hftnsivf butsufficientiy detaüed, free from personal pique 'ty Drejudice, fregh andyi ti . It is a ■ í uil Chat is known upon every Important topic within scope of human intelligence. - . : , - wrttton for its pages by men wbo &r.e authoritíea upoii 1] on wliich they speak. Tlicy are re quirecf to bring th Mttbject up to the present ro i ; how it fttands now. A1I rhe statistiealinformationis from tfae laten rep raphical accounts kei p pace with torical matters melude the freflhestjosí w; the biographical notjces ods ak nf-t onlyof the dead but also of thL livinff. lt ia a librury of itaelf a 'rtiDririiJBííT op thedebates of tüXGRKSS Uéing .i Política] Hlsiory ofthe United tion ofthe flr gressin 178 i" i 58. tedand compiled by Hon. Tho Hart Bentos, : i Recorda of Congrí , Drkwñl becompleted in Ï6 roya! "cím-o mlnmc ■ ■ ■ ch.ll ol which 'ar aow ready. An additional volume will be published once in throemonths. aoth,53; Law Sheep. Hilf Mor., $4; Hall Calf. 1 AVAVuFrr.,K.''T;TT;TiT::rvrr,o?,r:!irAorvnKnATKs Form a club of fonr, and remit thepriCTof fourbookn, and flre oopiea will be sent at tho r; mitt'-; ■, for kan nnbsci will l""1 ■ oui expê&M for ea i I To Agenta. No othor wor k will so llberally rewardthe exertionfl ; vtakt&d i_v tiusCumv Termi nown oo appücatlon to the ] Aan Arbor, Sí&rcb, 1859. amt Bev. Tooa. WniuiiT, agí-nt at Kinne ft Smitiu . Vpsilnnti. Waslitenaw Mutual Fi e Iusurance Go. orctary "Wlll db for n, féw wéeks at Pester on - on Thuraday and Ëa4nráay, :;it tt Vi . : caodato suab . ■ fra ü,h may wish to become me mi i M. K' Ann Arbfflr, Auf. 13, 1! tfOTJCH. MY WIFB PAÜIOWNA C8OWL, haylng Isfï my bod ■. rhui iu't cti'ir-r or provfioatfon Al] per ■ I r on my fteeuuDt fiav no 'I bti of krr cautrictinr'. :gr OLD FR1END3 _jLl IN THE RIGIIT PLACE. Eïerrick's Sugar Coatcd PilisTs. ths best family ra 10% ti:iitic in the wrld, ■r sJy . . Uiiüli tw(inty years ty ,, ■ ''V(' niillioDfi of peraöni .■;'■ ■'. i ' . .-' -- -iN n:n iuil! : alwayn Kive ' ti , (-(intaiu ;-_i. Ing notblng Injurióos; ráúS&T9'} '-"VIP !rl'''-'1 !:y tlie prin .-', .'-v.jjt;. ipi ul (inyiciana iml 'kBTivPw surKeons 'n the Coion ; , e legan tl j coated with F iugar I S3-V ! '""í0 Tïoxos25 cents; VV Tr fivobnxes for 1' --' '"";.'.- " FullclireotiODBwithtcii Tatxahasib. l.r.os Cotrarrr ), Juty 17, lSfK). ƒ ToP. TÏbbbIck, Albanjr,N. Y - Vy lïetir Hocto; :- T toinfoimyou oí %h e wonderful effect of your Jugar Coated PLILs on my eldor dAughtr. Fcr thrcc ■ has been nlAtcted with a billfoiú ilersDffemeal 4 thfl yatflm, Midly mp.arinti her hoalth, wbich has teen üteadly faitiog during t}i;it period: Wnen in New Vori: i ii April lMt, ;i fri'-m) ftdrlsed me tó test jou? pilt. Fbiving thfl fulUwt coafidance ín the jvdgtnc&t rf my 'rieod, I obtained a Mpplyof Uesara, Barne A Park, Oruggtsts, l'iirk Row, New Vi.rk. Ou rPturninjf homo. c 1 all other treatmeat, and mlrninistered your Pilla, one itaob efght. Tb toproT#tn( nt Ib br feolinga, complexión, digention, etc, Burprftod us nl. Arapid ■ ;. itpi mïaneni restofation to lioalth haft tiovn 11 ie reauit, Vb usfil lesa tlian tivo, anil oootilder Iior eiitirely vvi-11. I considt'r the abnve a juflt tribute to yon au v ■ . and tru it tbftt it wil] be the aw of nducing ■ ' your Plfta as tbolr fairilly modlciOM. I rema in, dcarair, ■., MÜU, Yüur ubOitiuLt fitTvant, Bi ;. MonTïiWN. Henick's Kïd Strengthenlng Piasteis curñ in flve houTi, pains and woakncss of thohreast, ■i'!" and Ifi'.'k , Jiiiilliluuimatif ('omphiintsin an equally ihort period of tima Bpread on béautiful whii'j iwnb -■.in. tl ïtruse Rtihjects the wvanï to no (íteonvenloce, r from one week to three montfas. l'rice 18 cwaifi. Herricft'a Sugar CoatedTnia on-l Kh Piairtfrs arp pr oy Druirgistfl and Merchantn ín all parta of the Unib I batea, ' ans A and SotitJa America, iind may be obtainod by oalliag for thsm bytbeirfull name. lySOS ' DR. L. lí. HERRICK, 6 Co. Alhany, N. Y. 1361. 1861. NEW STORE NEW SPRING 600DS! C.H.MILLEN&CO. ITavo remOvo'l to thelr Brick Store rocently oceapied by A. DeForost, and are novr recc-iviug a SPLSNDID STOCK OF GO0D3 FOP. THE SPEING TEADE, Among whicli aro Staple Dry G00&3 of all kinds, BEAUTIFUL NE W sTYLES , TRIMMING S, SHAWLS, CLOAKS, BONNETS. RIBBONS, &c, &c. Choice FAMILY Groceries, 300T3, SHOSS, & CROCSERY. Aho an eiilire Niw Stoel; of Carpets and Oi1 Cloths, nf New and Beautiful Patlerns, THESE G00D3 WERE BOUGHT AT PjVriO PEICES! An1. u-e eantatUfy all who will cali and examioe our to;;l;, lliat Goodsaro Chnp this Spring for CASH OR K2ADY PAY. MIJLLEN & CO. Ann Arlior, llarcli 26 1SC1. 2mT39 SCHOFF & MIL LEK RE STILL ONIIAND ut thoiro'.d Stand, llo. 2, Franklin Block, x íth themoat complete assortaiebt of Books and Stationery, PERFüMEKIES, FANCY GOODS, WALL AND WINDOW PAPERS, SHADES, ROLLERS, CORDS. TA SSELS, GILTCORNTCRS. . GtJBTAINS, ÍIOOKS AND PINS, STEREOSCOPES & VIEWS &c. Ever Oiï'ei'od in tliis Market ! md ï vvo u ld saggBt tothoso in pursuit ifanythiugiu SANTA CL A US' LINE ,liat tbcy can secure a Doublé Christmas Present ! ïyparchaaing from this moet, au cach purchaser getn inadditioda] present of Jowelry, &o-, Ranging mvalue irom 50 ets. to $50. tTif Tlifv'rust that theirlong experieuca ín6lecttog joods forthie market, and Btríet attention to the wnnts if Customers, may eníüle tbeni to a liberal sliare of 1 L'C. Ann Arbor, Deo. 5. 18C0. 777tf D. L, W 00D& CO-, HATE JÜST OPEN'ED LARGE & WELL SELECTED STOCK OF Seasonable Goods, Fa.' the SPRING & SÜJIMER Trade f 1861 ilfiving purcliased thcir Btock at much lesB Ihan the nsual prices, they nrc prepared to offer GREAT INDUCEMÊNT3 To Cash & Rcady Pay Btiyers. Tiiankfnl for past favors thcy "will bc ever ready lo show thcir Good8 and by fair and liberal doaling'Jiope to receive thcir full share of tho public patronage. Vost siïc of public square. Ann Arboa April 1S61. Nkw Remedies fob SPE R M A T O R R II (E A . HOWARD ASSOCtATION, PHIbADEUHU. A Be nwolepi Tmtftalion utablUhei bj Êpecktlt ndowmtnr for tte Ttlitf of the Stek and Distrcfsccd, ajjlicuil irifli iT'ru-n, and C IW, and cspecialhj fitr the Cure of Diêetna nftht Sevual Organn, 'I. AHVICE givcn giatls, by tho Actlng Boi5d i . VALUABIjE REPORT3 nn SpermaiorrlKieft, and otlior ; a ,nnd nn tlif NEW REMiplojedin D"1; peneary, sent in seftled letter . ie o of eharjcp. Two or thre rtfimps tor ccoptabtB. A; ■, Iir. J. SK1I.1.IN H'H'liUr . ..■,. Ke 2 0. NBfh F(w!i.r


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