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The Right Sort Of Religiion

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We want a religión that goes ioto the family, and koeps tlo husband from bciiiii spiteful when Èbé dinner is late, and keepe tho dinner from being hite - k;)c..s the wife from frtjtting vvlien tho husband tracks the cewly waehed Qoor lus muddy boots, and inakes the busbond mindful of t'.e scraper and Hoor mat; keepa tho mother paliont vvlien the büby is cross, and koeps the baby pleasant; amuses the ohildren as wollus instructs them; wins is weli as gbverndj projects the honeyrnoon iuto the horvest mooD, and makes thu happv hours üku tho eastern fig tree, beariug in its bosom at onco tho beauty of tho tender blossom and the gkry oí' the ripeniug fruit. We want a religión that bëura heuvily, nat on the ''exoeeding Hibfulness of. sin," 'juton the exceeding r.isculity of lyirig and stealing, o religion that banialiea sir.all mensures from the counter, small baskets from the stulls, pebbles from the cotton bags, clay from paper, sand from sugar, chicory from coffoe, otter from butler, boef juice from v i negar, aluin from bread, strychnine from wkie, water from tnilk cans, and buttons from the contribulion box. The religión that is to save the wfiid will not put al! the big strawberrias at the top and all the had ones at the bottom. It will not offer more baskets of foivign wines than the vmevards ever produccd bottles, and more barrels of Geneseo flmir than all the wneat fields of New Vrrk growa and all her milis griod. It will not niaka one half i f a pair of shoes of good leaiher and the other oí poor leatber, so that the first -liall redonnd to the ma Eer 's credit, and tho second to his casfe It will not put Jouvin's stamp npon Jenkin's kid gloves, nor make Paris bonnet in the back room of a Boston mjlhnor'e shop, nor lot a piece of velvet profeese9 to measure twelve yards coaie to an untimeiy end :i the tenth, or a spool of sewing silk that vc;uches lor twentv y irds be nipped io the bud at fourteen and a halt, nor the cottontftread spol break to the yard-siiok fifty of the tivo hundred yards ofpromiu that was given to the eye, nor yard Wide cloth inoasuro less than thiTty-aix inches froin selvedge to set ved gf", nor ullwool delaines and all-linen haudkerchiefs to be amalgamated with olandestine cotton, nor coats made of woolen rags pressed together to be sold to the ur.suspecting public for legal broadcloth. It doos not put bricks at five dollars a thousand into chimneys it contrauted to build of sevun dollar materials, nor smuggle white pine floors that have paid lor hard pin, nor leave yawning cracks in closeti vvhere boards ought to jo;n, nor daub peilinga that ought to bo smoothly plastered, nor mako window blinds ot slüta that cannot stand the wind, and paiot that cannot stand the sun, and fastenings that may be looked at hut are on no account to be touched. The religión that ia to fanotify the world pays its debts. It does not consider that lut y cents retarned fur one hundred cents given is acco'ding to the Gospel, though t may be according to law. It looks upon a man who has failed ia trade, and rtho continuos to ivo in luxury, as a thief. - It looks upon a man who promieos to pay filty dollars upon demand, with interost, and who neglects to pay it on demand, with or without interest, as a liar. -


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