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F l REI FSRE! WESTERN MASSACHÜSETTS ín sur anco Oompany . CASH CAPITAL & SURPLUS, OXT.HÏXS. 3200,000. W. N. STftOJTG, Ai?eiit Ann Arbor, M.irch,2(l, 1861. 792tf LIFE iJVSÜftANOE. The Coniiecticut Mutual Life Insaranca Company Aecuraulated Capital, - 8;,")!i iiTiu, INSI'KK 1.1T. foi uurunoootoot exceeding V V $10t0lH for tfoe wuole.teroi of Idfe orfor a Wnn of y-;irs, on the in ■ ' term. N.lï Tue Company I purely mutual aad the policy . holdan gt all Uie surplus over the exact eost of Inturanee Ï1 acooraodates the insnred in t'ic Bettlemeni of theii premiuuw Ml UFE I'OUCIES, 1 deüirod, by taking ii in. ti' i'.ir mu' battufl amount, bèavüjg InteHèt nt ix percent ]H'v jiiniuin. Dividinds are Dedared Ar.nually! 1 ..! jiace thy iiow amqbnl I 1 n on tb' pre!RKh and note imd srt m.-.. aip;.; ih.-y m.-.y oe .■ '.■. oancel tbo ootE . Ihe of proiulums areaslow ; any othr roaponslbleCompiMiy umi thUrg aboamulaU ir.n ' of E3,500,000 ia sccorelj Lnvested, as may be seenby refer, . . -.■ ■ mado aeconUng tn law, "11 file in ■ the L'uuuty CIet,at Aun Ai-liin-.-S jaMi: oohwix, l'rcst. ClY ii. 1 itKI.t'iï.SlTV. PorparUuuliiappytg JAMES C. WATo, 7Ö3jl Agent .lt Ann Arbor, Midi . NEW YORK LIPE INSURANCE COMP'NY. Accumuluted Jan, 1860, $1,767,133,24 MOERÍS FKANKLTN, President, J C K ENDALL, Vire President, PLINY FREEMAN, Aduar n $100,000 DEP0SITED wtthflieOompftóHetofthe Statoif K York. Divideuda ftTorage 40 percent, annually. J3l. S S E T SS . CtehtnBank, 31,555,4'J ; in securle,crited ander the lawsof theStto ,.iX.-.v Vork and of ie U. S;, -88,8(0,19 [,:i! EüUtfl aad Fixtares, NO3. U-Jamim Broadi .'ïlïïS Bond :ml Hnrtgagesdraw!ng7jprot Interes! 583, ■■ '■■■■ -■ivoi ...r-HMicrcent.of premiums on life poheias, bearing interest, 6i,Jio.ii) QuarteilrandSrmi-annuál premiums, due ubsej; qaentto Januari 1,1860 ;:''■;? interest accrued up to Jan. 1 . 18B0, "I".'.'. Rente accrued 1, 1560, „l'',Tr,a Premiums cm puliciis in hands of Agnn, 88,448.1 $1,T67,133.-Il Drs WBLU and Lïwitt, Medical FxaininorH 743f J. GUjBEBI S5I1ÏH, Agont Insurance Agency ! C. H. MILLE?! ÍS! THE Anr.N'l' fcr tiie fi.IlnwinK first r-lass eompanles: Il.ïIK ttfStJRANCK COMPA.1Ï, of New York City,- Capital un-l Surpliw, 1 ,500,000. CITY FIHE INSt'KANCE CO.1IPASY, of Hartford. -'-C&pitAÍ imi Suriiln, Í400 000. COVTIN'EXTAI, ISStKAH'K COMPANY, of New Yi.rkCity.- ('apit ffed Surplus, $100,000. of the nett proflts in thts Company is dinded aunually among itepolicy bol lrs. C MII.I.KNAnn Arbor, December 13, 18C0. tn:7.S Conway Fire liismaiice Co., Of CoDway, Mass. Capiral paid np, - $150.000 00 Assets (Cash), - - 2ö!),9G:! 12 Liabilities. - - - 16,440 03 D. C. Hogers, Jas. S Whitney, Secretary. President . DIRECTORS. J S WHITNEY, h. BODMAN, W. E1.I.1OTT, --UI0VM. NO D C. McGÜ.VHAY.K.n. OÜO N WAIT BKMENT, JOSLU1 Al.l.IS. A.1I Rl' UEN VV. H. niCKINSON, VV T. cl. AI' . p. C. ROGEOS. A.IUI Arbor Rpforeiices: Dr. K. WELI.S. b. JAMES L. DOTJGE, ÜNOCHJAMKS. CA TT. O.S. COODK1CH J W. KSIGHT, Atrent. Ann Arbor, Michigftn. THE PEÖÏiÏA"MARÏNE & FÏRE INStTItANOE COMPANY, OF PEORÍA, ILLINOIS. Capital, - - - $500,000 „„■■ of Uie HEAVIfiST, SAFBSJ and RKSX Insuraoce ■-- mi the Ü.9. Cnaurea on réasöiHe term, and al rayspaj promptly. Thero ifl do better Fire lnsurauc Money W a n t e d, W h o will Lend M o 11 e j 7. ÍAM REQUESTED BY SEVERAL PERSOXS to - uioney for them at ïen Per Cent I iterost, (Or More.) Forftnyóne williu" Wlend,) an at once inrest on nood unencumbereS abnndant BEAL ESTÁTE ■ anjiiama of money.and seethat the title anJ security are all Riairr. , ,. 'l'he burrower pü.ving all expenses, inomolag reftnrdinff -' -"MORGAN, Ann'Árhor, (iet. 7.1SS9 715tf General Land Ágency PFKONS wanting fnrms, or residenceim ornen Aon Arbor, can 'Jy oallingonme elecifrotna lm Uf0Ter 1OO Farms For Sale! Ofvartou.slzestrom :t,t. IM acreseach ;(ome a good.nyinlhiConnty.) Mor.-than SO OwelliiK Houses n-.nU01ty,fro.ntwo Hundred to lourtbouaoncdo.arieich: and omr -I O F, (TIL DING tOTS! AmoncthefarmBirethe Biühcpitnrin, IMOacres, Ó Baker. r,d Buck1 farm In Sylvan . Mos '1 the," ,nd maoy otbors can be lividedto ,ult puroh6ers E.WMOIQAN. Anr.ArhoJ.Jan U I""5 " - 7 w. MORGAN, Agentior Accumnlat(?ilAKsetJ, - ■ . ., ' ' EniekerbocKéi Insuranc. i .mpany, New York, _, i ,-st clan ƒ Co -tnn? AatónaWe. Hambold, Flre taurne Oompaoy, .-o 000 Peorlk Uarine ft Rm liuursnce Co., 1 w " _hntv i. No. 1 l'ire Insurance Co'B. 'Q ((10 Capital, - " _J ' GKAT BARGAINS X xx CLOTHSN G ! ! jBl.X, tlio Cleveland Clolhing House Iluron Street, a few doors West üf Cook'e Hotel, ANN ARJ30R, MÍCH., In consequence of hard timea, and boing comprlled to raiae meney .n some shape, -we have concluded to sell every tbing in our line, eonsisting of Clothing, Hats, and Caps, GENTS1 FURNIBRINQ G00DS,c. At ■whiitever price they may be it ever so liltle, Tbis is no timo to stand for trifles. Proñts is no objest at all! Give us a cali, and, gel gooi Goods AT YOUR OWN PEICES! O Remember the Plaoe, Huron St.,5 doors West of Cook'8 Hotel. A, & C. LOBB. Aun Arbor, June, 1861. B04m3 1 rt; SS1 Oppositö tlie É if OW 0 ... M . ■ . r :o .1 PL'BIJSHI ':.- A.] Uanttfíacturers, Xcw ;vA Completo stock 6( LAW & MEDICAL líÜOivM, School Uooks, Miscellaneous Books, Blank Books. ian SIJATIOKTEnY! Wall and VTlndov Paper, Drawing and HatUrmatical Instruments, Music. Juvenile Ijl.[:;rir., RuvdOpeS] Ink ;mil 1;::U. GOTJD vímíZ íi oir Jiinds of Pens and Pcnals C'ornicr. mud$s and Fixture, POCKET CUTLEHY! ythlng pertafning to the f r;uV, and more to éolion i country. In ("ïniluctinj? our b -!: a 11 rto all tivii rjm fredone,so thfti qo rcasoonble ni..n, womao ot chiM shall fill'l IT1V t'lLUlt . We ■■ ' m'w t'i'i'ilïties whïcli will enublu us to sapply our Btomera at the Lowest Possiblo Figures. TVe proposo toeeiïfor READY P lY,ata8malledvance. Wc expect ;i profil 00 ftor goodn, bnt Cash Sales wiil Admit of Low FIGURES. n oiiïcil nervicos al JAMES 1-'. 8PALWNG, llcrcti '■: ;trr pu'];ut-'l li) funUsh Vïsitiig, Wedding and. all othcr Cnrds w'iten (o order, ir n ''fitness and dispatch, b; mai' or ofherwise. Tli' ■' Kmimrk Ho' Si. ''■■:. :' -- mi ii:íi1 by ;i crood 'crew,' ii'l tlioy w ;tiu:'vs le foui Arter deck,'1 ready &ad willii ■■■ , ■■■- l.n u'.v. f; vor tiiem witii i calt. liemember tho "Empiro Book Store." jtames ;;, weíístee &Co Ann Arbor, [!t.v,lSGO. "Jp ANTOHEÉ jL ö AU RIVAL AT THE É'i I'OLD AND RELIA BLE ! CLOTHIKt ESIPORITJMü JtSlr O. 3 PHCBNIX BLOCE:, MAIN STEEET. baitjuBl returned from tho ï;ttcrn Olttes, with i larg mddeBirablo stoet ot" F ALL AMB WINTER GOODS! i b.6 is now oflèring at nni'.simHy Am' i:;_; ïiis Asyortmont may 'oe found EROADCLOTIIS, GASSIMEREB, DOESKINS, & VESTINGS. .■' all d orí] ':rn=, p'-nrraUv for F ALL AND WINTER WEAB.I whtch lieis ctittïnir and makiog u order, in tholatesi am bout Btj les, tógetbi i ■;: of READY MADE CLOTEINC: ■.m;s. i;mi;, anj Gentlemen's Fumishing Goods, witb o'hT ari'ci-s usually fouuü in nimila: establishim-nt. Aa ANËMOPIUM OFFrlSHlON. (lic Koltscrfbor í i : 1 1 í htmaelf, that hifl Inn;? ■ . Ie 'ii:ni ti give i gre&test ia toall who noay trust him In ; !;■■ wj ■! man ófaeturine ca i menta lo order. 71 Bti VM. WAGNER. Ho ior the ]ö8mmcth Cabinet are Uooiüm. MAETIN & THOMPSON, TJAVE JU8T Ol'KN'F.D IN' TIIKIR DOW iiml E 1 e L a n t W a r e-lï o o m BAST SIDEOF MAIN' STREKT, A complete Bfcook of EOSEWOÜD, MAHOGAJMY BEta ok PARLOR PURNITUllE IHCLUD1NG 8ofaa, Tote-a-Tote , Mahogaoy Roso'Wood, Blaoli Walnut, I'lü.n and Uarble Topped IS 'jll TT Li Lri u A Le5 Ltn Ls O- KO3EWO0D, MAHÓGAKT, BLACK w A1.XI T, FAN V AND C01T4QE CHAIRS, &c. , &c, A:c., ftc. .■L. ""_-. S%3 " 9 Elegant MIHROKS, BI KI AUB.SECRETARIES, Completa BED-ROOM BBT8, INCLÜDING LATEST SÏYLES, -orMATTBBSSES Of the beat quaHty nnd Different Material In Fact they Have Uverything with Thicb tu Cnrnisb " I'AKtO :. nocnoiR, SITTING BO 'I. Oli KlTCHEN, AND OUR CITIZIÏNB NEED NO lo'nger go to Detroit or elsewbere to (Ind a larp ment . FUENITXJRE mus ti t bc fiold and wili 'oe pold at VERY LOW F K ICES! }- Lel aren m:m and hti wlfe orgmng to be wift COMK AN1 BEK 'i bejálsb Imve a í! USE OARRIAGE, And are always ready to attend to üie burial of tlis doad n the City and nljuining country. Wiire-Koorasc-aht ide of Main Street, between Washington anU Liberty 0. M. MARTIN'. tim"39 ('.B. THOMPSOK HaB&sterfei's Jilock. O E A iñlc CO., TNVTTE altentlón to theïr new stock comprlsL I X. kiutls ut Crockray, ölaaware, Lamps, Gas Eixtures andlluu.-:iii'm-. blnggoode,aU ui rWch tb are o fi ing A (he Lowcd Fossible Rates. Frencli ('hin;i Ten Uta I'rom $5 OC lo 20 00 F'rcnch China dioner Beta from 26 I 0 to 7o00 gtone - In-M 3 50 to 6 00 Stone china dlnnet :'t 1 s from 8 50 to c'.;is Kerpsi qo &ú ■ ■ from li"J to '■-!; Mjrllt Kcnwni' Lampa complete from Pn talOOO Fluid Lampa rom 18 t 'j-.':J fSg" LnmpK of ;ill Idnda altered and repnired. Suxnmer Sïill KTursery. THE0D0RE R. DuBOIS, Nri'.si:;:Y,ANN Ai-luir, Uíoh.,ia ooi? rcji'iy torewive orders Cor Fall and Kptlng Netting-, His orders for Fraïi and Ornamental Trees, VIdm, ShróbSfOtc., ill be QtiJ f rom r lie beet Eastetn Na and hls personal aiUutiT) o ■-...'. be fvento ' e aiul tUhngkhosame. Saving beea regularla eda thu Naroep] buainMs.hfl Ib oonfldeat (hal witli prompi andolow attenöón, and atrld booest aai tntegrlty,, dq will be able to ffive natinfactiou to Overy ono conflding tlicir ortlt'vs l liiin. All furmcrsoi' Fruit growors wil! io well tngivt1 liima cali befororderfog tbroagti ofBe partien. Ho woulil refer to caanj gitizDBof the C'i'y and Coimly wli o purclniscii of hún the past Sprrag fot the quallty of treos broughton by him, us vellas for the good urdfir in which tli ij wiw rooerrw and dellrend 804m3


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