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GllEAT BARGAÍA7 AT Maynard, Stebbins & "Wilson's. .Q. yv HAVE G 1N I1! PLENJSUED OÜRSTOR] Gr O O.3DS 9 lUatWAS tn-iT offered in any one establishment In i &tate, .i-l of w i.'.', b we otter tor OAOihC OCS [p[ïSOiyjOl ■islow as can bc fornul in thfl Dnfon "We want Moaey ! Lii.l will make Great Sacrifices on Anyiliin weluive to obt&in it, uot cxcepíing OLD NOTES AI-TD ACCOUNTS We cordlally invite ALL CASH PÜSTOMBRS ■■] examine our Goods and Pilc?s. Wfl aïft im .n.' our Frompt Paying Costomers . i'l buy their Bupplii I I . To tbos hCat aw afraid to eau, wc Kt; iu thomtaki oour&ffo ■.vitl.iiui longoz v.-;iitiï g for tgher prlotfleome i, old Bcoreir, and ihcn atsqch pnces ftB will Duke up n.11 losaea It is hartll; i to enamemle om Goods, for We have Everything! Alargo a-orímont if UARPETING, CUOtKERY DEY GOODR, MEDILVES, GEOEPJES, TAINTS, OILS, II LT', CAPS, BOOTS, S II OES YANKEE NOTIONS &c, &c., &c. i7 ñu il n wi fK . R,1 ra n n í3 t Ai Li=i lia íi JCJ ü1 iL) Lëi Ls liJ ís a (715tf) MAYNARD, STEBBINS & WI180 Stoves &. Hardware ! ÍÜSDON & IIENDEÏÏSON Have no win Store a la ■ sortmontoí SS T "W1 JES Í90 9 Hardware and House Furnishiiig - @j o m sea o All t ork will be so!d as CHKAl' us :ti any othor Esiablishmeiit in iViichig?n3 ■ ; the Best Assortment of Oooking P A R LOR AND VLA TE 8TOV KS xHT THI8 STL1133, Ad will sellthem Chüaper than THE O II EAPKST, Picase ruil juni ■■■■■■. All kindfl f tin wre kept on ha.mi. Particulftr attntion pald to all kindfl of wil] bo dono wlth t NEATNESS AND DISPUTO!. imoalltad'aee Lhalrl [OVE BOOM n 2d storj of New Ulock. BISDON & HENDBBSON. Arm Albor, Jan. 5, 18G1. O. 23Ij X .'S . I ■■■-,'■■■ ■■'■■ t, ? Still in the Field! WITH A LAIÍGE STOCK of GCODG in my liue direct; f mm New York, Bostón, and the IRHamifactiis-ers! I havo just receivcU a large aad iroll l floctedassortraent CliOCKS, WATCHES, T 3EÏ "V7" 13 Xi R "S-. SÍLVER&PLATET) WARE, Musical Instruments, Table and Pocket Cutlery GOLD PENS, Anti ;i ccroiit. varicty of Yankee Notiona, fec. I woulaoall particular atteation to my large stock of SPECTACLES, ot Gold, feüver, Steel, and Plated, with PER SCOPIC GLASS A superior nrtiole, and ft great rarfofy of articüea Ia the "'OHEAP for OASH. t wal i '■'■■■ ■■ '■'■ '.■ wb, can bc accommodatod a tuy etock is ! i ileto, 1" 8, Partf d pald t" tin EEPAIRING of :tll kludu of J'niü Watchi -,. ;;'il as Making & Setting New Jewels, l'IXIONS, STAFFS and C LINDERS, also CXOCK8, AND JEWELRY, N'cntly Bepafred and warrant ed. C. BLISS. Augnt2S, 186C. "0811 PATEKTED November lst, 1859. t tui: ;i,.--k-- -w [r jLc roana the ïftxsk. f l ""i B t o B t hc Ynke. ■'! Fa urouinl the Bodj ff b l M jfl e to E, the !B]LLOTJ'S Patente iin) ov-ti Freitcfa Yokf IWi'ENTKD NOV. lot, 1S59 A New Style of S irt, warranted to Fit ity seoding the abov meatmres per mail we ei t fltof our new 3tyle oi Shirt and return by (Ni; ari ol the 1 otted States, m (12, N" ordi r i irwarded b ; hall .'■.■■■. ti SÜirtri. Also, Importen .-ia. i Dealera in MEN 'S FüRNIi HING UOODiS. j3G2= Wholesale trafle supplio] oti tlt asual teriOS. BtóLOU BROTH SOSlf 409 Broa Ivraj , Si w York. Have Removed to the STORE RECENTIiT OOCUPIED BT C. MAOK, Phoenix Blook,Ba8t lide of Main St., AND _, 1IAVK f . In Store 3?, r Largc 0 ' '■■-'J ■ Vj ]):t'te STOCK . OF &n shoes Of every deccription whieh will be & cr Xj 33 o : s cc s. r 2a s=i TIIA?1 CAN BE BGUGIjy IV TliisCity. Aisi) n large assortment 0 HOME MANUFACTURE, Of aU kinds made ín the mest Pashlo na b le S t y 1 nY GOOD AXD EXPER1EXCED WOKKMEN, -oxmFREIÍCH CALF BOOTS aro NOT SURPAS8KD this sid of New York City, and are warrouted not to kij1, Our PTOGASAND K i P Ss, aro ma'dèol I i erials Oor stock of Mooogo Boocess for LiifÜ ■ ■ 'virhout We lHa3t to Oi-í'ev, auduover min ofsn i o I show you Dorstock I ■,...., peiiencd JoümeymeD who I p in the Bfeatcst .Uiiiii:':r, Mldon shortest cotice. Our motto is QalcfcSalesand Small Proftts TViaukful fnr past fai I bypayidg strict attvatio;i to our bu . - a litoral nhJare of your patraña iímii'uihíM-uo aranotto be nndersokl. =vLft MLJORE & LOOM1S KTEÏ'W GOODS WLXES &KNIGIÏT Are now receivinthcir SKCOXD Spring and Suramei STOCK OF GOüDS In consequencc of the Gr e at Ptessure in ih? we hVB boon enabled to porchaae many kind of Good at our own pi-ices. We can sell most kinds of DRESS GOODS foiLES? THATT WAS PAID FOR THE SAME KIND OF GOODS in New Tovl' S I X WEEKS S I TV C E ; We invite the attention of all to an inspeotion of onr Btock. WINBS & KNIGHT. May 10, 1861. SPRING GOODSe RICH GOUDS. gAGH % PSERSON HAVE jnst oponed a large and well eeleeted stock of latest styles aud patterns including POPLINS, CHALLIES, DE LAINT38, TK1MMINGS, ü M M E R STUFPS. DOMESTICS, STAPLKS, aU Carofully selected, Waranted to please, and for sale cheap. 0O3VEI3 %JJStt SEE. BACH & PIEKSON Maroh96, 1SK0 973tf Oval Picture Frames A LL8IZE9, ETTYLBa and PKICES just received and V ■ o CHOFF & MILLER'S. D 18C0 ec.25, S011


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