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Sttfitntss licertntq. NAL!, DUNCKLEE & Co., WHOIS U.E ami P.F.TATT. 'Irnlcvs in Dry Onods, Carpet mïs Fl.,.r Oil Cloth., Kcather, i;npcr, No 74 Wooilward Avenue, Corner of lom., " ■ DETROIT, Miel, . a.Orders soücited anl prnmptly ttenW to-S W'1." RAYMOND'S Photograpliic and Fine Art GALLERY Nos. 205 and 207 Jefferson Avenue, DETROIT. rbotogrnphsI.-ft'Size.cMored or plain, caWnct m. perial Melaim.tvp,. Paguerreotypes, AmtnoU p ïu [ -CAKD ÏCÏUKB3 by tbe mV ad. } Y. oToTf. W-VSHTEVAW LODGE Ho. 9, "f the firfnant „r.'iof 'HU Felluwsmeet at thuir Loüg.j Kooin, Fridny evening, at 7) o'clock, m. v. k. jones, k g. J. F. Bruma, Sw v. bT(Í SÜTÏÏËKLAND & SÖN, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GroWM ani Commission Merchants, East siJe Main Street Ann Arbor. B. IIESSE, " PHYCUN & S0EGKO Mjeetifttlljr tender hl pro. feuiomal to the cit.wni of Aim Arb„r a ficinity. üfficc; n llack's New Building, Mam Btreet, Ann Arbor Mich. N.B. Night calla prumply attended to. TWITCHELL & CLAEK. TTOKNEYS and Counsellor at Law, General Fire Insurance ageuts. ODice in Citj H .11 , HmromSt-, Ann Arbor. Collections promptly made .ndremltted, and special atteution paid to cnveyancing. D.B.TW1TCBKLL, J743tf1 "■ C"""J. M. SCÖTT. 4 mbrotype k l'BOToaKPn Abtists, in the rooms i rermeflynccupied byCrdley.overth. store of bperry t Moore l'e'rfect aattefaction gnaranteed. __ "WÏNE8 & KNÏGÏn DïilïKsiuStaple. FancyDry Goodf, Boots and Shoes, kc. &c, Main Street Ann Arbor. ' MAET1N &THOMP8ÜÑT" IicïMTfüL WiRE-RooMs, Dealer in all kmda of Furuiture, C kc. New Iilock, ülain Street. RISDON & HENDEKSON, DE-VLERS in Hardware, Stoves, house fnrnishmggoods, Tin Ware &c. &e., Ne Block.Mam Stn-et. TP. MILLS, DiAum n Staple Dry Gooda, Groceiïes, Bout and Shoes and Keady Made Clothing, Hurontreet Ann arbor. BEAKEs & ABEL, rroRNEYS & OOUIII' t Iw, and Bolicjtors in f Chanery. Office u City Hall Block, over Wstatet tCo's Boon Store, Aun Vrbor ' KÍÑGSLEY & ÜORGAK, 4 TTORSEYS, Cuunsellors, Sülicitors, and Notarle? PubtV lic have Books and Flats Blmning tilles of all lamls D the LüuntT.anclattend toconveyancinííandci.lletting emands, and to paylnli taxes and school interest in any jmrt of the State. Office east e of the Square, Ann Arbor. " JAMES R. COÓkT" Tustice of tub 1'eace. Office near the DeDot, Ypsïlanti, M ichigan. - WZTËW1TT, M. D-, PnrsraiN t SrKOKO.v. Office at hls resMence Xoith Bide of Huron Street, aod 2d houüe W est ol División itreet, Aun Arbor. O. COLLIER, MAXUFACTTREK and dealer in Boots and Shoes. Exchange Block, 2 doors South of Maynard, Stebbins k Wilson's Store, Anu Arbor, Mich. MOORE & LOOMIS. iTörWrcnnows and iealer in Boot anfl Shoes, Vi. Plinenir lilock, Main Street, one door North of Vaibington. M. GUITERMAN & CO-, f TTHOLEPALEand Retail dealers and manufacture of W ReadyMaileC'loüiing, Importers of Cloths, Cassineres, Doeskius, &c. No. ö, Xew Block, Ann Arbor. C. B. PORTER, ---j. SfKfJEOx Dentist. Office corner of Main JëglL3K and Hnron streetn, over P. BacU's atore, TjjíBk Aun Arbor, Michigan. Wm. WAGNER, D kaler in Rcady Made Clothing Clothn, Cassimeres and Vcstings, Hats, Caps, Trunks, Carnet Dags, kc. Main (t. , Ann Arbor. BACH & riERSON. Dealers in Dry GtxxU, Groceries, Hardware, Boots &. Shoes, &c, M;iin stroet, AnnArtwr. MAYNARD, STEBBINS c6 CO., DÏAT.EB8 in Dry Goo(ls Groceries, Drugs k MedicinOR. (BootB &Shoe.-, &c.,coinerof Maiuaod Ann streets, nst bel v tlie Exchange, Ann Arljor. SLAWSOÑ & GEER, "1 p.ocers I'bovisios & CouiniibioD Merchunts, and deaJT iMiin WaTMLïMB, La.VD l'LASTKB, audl'LASTER UK Paris, oue door Eastof Cook'e Hotel. C. BLISS, DKAI.ER inClocks, Watehe, jewelrr. and Fancy Goods, at the sign of the Rig Watch, No. 27, 1'ucenix Block. J. C. WATTS. D tÁUsn in Clucks , Watches, Jewelry and Silver Ware No 22, New Block, Arm Arbor. T. B. FREËMAN. Barrer and Fashinnable Hair DresRer, Main Btrwt, Ann Arbor, Slieh. Hair Fronts and Curls kept jonntantly on hand. SCHÖFF & MILLER. DKALEU8 In Miscollatipous, Sclionl, and Blaak lïookfl ?ta tiouery, I'aper iianging, &c. , Main Street Ann 4rbor. MÏSS JENNIE E. LINES, TKACHER OF Plano Forte, Jaitar,and Singing, being desirousof enlargÏDg her class, will receive ijupilsat Ihe residence of Prof. WINCHELL, wliicli béng near the Union School, will be very convenient for biicb scholMtt %ttending there Wbo ma y wlaï tó pursue the study of musicia connection with other branches. Torm$10, half to be paid at the middle and the baltace at the close fo the term. D. DeFOREST. i Thoi.e8ale and Uotail De&lerin Lamber, I.ath, Shin'V gles, Sa.-ih, Door, Blind, Water Lime, Grand Rixer 'laster, I 'laster Paris, and Xails f vil sizes. A feil and perfect asortment of the above, and all other sin'ls oí building matt-riítlrt constantly on hatul at the lowest posfitble rateB, on ietroit treet, a few roda frotn the Railroad Depot. Also operatiitg extensively in the Patent Coment Roofing. WASUTENAWCOUNTY B1BLE SOCIETY. . BPOSITORT of Bible and Testamenta at the Society ! ' prices at W. C. Voorheis'. CHAPÍN, WOOD & CO., SÜCCEBBOBB TO l-XT3Nri, OHAPIWifc Oo MANUFACTKERSOF Print. Booli., AND - COUORED MEDIUMS, A KV Alt HOU RICR, CARDS! CARDSÜ CARDSÜ! Having BUntauM a liwm Bausl I)iaom) Card Pross.withahneuisortment „f Ci-,l tvpe, tlie AsODa Offlceis preparcil to print CarJs of ail kinds in tbe neatostpossibleBtyle and at a greilt reduction fiom rnrmer pnces, incliKlmg BusincKn Carrta fur men of all avocations antiprolt-'ssions, Batl, Wedding, and Visitii a Crds, etc, etc. Cal], givo us yours uriers and see how it is i' ne SEWING MACHINE FOR SALJËT F IR SALE CHEAP a nfw flrst class Family Pening Machine. Warranted uu better in market. Terms mêj. E. B. I'ONT. Aaa irtr, Jut ltb, I8Í1.


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