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"kiss Me Good Night. Mother,"

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A Philadelphian, just returned froni Washington, has relutcd to thc editor of he Press the fullowing incident of the recent disastrous battle at Mauassas Gap. In the Govcrnmetit hospital, on the day aftcr the battle, lay a youthful mein)er of the Ellsworth Zouave Corps, wtro ïotwithstanding the frightfal nature of lis wouuds, bore his sufferings with a )atieut hcoriHij] akin to inapiration. For d long timo he seemed uncoi B;iou3 of the Drcsouce of his hcart-broken mothcr, who watchud by his couch foudly, yet in an;uish of spirit, and lay like ono in a ,rance. At leng h, tuniing slowly over ou his sido, his vacant eycs met hor longmg, agonizing gfize. A train of longburied recollections ecemed instantly to lave awakened themsclves in his bosom, and, niurmuririg with tho artlcssness of a child, " kisa me good night, mothcr," ho feil back, and was dead ! The gentleman, to whoin the incidout was related, pcncilled the following lines, in tho cars, during his trip from Jialtimore to this city : Mottier, doftr motlirr, tho (l.ny has seeinril long Mnro the l:ivli iiirli'l hls tnniitml sung HaOI; thr hoitr h.wv p;ïsv--ï hinrotho mem ; I'aikl.v thc monn ata íitat oe'fr can return 1 Ko bêamiiic bopefulnts, BO joyoul rsy, No cli'-eriu] smttine to brifcfrtn ray war. Butt motber your kis turns the darküess to lfeht ; Kiss me good niUt, aiuther, kiás me guod night. Mother, flmr motlitT, I'm Ungjng for r tí - l,ong:ni to slumbepipr aye wlth the b : Botiwhen my sii sprit trom car'.h-lifs fron, StÜ] ihaill thy pie-'Mice c: m nigh anta roe ! Oftlliy IrtU !Ns ol partin ihsll ftlllOB niv Ijrow- Tliy sad, tn rÍLi!, ' ye" gnz' r.pnn ni1, m ü'-w - Aai oftcn I'il nay, itii the aDels'tnwhitA, "Kiss me good night, motherki-8 me good nijrht !' Many sut'h incidents of that fearful day could doubtlcee be related, and we cannot regard it as over too lato to rccall thom.-


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