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The Sin That Killed The Baby

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A correspondent toriles to the' American Agriculturiit to tbo followiug effect : - "I recently attendod the funeral of a child of three or for sutnrners. The rriuistor, during hia v+tnarks clwelt apon the fact, tbat doath is tbo remilt of sin, which I ngreecí with. But I thougbt, wbilo looking' upon tbe E-ftAem forra, t'mt the sin whicb killed this litllo ono was sin aguinst Datura! as as spiritual: laws. Sho wíis ciad for the gr;vo in tbe garrnenta sho had worn whilu liviop,. and tbe bare neuk and arma, cxposuüf wbilü tbo chüd was in beallb , to grutify the vam'ty of the parents, bad invitad the disease whicb proved fatal. TbaÉ was tba sin w'uicb killed the b:h_v, ani wbiuh is niaking feorful work süt hundreds of others, whose parenta prefur fiwbioa to bealth, and the exhibí tion of tlhíir cbildron's beauty to ther íafety of ibtíir Vives-." Thi-i laiiguago is none too strong. ÍC is pisitively v.icked to subject tender' cbild rao to such treatment, whicb would , bo fatal to adulta of vigorous constitution. lo our cliaugeable climate empecí :Uly, too gror.t precaution can searcoly be tabe to guard the throat and lungs fiom diseuae. Tbey need not be kt'pt mutüed wi'.li warm clothingr but should alwíiys bave sufficient protection to guard r.guiust tha saddert ch ingés, for which tbis country i noted. Keep the children'a cheats and arma covered if you would havu thetn healthy.


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