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Departure Of The Michigan First

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uov. JLJlair visited Camp Fountnin on Saturday last nnd gave orders for the Michigan First to break tip their cnmp and procecd to Washington. Officcrs and men greoted the command with cheer, and immediatcly enterod tipon the arrangemonts necessary to secure a prompt removal. Sunday was oceupicd in packing up to the exclusión of the usual religious exercises, and at evening parade orders wero issuod for striking tho tents at 9 o'clock Monday morning, and forthwtth taking up tho line of march. On Monday morning, Superintendent Rice carne out in person, accompanying the special train, and nbout the hour of 11 o'elook tho sound of music indicated that the 800 stalwart men of tho Michigan First were raoving toward the depot. At 12 o'clock' officors and men, tho siok included, wero comfortably scatcd in fourteen elegant first class coaches - the Michigan Central don't carry 'soldiers in froight cars - and at 20 minutes past 12 the good engine Rover gave motion to the train and the Michigan First left our City, followcd by the blessings and cheers of thousands who had congregated lo shake the hands of friends and say good byo to all. Tho train of twenty cars made the best of time and reached Detroit at 10 minutes to 2 o'clock. A large number of our citizens, by the invitation of Superintendent Hice, accompanied tho regiment to Detroit, saw officcrs and men aboard the steamcr Orean, and returned on tho evening train. The soldiers havo gone frotn among us feeling that our citizens havo dealt gencrously by them, and with strong hcarts and hands to do battle for our common country. For furthcr rcferencc we give place to the following list of tho regimental and company ofBccrs : KEOIMENTAL STAFF. Coloncl - John II. Robinson. Coloncl - Ilorace S. Roberts. Major- Franklin W. Whittlcsey. Acting Adjutant - Edward Pomeroy. Qwrtermastcr David A. Wise. Chaplain - Arthur Edwards, Jr. Surgeon - Joseph W. Tunnieliff. Assütant Surgeon - A. J. Hobart. Sergeant Major - John Goring. Quartermastcr Sergeant - Irving L. Garrison. Commissary Sergeant - Chas. C. Pinckney. Leader of Band - N. A. "Whitmore. COMPANY A. Captain - Not appointed. First Lieidenant - R. H. Alcott. Second Lieutcnant - Ilenry C. Christiancy. COMPANY B. Captain - Tra C. Abbott. First Lieutenant - David A. Wisc. Second Lieutenant - W illiam Burns. co.mpan-y c. Captain - William H. Gr"ves. First Lientenaut - George II. Eggleston Seeond Lieulonant - D. C. Bradish. COMPAXY D. Captain- Eber B. Griffith. 1 irst Lieutenant - Edwin II. Ring. Second Lieutenant - J. B.. Kennedy. COMPANY E. Captain - Not appointod. First Lieutenant - N. J. Finch. Second Lieutenant - Olivor C. Comstock. COMPANT F. Captain - "William A. Throop. Fint Lieutenant - Emery W. Belton. Second Lieidenant - Wilkins Bloodgood. COMPANY O. Captain - G. Collins Lyon. First Lieutenant - Edward Pomeroy. Second Lieidenant - P. C Perry. COMPANY II. Captain - Charles E. Wendell. First Lieutenant - Goorge C. Hopper. Second Lieutenant - Albert W. Beardsley. COJirANY I. Captain - Georgo W. Grummond. First Lieutcnant - Hiram S. Warner. Second Lieidenant - Edward D. Judd. COMPANY K. Captain - Byron B. Adsit. First Lieidenant - George C, Mogk. Second Liculenant - II. Clay Arnold.


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