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The Kentucky Legislature

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All honor to the Legislaturo of Kentucky, say we. Both the Scnate and House, by tho necessary two-thirds vote, havo passcd over the veto of Gov. MaaoFFiN resolutions instructing the Governor to notify the Confedérate forces to leavo tho State, and also calling upon the Federal Governmont to protect Kentucky and drivo the invaders from her soil. These glorious resolutions brush away the cob-web of neutrality and plant Ken tucky upon the platform of the Constitution and} the Union. Tho traitorour Governor bas been foiled in his attempt to force Kentueky out of tho Union, and ho must obey tho mandate of the Legislature, or viólate his pledges to abide tho action of the Legislaturo and coufess his treason. Tho notico he has 'ssued in aceordanco with the instructiona is vcry mild, but it does nofc rest with him to enforco it. The Legislature has placed the State on the side of the Government, and tho Government will seo to it that the loyal sons of lotal Kentueky are proteeted, let Gov. Maüoffin do as it may ploaso him. This action of tho Legislature is as good as fifty thonsand men, and cuts tho the knot wKich was to tio the destinies'of Kentueky to tho Southern Confederacy. Al) hnnor, we repeat, to the loyal Lcgisture of Kentueky. Sec another column for the reeolutions in queetiou,


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