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Gen. Fremont

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Rumora has boen rifo tliut Gen. Fkkmont bad resigned becauso of an order irorn Promdent Lincoln to so modify his prochimation as to koop l within tlie act of the Inte estra sossíod of Congrcss which providod ior the confiscation of laves tised by tlie rebels for advancing and carrying on tho war. Theproclamntion it willbo rcinomberod ' nbsolutely iet frve tlie slaves of all rebels, whethor such slaves vrere emplovcd on tho homo plantation, or in the catnp or on fortifications. Tho lotter of the President inslruoting the modificnlion, or rottier the radical chango of tho Fremont proclnmntion WÍ11 be found in another column. We havo heretoforo expreseed our opinión of tho proolnrnation, concurring in its nocesflity and juatness. It goes furthcr thnn the act of CoDgrcss, but tho Military commander hns alwaya e.TercÍ8ed pownrs not conforrod by tho civil law, ond mnat do so for the solo renson that tho civil law is not sufficient for the emergenoy of a war. Congress can confíscate properhj under tho constitution, it cannot ree slaves, but the lattor a Goncral can do, and if he can, as ia gonorally conceded, ivo beliovo it the stirost way to strike a dcath blow at tho rebollion. To do it wronga no loyal c'ilizcn, and givei evory rebol a rcalizing sonso of tho position ho occupies. But, be thig as it may, it is only a quesüon of policy, nnd wo hope thnt Gen. Fremont will not resiga becauso tho President difiera as to tho courpo bost to be pursned. Ho acts for tho whole country, and not alono íor Missouri, and as a correspondenco between him and the patriot Hom is hinted at in this connection, the instructed modification may havo had its effect upon tho Kontucky Legislature. If so we and tho country can afford to wait for the advanco step. --It is announcod, also, that Gen. FitEMoNT has ordered Col, Fkaxk P. Blaiii under arrest, on charges of insubordination, using disrepectful lanuage in regard to his superior cfficors, and conniving to procuro the romoval of tho General commanding. Wo think both tho Blairs dangerous and aspiring domagogues, and that if the one was out of tho Cabinet, and the other shorn of his undeserved influenco, the Governmen; would be tho gainer. Our sympathios are witb Fremont in a contest with tho Blaírs, and we hopo that they may not be permitted to prevent him from ditscharging his duty.


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