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A Happy Surprise

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Aítcr marching orders were issucd to tho First Regiment, Licut. Col. Roberts was telegraphed to at Detroit that his presenoe hero was vcry much needed. Ho carao on Monday raorning, met a friend, the Rev. F. A. BtADBS, at tho dopot, inquired ' what's up " and was told ifaat hi.s Prienda here couldn't think of lctting liiin leavo for Washington without secing li ï m . He was accompanicd to tlie rpsidonoe of Mr. Blades, then to the stable instcad of the parlor, ulicn slnpping hit on the shoulder Mr. B. cxplaineJ his movements hy snying, "tTIicre Horaec, tbat'a jours," and handing him a note froi W. S. Matn-ard, Esq., presenting him a fino black horse. We are assured that the Lieut, Colonel accepted the gouerous gift with his charaoteristic modesty, making tho desired promise not to loave the noble animal wounded on tho field. Col. R. said that he had scriously discussed tho "Ilorso question," and had concludcd to go forward withont one, and trust Providence to cause a secessionist to supply his wants. - Wliilo tho train was en route for Detroit tho gallant ColoncI's good fortune was made known, and as genorous deeds incite liko generous ones, money was iramediately placed in his hands with instructions to purchase saddle, bridle, and other necessary equipage. We mention in this connection that Mr. L. C. Risdojt is entitled to the credit of providing for the Saddle, and Mcssrs II. S. Barstow and B. G rijen to credit for tho other equipmonts. - Mr. R. carne among us a comparative stranger, and tho above ia an earnest that he has won the confidence and respect of our citizens.


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