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- Volunteors are now entitlod to the samo ponsions as regulara, and the Pension departmoat has commonced paying. - The Nahant Hotel was burnod on the night of the llth. Loss 8100,000; rasurad $70,000. - Capt. Dove, of the Steamor Pocaliontas, - of lbo Potomac fleet - has becnanested on charge of eoramunicating with the rebels. - Contrabancl barracks havo boon orectod on Old Point near the fortresa. - Read tho letter of Gortschakoff to tho Russian Embassador at Washington, on our first page. - W. IÍ. Winder, of Philadelphia, brothcr cf tho robel General, has been arrested and eont to Fort Lafayette. - Cols. Willcox, Corcoran, and a large number of prisoners taken by tho rebel?, have been transferred from Richmond to Castle Pinckney, Charleston harbor. -Capt. Lynch, the Dead Soa Explorer, has been appointed Chief of the Bureau of Detail and Eqnipment in tho Confcdorato army. - Oen. A. 8. Johnson, of Utah notoriety, has succeeded Gen. Polk in command of tho Western división of tho rebel army. - Provost Marshal McKinstry issues deeds of mannmission to slaves of rebels under the Frcmonl proclamation. - The rebela aro reported ns having dcs'.royed nino miles "of track of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad between Martinsburg and Norlh Mountuin. -The colora of tho N. Y. 79th- tho Higlilanders - havo been restored to th:;m. - Capt. Androws, of Col d water, bas formed an Artillery corps, with 120 men and 6 gun?, for Col. May's Independent regiment. - ,T. A. McNeil, of Grand Rapids, is raisinpr a company of Sharp-Shooters for Col. Bcrdan's second regiment. -Col. W. P. Innis, of Grand Kapids, has been comrnissioned to raise a regiment of Mechanics and Engineers ior tho war. -Dr. W. Brownell, of Macomb County, has beon appointod Surgeon of Col. Kcllogg's cavalry regiment. - Ohio has 23 regimenis of Infantry in service; 10 in camp full; 17 in camy nearly full; and 6 organizing; 5G in all. --Last week the war payments of the government wero 2,000,00 per day. - Congrefsman Ely denios that he has been put to ditching. - Binco the capturo of tho üattoras Inlct lorts, tho Governor of North Carolina has callod homo ten regiinents. - Fort Macon, Beaufort harbor, is a substantial Work, mounting 61 guns. - Gross frauds are reported on the part of tho mule and horse contractors. - The California mails have been transferred to the Nobraska route. - Tho Confedérate troops aro reported as having soized the Banka at Bowling Green, Ky. - Europoan advices say that the Manchester Mills havt a full year's supply of coUon on hand. - Capt. Buehanan,late of tho Washington navy-yard, has entered the robel service. - Gen. Lander takós a command in tho army of tho Potomac. - Lieut. O. 11. Poe, of the regular army, has received permission to accept the Coionelsbip of tho Michigan Second. It will be a good appointment. - McMastcrs, of tho lato Frecman's Journal, has been eent to Fort Lafayette. - Ross Winans and a mnjority of the Bccepsion mernbers of tho Maryland Legislature have been arrested. That eecession ordinanco wont bepassed. - One hundred guns were fired in Now York on Saturday in honor of the Kentucky Legislature. - Gov. Magoffin has issuod to tho Confedérate troops a very modest notico " to quit," in obedienco to tho order of the Legislature


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