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Kentucky For The Union

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Th o voto taken in tho Kentucky House of Represontatives, day boforo yesterday, on the resolution direoting Governor Mngoffin to issue hia proclaraation warning the rebel troops off tho soil of the State, may bo considercd decisive of the part wliich that noblo Coinmonwcalth will take in the coming strife. The voto was 76 against 20 - the wholo number of members in the full House being 100. A motion to direct tho Governor to warn off the soldiers of the Union also, was promptly votcd down. It ia thus shown that tho Unionista, oí tho Joe. Holt and Gen. Anderson strtpe, havo a majority of three to ono in tho Legislatura, and that thoy nro preparod to moet all tho responsibilities of tho occasion, The following aro the resoluiions adopted, as vo find them in the Cincinnati Gazettc of yesterday. Resolved, That Kentucky's peace and neutrality have been wantonly violated, her soil has been invaded, tho rights oí hor citizens have been groasly infringed by tho bo called Southern Confedérate forces. This has been done without causo; therefore, Be il resolved by the General Atsembly of the Commonwealth of Kentuclaj, That tho Governor bo requested to cali out tho military force of tho State to expel and drive out the invaders Resolved, Tliat the United States, be invokod to give that aid and assistanco, and proteotion against invasión, irhich is granted to each ono of tho States by tho fourth section oí the iourth article oí tho constitution of the United Statca. Resolved, That Gen. Robcrt Anderson be, and ho is hereby requested to enter immcdiately upon tho activo discharge of his duties in this military district. Resolved, That wo appeal to tho people of Kentucky, by tho ties oí patriotism and honor, by the ties of comrnon interost and comrnon defenso, by tho remembranco of tho past nnd by tho hopes oí futuro national existenue, to assist in ropelling and d living out tho wanton violators of our peaco and neutrality, tho lawless invaders oí our soil.


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