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Letter From President Lincoln

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Washington, Sept 14, The President transmitted a letter to General Freraont on the I2th, on the subject of Fremont's recent proclamation. He says : " Assuming that you, bcing on the ground, could better judge of the neecssities of your position than I could at thia distanec, on sceing your proclamation of the 30th of August I perceived no general objection to it ; the particular objection being to the clauso relativo to the confiscatiou of property and the liberation of slavee. It is objectionable for its non conforraity to the act of Congress, passed the 8th of last August. I wrote you expressing a wish that the clause should be modiücd. Your ansivcr expresses a prefcrcncc that I should make an open order for this modification, which I eheerfully do. It is, thereforo, ordcred that the clauae be modified, held and construed to conform with and not transcond the provisions contained in tho act of Congress entitled an act to confíscate property used for iusurrectionary purposes, and that said act be published at :ength with this order. (Signed) "A. LINCOLN."


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