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PBÏNTÏ2JG OF ALL KINDS Neatly Bxeouted AT THE ARGÜS OFFICE. WE ARK I'REPARSD TO tïlX ALL ORDERS lli TttS 1TWB OF PEINTING AT THH MOST EEASONABLE SATES. W hova reocntly puroljasod a S.XTC3-G5-LE3 ROTARY CARD PRESS, nnd have added the lafst style of Oard Type, whioh cnables us to print INYITATION OAEDS, WEDDING OARJjS, VISITING CARDS, BUSINESS CARDS, &c. in the neateBt Etj7lea, and na olieap as aiiy otber house in tliu State. We are alao prpared to print TOSTERS, HANDBILLiá, BLANKS, BILL I1EADSV CIRCULARE, PAMPIILETS, &c BOOK BINDERY ii in chnrgo of FIRST CLASS WORKMAN, LEDGERS, RECORDS, JOU RNA L8, HOTEL REGISTERS, and BLANK BOOKS OF ALL KINDS, RULED TO AUT PA1TER2Ï And Mnnnfnetured in best sttu ai Ne-w York Prlceo, Petiodicals of all kinds BOUND IN ANY BTTLE. Old Books Re-Bound. All Work warranted to give cntire eatisfaction. E. B. POND, Prop'r. Office and Bindery, cor. Main & Hurón 8tS Ann Arbor Marble Works. Batoliolclcr U ÁS on hand a line assortmcnt of American and 1TALI AN MK lï B L B which he is prepared to manufacture into in all tboir varieties, and in a WORK MA NUK E manner. H.'iviup; hnd considornble experience in the biiftinosp he ilatter btniAelf that h will be able to please all who inay favor me with their orrerp. ïlis prices LÖW AS THE L O WEST. tliose wishinti any thing in roy line are rpsppctfully in íited to culi. D. C. BATCHELDER. Ann Arhcr. Miiy 20, 1861. SOltf SEsSION LAWS, 1861. TnK ACTS OF THE LBGISLATDW! OF THE Statp of MlchlKn,puMdat tho Kcfrular and F.rtra Pcssinn rif 18fil , havft bpon receivel at my office, anrl aje rd for dÍ6trümtirn. H 3. BABRT, CountiyCicr AnnAAi, Auj;. IS, IÍÍ1. SwClS. 8,776,994,650 fOLUNTEIRS WANTED! TO ASSIST IV THE LIBERATÍON OF CUBA ! } milite folks, or of wiiatever color, casto or nativity, wliether married, single or of doubt lul conuuxion, will beeulisted ia llio noble cause of KNANCtPATlNQ THE COMMUJfÏTI - FROU THE- THHALDOH OF HIGH PRICES ! iJ will receive their outfit at the BxUusive FurulsMag E.itai-liabneut -OF THE-6 ü ITEEMAN1 H HEAD-QÜAKTERS! ïr&ving been establiuhed for the LAST TEN YE ARS. erar knowñ rule of warfare is an Undisgnised Beslr ueiion OF HIGH P RICES! POH CLOTHING For all -Ages! Sx and Conditlons! '.n consequence of tlio very fl.Uteriag enpourogement wliich pe hav reccived %ï our locatioh in thia city, wa have i neren eed our Stock of SÜMMEE CLOTHING! To meet tho demanda of our customers, and having becorao Diore fully eonvinped than ever, tliat our mode uf deifling, namely: at vhe lowest possibl ratea for 8 the only true plan; we will continue t: serve the public as heretofore during the coming ftill and winter. Our Stock consiste in every variety of READY MADE CLOTHING I Plain and Fancy CLOTHS, CASSIMERS. StLK, AND SILK VELVET3. A large lot of GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, Tphich are all warranted DON'T FAIL TO OAXjXj.A.'X1 Gr. XX. Q, For past fa vors we aro grateful to all, The saine for large ones in proportiuu, And those wlio see út to cali Shall receivo our beat 6miles and devotion. M. Guitorman & Oo. IT. B. Stuflents and U others who want to eee SONDHEIM'á ncw "mode of entting will do well to cali and leavetheir measure For a Nice Fitting Suit ! carTTX'Taaixitócvixr j Co AnnArhor. 2S, 1860. Tt ÜNAltALLELEÜ SUCCESS SECOND ARRIVAL - 0FS peino Sb s-ct:m::m:e:r, O O X S. -AT TUE- Barmor Otoro L. P. MILLS, PROPRIETOH. Goods bougkt u líder pauic prict.-s, And sold at prices that will make hard times como again no more ! Facts for the People -OF■WASHTENAW - 1NP- ADJOIMNG COUNTIES! And tlieir numerous questions anawered. Why is Evtrybody trading at the "BATfNER STORE? '-Because A. P. MILLS, the Proprietor of that Establishment hasjust returncd from the Eastern Citieswith the Largest, Handsomest, Cheapest, and Most Aür active Stock of STArLE AÏÏD FANCY DRY COODS! ever brought to thispart of tbc fftate.j WJiy Is Everybody pleascd tüilh Ida Stock? B4MMM hisst'les arp raoro beautlttlt, qnnlity hctfr.and prices lower thaa at any oUicr store in the county. Why hai he alway Something New and Chcap to Show? Because l.i hns ft friend connectod with ono of tlie lnr gest Dry ünoda HouSM in New York, who I coiitlinialv " BOBBINQ BOUlfD" for cheap bargainsand thf late? htvles, a they appftr frora time to time and in tl. is way keeps him supplied with tyles, and consequativ oustomerB can always fmd something Frewh, NEW CIIEAP and DESIRABLE Wlty doe he teil m much Cheaper than the restt Because he lias a bnyer in the city all the time to Inke advantage of tho coiitinual change of the market, and in that way buys his goods much cheaper than otheri" can, and then he marks tbera down to the Why doet he teil Ladies' and Childrcns' Shots to much cheaper than was tver heard ofhy tJie otdest Shoemakers? Because he buys liis stock in ITie tarxi of .dwmakers , of the manufacturera, fully 25 per cent chpper kbao tl New York Jobber sell them, and much bMtfiT vrork tha tbOTgenacally keep. lhis course enables hiiu to feil better Gaiter for 35 Cents. rharv othrssell at 50 cents, and a better FQXED GAITEP at öOceiits, than others sell at 75 cents. Hat he any llats and Capt? Yes,! should think be has taifa of them, enonfeh t supply the State, at prices lower than was ever heard round these parta. Why is hit Tea to much brtler for theprice pay than you get at other jilaceit Because hf takes grpat care in peler.tinir it, and gÏTesh customeis the benefit of a real good 75 cent TEA FOR 50 CENTS, Itisawayiie hasRot Where thould you go to get yaur CLOTHS ar.d have them Cut or Made? To the BANNER STORE, wbere the People's Banner II unfurledfor the People' pgnod. South side of Public Square, a fewdoors west of Cook't Hoiel. A. P.MJLIjS. Jja IS, IS9t,. 'Bi-tf LUïtfG & BLOOD INFIRMARY. FtsJier's Blode Jrroriward Ave Detroit, Drs. S. J, CARPFXTICIt & It A1NAKD. i " {} M M l DOCTORS gen. rally pTet.-nd that Consuniptiun Is Inurftble, bej;iuse they cannotcure il tlium.-elvs ut this does n'jt ïiiükc1 it true. M;iliy m'-'cliiinicrf Wlll worLn on ajob all dtiy and afer doing notbinar hut spoíl the material thev -11 tw ju it in; ver eau bo done in the SJ JOU wunt it. Hu 'applying to a baUftff woikman - onu who tliuruughly1 nderntands his bualaMM - you wili gt-.t your urk - rnpllRhed in shape. 1 thi.-t respect there Is the same difíerence to bt und iu all trades and professumn. Tht bnngler in tchanlfllQj in the arts, iu luw, iu theoloyy , unü in' ïyaic, will a&y fnoh thing.i cannet bo doet. A ml it i ue that they could not be it all men wT Üke tbvn.6lTe; Bu forf'inattly there it anuther clas of u)rn(' nd these, whtD Cb6J tuk e jour mi iu hand, du tb bas yiru want it, or restoru yuu to haltb, arcur in u de.-tire. We Lavo only to VCUrmber tl is net t, ndentand wat one ohfBtclan ahould pronounc thnt ncurable flrhieji anotber can cure. ïn mecli:i ós, vrt: rtometinie find thnt by a pnssGSHin m ' Buperior meafls, by soiuo ncw invuntion, rif which h aa the solo use, or by the greater inenity oí hi liad, on' person will mate or ' dowhat ao otltercan. Kxactly it may he so hl physic. Anü U'ia i tli . r n-tson wby I JULTfl súch great uccchs over all Uiers in the frèatmftt 0Í Consuinption. By hTÍUjj ie original genins, by jnssesrviiig thö 1-uiig Mtr. hich enables me to cJearly (IeUrniiuü the nutun of tb Ueafseand by bftvtag sueïi fAiedies for Cousuraptlcu 10 other Physician ever liatf, make bold U sny tbat I ïave, aod Oan effect ft qore .ot' this diteaae bt-yond tb each of any QtliQr ma-n'. To prove tlns to haro ltea Ue case, I might gïve you numberB ujjon nunabwr f certificaten f mm m'eti and wnmen girón OYtr to tb :rave, who hare been rescueij nnd rest o red to hojlth iv' the p'-iij:t". (.'ring ise of ín y remedu a for Consuniptiw" , ut it Is not m( êsv. J for me to do ro b're,for Ih act of oneïnfïn do'ng whiit another cannot cunnot. ia viilont to all noen of coptooo isenae. If the Cousumpïve wishes furthef proof than,. tb's, 1 rao" nnly y,' omo and patisfy yourself by trial óf my nkill in tb ure of your complait. Doctor CámVtet will visit.Ypsilanti, an3 Ann Arbor, uring 1860-61, AnnArlmr, at Cook'a Hutel, 3d ant th of eacb ir.onth; HawkiEM Kóuse, TpiiilawH, 5tb nd 6th of eacb month. Tbe remainrter of the fim, h viübe fournl at bid Lung Iniiunaiy in.letroit Iy7"3 Mrs. "WINSLOW, n eiprrit-n s4 N.afM and FeraiU Vhysirian, prKontií tu the alfntion of motht;rs. hx S00THING SYRUP, FOR OHILDWCH TEETHING, whicli groatly fsoltítatafl tlt procewi of totli'nj, by oft6U:ag t Iil' iiins, reducin all iúfl animal iuít - Wíl] allay Al.L PAIN and ipartmodfe acti n, mtd II SURE to REGÚLATE the BOWELS. depend ui-un ii1, moltettf, It will give re t t your-swlywi, and Relíof fïTi'o heslth to yówr ïnftött Wc have put up tfn' and ioM t!ii article f"r ot. ten reara, añd CAN " TN CONKiKNCK , AN PR0TH of it, wbat wc l,avc ii'vc-r l-c.-n áJbl t m f, any othprfnediiinf- NhVKli HAHlTFATTCD IN A SINGLE IKbTAllO To JlFFMT A CUKÍ, #hl timely owd, Kevet did we icnow j-n intance of U,i'latïslactifii by noy onc who tise-1 it. On tlie rntrary, ill Atv delighted witu it?i open ti'ni, nd ipaiJt in u-rnu of cominenflatW'B ol' U maricil fffecia anl mr(tieííl rirtuw. We fpï tlii.s natter -VIiAT WK l'O tNOW," after ten. yQi,v' eiptrieoce, ANT) 1'l.EDGl AH RKPUTATIOK fOR 'l'HK KI. l.ï TI.l.MI NT Of WIIAT WK lli.liK DKClAliK., Mulnst vrrj tn-tunc rben ilie is sullt ff-; fr'iu paii bik) i'l.autn!ö, relief will be foulïfl In fifu-cñ er twtáty m'uuteu uïiri svrup is a.hiiini.stt-rft Thiá raluabjè ureparanon Is fbe preaetitioa ol M ►f the most EXPKKIKN'Ctfl) and SKll.ll'l.l. NVRSH n Ni'w ElmKL and han beeu used with Nl.VOl FAI14KG SUCCESd iu THÖUSANH OF OASKS. It n(t orly reliev.-, (Ihm-Ip]1, Trnin p;nn, bltt i e' ;li(i stoinai-h and bowels, c.rrrelv acW'ty, and givi ,.hend energy tothe wholesyslcm. It will in1ni wttere GRIP1NG IN THE OY1■.I„';:( .N1 WIND CÜIJt and ovtreomo convulsión-, wWcb ir n t speedlv rt-ma died, end in death. We bflieve it th B&ft ná UKKST itKMKIfY iN '1HK WDRI.I, in 11 ea#M o: DYKNTKÜY and PlAUKlJCKA IN CHILnKl N. wlitílliei ,t arnes Ir nu tofthing;. or fraii nnv uIIiit chus?. "Tt would wy to every nn'tlxr irho li s u chiW KuffraiM 'min ;irn" of ï"r-"ir,n.r coinp'a'nt - T '0 NOT Í.F71 VOCR "PKEJliriOW, NOK TUK l'KKJUi H'KS Oï OTIIKRS. -tui! l.clwc.'nyuii :inl y.iir Miflfcr B ehild ui4 the roUfl Ürt will be 8CRK- VkS. OIXTJOLY - :o foll.iw the ui; of th!a nwdlcne, if tiaely ustd Pull úlm-t'-om f'T is'n will awropfiny Mcb bnttle Son g.-nuin') unlMk t'.e fae-aiinile uf CURIId ü PKK KIN-, New Yortr, la on tin uutstÜ4 wr'iwt.r, 84d by DrogicUta thnuigout the wt-Hi. Principal tllire. 13 C-ñ v Stirct, PT, T P1ÏICE OKLT Ï5 CttNTi PKKr.uTTLE. Pèrnle by Bbcrtach t Co. 17TS, Jfgara[[V tbr the Epetdy and Tcrmancnt Cure of SemintA Wectfcncss, ifocturiial and Diurnal EmissionSi Jfervovs and General Debility, Impotente, and all pitease ariaingfrom Solitary Habits or Excessivz ïndulgcncc, iTtJEKE ire ttionsands of Yoüüo Mej, i well n Vimiil X Agsd and Old Men, who ure euffering to om itonl from th ftbove diieasea. Many, perliaps, aro üut íiwar d tlieir true condiüon, or whon asaistance ia really neede-l. For the benefit of luch, we herewith give a few ot the mod eommoa eyraptoms, vit; HVaA-ffsl of tte Bark and l.nnli; 1'nin in the litad and Sttfe, JJiinuess uf AiyAi, Dot aud Wtbt before the Lvs, Palpitation of the Ifrarl, nsi"pw, . of jiïemon, Cojiftixion of Idea, D?pr?nim ttf Spint, A vrMUñ to Society, Self. [istnttt, T'unidity, etc. For each and all of the abuve svmptuml these remedies will be fuuud a " tivreign Balm.'' ïhese remediei ombrace throo vrcsCT1P"ons: A b0T ?t Pasteh. & bol of JftnoM Tmiic Pili; and a box f ttrxll Tonic Puls, all of whlch have iraportaut otficel to pürror( and thmild bo osed together in lerr cae. Their mirioril OTer other modos of trtmcut majr be brlettr tawd a (al' They limlnilh tht violente of letoal eeitmt. g$" The lmmedjatel axteat ooeluxnal aud diaraal wlP B Tbc rcmOTe local Mimen, eanilaf tb ttjau 4giiiiic tlicír natural tone and vigor. They streogthen the conititntloa bj fr!f ♦■ Cua debility and general weaknesa. Kg" Thy enliven th ipiriu, whlch art QsnalTf doprMt fcy expelling all xciting cauflei from the syitain. MWBj thcir iavirorating propertiei thev reitor fM ftitient to his natural hoalth and vigor of raanhood. igr Thoy ure whett all other meani ha faiUd, ITThey contain tui trreury, na Optun. or MrUMl that can in any event prove iojnrioos, They are easy and pleajant to oss, an! wlll laHV ftte with the patient'i asnal biuiaeai or pleaiur. Jff ïhey can bi nse4 without suiploioa. or fcaewlMI ■ trea a rocm-mata. JÊm . That they may come wlthin th taeh of all. h llttl Ih prtc of the Pasteli at $1 per bol, and the 7V1 al IX oents per bo each. In ordering by tnail, in addition to Ibi price, twelvs cents in jUmp sEould be inclossd for rKrl postage, jm I.ADIES In wint of a snf and irstUal E(Ok remedy for TrreguUariÜait Snpprrsirm of Ihl W _J nimsen, or ftny discase peculiar to their set, IËS' fr ihould use Du. Gates's Femai-B Mosihli öHkvdfe' ' t'AL-nox.- Thoje l'ills hould imt be n4 MP' -fflk during Jre;acy, as omcurj-irtgi will ba kltl """' CLAÏ)ïw'!who. f rora Ill-btaltli, doformll 6f M17 other humane and rtaaonable eause, deern It ne ary to avold aa (Ulerease of family, can do o witliont lnourring danger to health or constimtion by the e ot Jf. U Craux'i Frtnch Preventie Pmcdcra. rnce, by mail. l an Theso Po'wder can only be obtained by addrwilng tai General Agenta, as below. , Bend fot Dr. Oates's Priratt Jfedical Treattf m Sama Ditaua. ri Tem cexis. AddrO6!). B. G. MI1JJEB t CO, Gal t"iM ... lyinliTüla. Kf( For Bule by MAYNAHD, STEBBISI & WTT.SON. y"88in Ann Arbor, Micti. PIWI L. MILLEITS IIAÏR INVIGOHATOR AN ETFSCTIVE, SAKKjAND BCOKÓM1CAL COMI'OUNÏ FOR RK8TOH1N.; (illAY liAIH to Itl ordinal color WÍÜ out liyeing, and prevent the Hair früni turuing RtRj FOR rRRVKNTiyi; BALDNEdSnod cnrinp it.when thf is the leaat partido of vitaliiy or rpcuperatiïe eotfg, remaining. F0RREMOV1VG SCÜOT AND PAXDRll-T, Mrf all euti ncous atïVctious of tbe Pcalpi FOR BEAÜTIFTTNG THE HAIR, tmpartfngio it an nr e-iualld líIoss and brillianj, making it softandfllfc; in tta toxtun and causing It io orl rcaiüly. The graal ccloluity aud t he increaeing deninnd for tni uoequaÜed pn-paration, convince the proprit-toi that on trial is onlr nooatary to Batlsfj a difcerning public of il superior quaflUee ww any other prLjara1 ion at ]Tsir in use. It cleanses the head and scnlp frona davdrvf nH otlier cutáneo 'is dtseasc.-. Causen the bair toffrov li' unautly.and giveit a rich, soft, glossy and flcxiU a pearanct'. ;ni'l also wliero 'lif huir 11 Looaenftig and flïit ninjr, it vil iíve stnnith oud vLor to tbe rooti rwtore tíw growtil to ennse parta wftic Kifre becom bald, causing it to yield a.jreifkcopih;g ofhah. Tèerearo hundreds of ladi? and gpnthtnen In Nr Volk who bavc htvd tlK'ir bair resfnred bv the ase o this Invigorator, whrn all other pr?paraIoiM had f.iilfr 1 ,. M. U;is in li is posiMMiofl letteas innumeiahle irtif in to the faeti, fcoai penwm of the hipnest rcKpe'rti bility. It will clT.v! uatly prevent the hair front t7miv_ #ry unt il the hj.tést period of Ufe; and ín canea irhi tho haiv his obangfd its onlor, thr ue ofthe lavlgoratl will withjeertainty resfort it to its origina} ki, ri ing a drk, gtossy appearanee. As a perfuihe fhr the oil Ukd i ll:iir KestorfUive it is partieulaii reehnlniendrd havhtg an airreeahle fraErranw; nd the great fiiciUtlMi aCoráa in itrrtsing thchnir, whicli, frhd) mofflt witlN ffi lnvigor:itir eati l"1 dressed in any reijuired fnrm ro t to preserve its place, whether plain or in curN- bnw the great demand fcr it by the ladies au a standard toil article which none ouglit to he without, as the prie places it witliin the reach of all, being ONLY TWENTYrFIVE CENTS per bottle, to be had at all respectable driiggints' n perfuméis. ; L M1LHER wou Id cali' the iiftentimi of Tarenti c nuairdians n the isc of ïtis invigorator, in1 c.nnrn whrr tl io' cluldrens' Hair nicl-irvfs to be wrak. Theueof: Ihyi the foundation for a (rood head off ïr.afiit remoTi tny iinptirities that may h?evé bottSftiè cilrinCfVti wrt ; the Rcaip.thremoT&J of wbichjs neenrarj hot h for tí heaitnofthe cmki'aiïd tho" future appearance of i Hair. CxrTlov.- Nvrme freriuine withrnt thr fnc nimilc Í.OV] MH,r,Klí being oii'lhe' outer WDipnrr; also, L. MILLEB' H AIR nmGORATOR, Y. blown in the glans. Wholesale D-pot,,'j6 Dey St.and sold byall theprinc ple Iferehanta and Praggwta thronghont the wnrld. Libera i dincoual to purchwitjr by t he iKintity. I also iitsirelo present to the American l'ublic mr New & Improved Instantaneou Liquid Hair Bye rhieh ftfter yoar? of cïentifle experiltaftttiDs; 1 ha1 bronght to perl'ertion. It rivos black m broyn instsnt without Injury to the Hnlr r-r Skin warraofed the be of the Kind in exisTonce . ;. ppiCB ONT.y FirTY aapm. DEPOT, ñfi DEY ST., Knr Yon T6SJ.1


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