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The Battle At The Grave Of Washington--a Vision

The Battle At The Grave Of Washington--a Vision image
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VTrlUtn la Germán U c. 1K Ivas, uf IV-troit ; írid fcftoslAleil hy '■'■ I Bboou&au, "!' Buffalu.; Tlierp on the hfigbtt of Virnon, K sts in his ijuiot gruvo, Tlio litro wlio i.ur ci uuuy 'itw l'ixm i' freedoin i;ave : Tliere lies : !uj no le wnrrior lio UI our gUr}f v;n ; Tl:er.' locU in r:icrl j-fliness, Our foikur, Wasliing'.ou ! But hark ! - a ?nlden clashing Ot' nrms brcükd in hifl cíiv; Aivl vill, hlol thirsty Lcgions Ar: inrullv bast-niiig mnr ; The Jrciíüftil roar of oannon l!nr:a on I be qiliot air - Tin-ir murdoroas tlire&ta nri' uinling I''orili ruin, dtath, dvepovF ! A mi áwra - lis acurcfi twelvtinouth - BritMnia'a reyal on Vitli rrvetent mion wns stunding, Nciw soutuls wai'3 trumpottono I Th luirrid striiV is raging, And - wretchoil fi'nrfu'. sight, There's lrotherlaying bfotlier, Itound Vernon'i Sücrcd hcighll A, round, the hero's spirit Dnth f-i'in liistoinb iiriae ; lifts his rivht hftnd tii'e:itoning, Fi rcc anger in liis oyes ; And, Ina fiiJt .SjiithwarU toniing, Thu pouka our W"nslii:itor. : " Woe ! woo toyou deétroyvng Th w rk tliftt 1 have doue ! "■Woe unió yon, pplhlting Our falliera' gncréil fame ! Wool woe toyou now turning Our fr cdom'a boasl tosbamo!" Aii'l Ihen tlio Kortli aililressing, ■ Wi' h cointen:ince mild rind swcot, In (úfenla &tta and hupeful Doth tlnis liis childroñ greet : - "On ! on ! I'll be your cnptftin - To bnttK' léad ynu fort li ; On ! forwnrd tin n td vicory, Ye bravo Bons of tli tförl li 1 Fcnr not ! your glorious Union Sliall stand - tlie figln. be wun 1" Tliu spake t ho noliU' spirit Of our grcnl lui!c!on. And once more ali is Aruund llu' lioni's tomb ; StilU'd is t!e souqd of eonlliet, And t fio loud cunnon'a boom; And now ag;iin Üie tiétO Kogta in liia quiot gmre ; The US ION stand unhuken, Tite preeïous boon he gave! Jüdjipü itsps.


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