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The Leuitsvillü Journal bcautifully eays: "Thoro are times wheu tbe pulse lies low in tliu büsoni and beats slow in tho veins; whon tho spirit sleopa tho sloep, apparently, ihut knovva no waking in its houso ol clay, and the window shuttors are closed, and tho door hung with tho iovWible crape of melancholy; whea wo wish the golden sunshine pitchy darkness, acd very willingly funcy " clouds wliero no clouds be." Tliia is a s'u'.o ol BÏoknesfl when physie ra iy bü thrown to the dog, lor e vvill liave none ol' it. What elnll raiso the sjeeping Lazarus? - What shall muko tho heurt beat music agaiu, and the pulso danca to it through all the myriftd thronged halls in our houso of lifü ? What sliall rnake tho sun kiss the eastein hills again for ua, with all lus own awaking gladness, and tho night overflow with "moonliglit, musio, lovo and fiowor.s ï" Lovo itself 3 tlio groat slimulant - tho most intoxicating of all - and porforms nll these miracles; but it is a mirado itnelf, and it is not at tho drug store, ■whatever they say. The counterfeit is in the raarket, but tho winged god is not a raoney (hanger, wo assure you. Alen have triod many things, but still they ask for stimulants. The titnulants we use, but roquiro the use of more. Men try to drown tho flouting dead of their own soul in the wine cup, but the corpses will rise. - We seo their faeos in the bubbles Tho intoxication of drink sets the world whirling again, and tho pulse playing wildest rnusic, and tho thoughts galloping, but tho fast clock runs dowD sooner, and the unnatural stimulation only leaves tho houso it filis with wildest revehy, more silont, more sad, more deserted, more dead. There is only one Blimulant that never fails and neverintoxicates - duty. Duty puts a blue sky over every man; up in his hoart rnaybo into which the sVylark, happinee, always goei siuging


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