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" FÏRËÏ F SR E! WESTERN MASSACUVSKTTS JQfcsurarLce Company . OAfiH CAPITAL & SURPLUS; OVJESE. 3SOOtOOO. W. X. -STílONtí, Agent Ann Arbor, March.SO, 1861. 792tf LI IWSliltANCE. The Connoctieut Mutual Lifo Insuranco Corapany. Accumulatcd Capital, - 3,500,000. Wl I.INSUiïF. [JVE9 Bi :i;v amoimt not oxcoi $10,000 for t ■■ wbole tenn of Lite or for a term of rean i.uUieiuj iavurable-Jerran. i i'iirolv biutuaUand the policy lolden get aU t)io nrpluB over tl taeteost of omranco It ir,-ji;tilK tl;,' n-r.iv.l in tbc aettli-ioent of aniiinw ON UFIÍ IMI.Ull., if cUáipd.lby likiK n.pti' f-r ra 1 1 : l 1 1 t!w aifiount, bearlugjotcrest ut six por cent, per imiiuni. Dividends are Derlarcd Annualhjl an,l lirtfo th-y ii'nv amnnht to fifty per cent on thé premium, c.ish tnd uut', and are mcreasing they may bc applie-1 t cafeol Mieopte. 4y Cho ratea "! [premiums nreaslo.v ns any ither reponMeCmpany añdtherorge accurauláted fuña ,f i..;,.,i','):;i.i N sccurcly Invested, M maj be btoq by h fwmade accvnliog to hw, cm file in thooIBceoftliet'uunty An" Ai-luir .-?■. JAMES GOODWIN, Prest. Gt'T K. PntT8,SccT. particnlarsappayto JAMES '■ WATidV, 7Göj 1 KCnt at Ann Ai linr, HloIT. NEW YOKK LIFE INSURANCE COMP'NY. AccurauMcd Juij, 1800, $1,767,133,24 MORRIS FRANKLIN, President, J C. KFADAl.L, Vire President, PLIXY FEKE31AX, Actuary $100,000 DEPOSITED willi theC.iinptrellornf tbo Stat of Njw York. DiviL:u ia irerage40 per cent. ïnnuüuy. A3SET8. fashinBMit, ' 3155,49 ' nscniritii,crp.atl nnilcr til lawsof thü State of Npiv Vork .in.l oí ido U. P., iftS.s.ft.TO BealEtt and Kixtines, Nos. 112 anl 114 Ronda and Uorteageadrawing7poict. infer,c?( 683,998.39 ■ -; ■] for'lOpcrcont.Dfpremiumaon liti' pohcles, tti aring faterest, 67S,ol5.8j Quarterl; iiivl 3tmi-annnal irorainm,lue subse...■..ut 't., Janaary t, I8fip ï'i'ïïS'?! Intereit aöcrueS up lö Jan. ! , Ï8GD, 80:4? ,,„,! „,,t.Ian.l, 1-.V' i1ï" Premiums ou poUcwsin baudd uf Agente, 0,-w.i $1,767,103.24 rr Wi-Li.x aiifl tïWJTT, Medical Esaminera. jÖtl ÖUJ3KKT SM1T1I, Apcnt Insurance Agency I C. H. BULLEN Ts THE ACKN'T f',r the fo)lpwing first olnss eompanïea: HOME INSl'nANCI-, COMPA-W, of New Vork City. ---Capital and Surplus, l,6U0,Ü00. CITY PIHE IXSl'RASÍCE COHPASÏ, of Bartfotd.- Capitul aml Boxplus, Í4OD.O00. COTIKXTAIí I.VSUBAÍCB COMPAKY, o! New York City.- Capital nn.l Surplus, $100,0(10. Thr-ijn:-.rUT8 of thenctt profiti n this Compony is diriued annually aruoug iu polier holden. C H MIII.ENAnn Arbor, Öccember 13, 1S60. 6ni7T8 Convvay Fire lusuiance Co., Of CoDway, Mass. Capital paid up, - 8150,000 00 AssQfcj (Casb), - 269,963 12 Liabilities. - - - 16,440 03 D. C. Iiogers, Jas. S Whitney, Secretary. President. DIRECTORS. I B WIÜTNKY, L. BODMAN, W. ELL1OTT, v- (IOWLAND D C. McOM.VU.W, K. I). MOKGN WIT BKMENT JOSIAH ALLI8. A. I!. BU' 1 EN W.U. nlCKINSON, W.ï. CLAP1', D.C.UÜGKKAtm Arbor Beferences: Dr. E. WKI.l.S, h. JAMKS. I_ DOTOE, ENOCH JAMES, GAPT. C.S. GOODRICH J, W. KNIGHT, Acpnt. Ann Arbor, Michigan. rpiIB PEORÍA MARINE &F1RE X INSURANCE CÓMPANY, OF PEORÍA, ILLINOIS. Capital, - - - $500,000 ooè of the ITRAVinST, SAFEST ani BEST Insurance Co% ín tin1 V . S. losurca on reasonable tenns, ana íl .v.ivs y.y promptly. There is no better Fiie Inaarano CnüUiany. _ Mo ney WantecL Who will Lcncl Money 1 IAM Hi:Qrr-;r]:i Bï SEVÉRAL l'ERSOXS to obtain mon j for tht-m at Ten Per Cent I itere st, (OrMore.) Foranyono rilling to lend, 1 ran at once invest on l ■neumberrd aljundant RKAI, ESTÁTE Becnrity . of rooney and athat thetltle andteeorlty are all mour. . , ,. Tlio bóVrowerjiírallipene,iiii!lnangr. Annirbor, Gct. 7.1359. ï'lit'f General Land Agency. PKRSONSwantingfarm,orre8ldcnceftnomeï AnnArbor.can by calllng on me electfroma lut l'OO Farms For Sale! Ofarlouf 8lzc8 Irom :i, te 130" aorefsach (lome ai Rooda.anyinlhisConiity.) Morcthan O DweUiiK ousfis n'tiU'Jlty.fromtwo liundrod to fourthousan c'doarscach ; and ovor 24 &O1I-DI5G tOTS! AmonirtherarmRrethe lilahcpiarm, inooicrn, the Potter furm, in Groen Oak, tho l'lacctarm, a , i 4clacros,th;Bln.HÍonnnd Jcnk ftrma, in Wobfter: th StubSs, Mlchael Clancy, Newton Bncgan and Fallaha. farma. in Ann Arbor; J . King.W i Ifarrn, inPiUstieid-thcHatch and Ilick Inrmi in l.odi:thc PatrlckClayufarm In Frefidom; W. 8. Dayiknn, B. G Baker and Buck's farm inSylvan. Most, -f these and maoy others can be dHldodto auit purohascr. E.WMOIGAAnnArboj.Jan lt . 1BH ':t EY . JÍOEGA N , Agent lor . V v MutnalUMInstaranceCompanj, HÏAnnn ksoomulatodAaeU, - - ■ o,S50,000. the lea,inï I.ife Insurance G.mpany in the V.B. Knickcrbocknrljfe Insurance Company, íew ïorK, L-a ttrat otas Áf Co.- term reièoniM. HumVHiKir;i Insurance Company, lfe-S?'Si. Capital, with a laigesurpUi, - - „".■ Peorii Maiin .t Firo Irnurance Co., Teoría Hl. _h?lt , No. 1 Fire luaurance Coa. joa Capital, - ' ' ' GRËAT bIRGAINS C LOTHIN G ! ! Cleveland Clothing House IJuron Street, a fc-wdcorsWcst of Cook's Ilotel, AlVN ARBOR, MICIL, Q Iq consequonco of hard tiniea, and being comprllcJ to rnise meney ,n some shape, wc have concluded to Bell tvery thing in our line, consisting of Clothing, Hats, and Caps, GENTS1 FURNISHING GOODS, Sp. At whatever price they may be it ever so little, This is no timo to stand for trifles. Profits is no object at all! Give lis a cali, and get good Goods AT YOUK OWN PEICES! ID" Reracmber the Place, Ituron St.,5 doors West of Cook'a Hotel. A, & C. LOBB. Aaa AV, Jun, 1S61. 804tn3 ARE NOW OPKNIN'G. n.:.i FROM )Ti;i.:sr,KKAN:' Munuíacturvcíja Kh aml.ompleteiitock ol LAW & JttÉUlCAL UOOKÍS, Schaal Booki, Miscellaneout Ronkt, Blank fíonks, un STATIOKTEHY! WnTl aii'l wiDtföw Paperj Dr.-uviüg and Mathematica! Fnatroments, Husic, Juvonilo Librante, Envelónos, ïnka and Cw ds. GOI-D j4íZ crtr kinds of Pens and Pencis Cornfoe, Hilados an,l FixtuFS, POCKET CUTLERY! And everythlng pertftlñtng t tho trade, and more to whichllu-y Would i&vtta attention of the country. Inoonductingour b -Hall rl- all thiitcAn Ho done,so tltat m rjCusonable taiili, :ii,in or cb.tld hall pnd nn;. I We poasessfacilities whlcb w.U eiutble us to ónr stoinerg at the Lcnvest Posible Figures. ' We rnpose{o$1Tfbr KF"Y T'AV,: n small alvance. Wc Bxpoct ii profit on out goods, lmt Cash Sales will Admit of Low FIGURES. Woii . : ' m: . f. ei'.u.nircr;, ! llisll Visiiiiff, Wedding and all other Cnrds wntlvn to order, with neatness and dispatch, by mai' or othenctxe. Tho "Tmimbi: :' ' ' h mnmird by ap-;l '■■; . ■.-. .' nd tboj will always be found on the "quartor deck," rt-:uiy :mi vilUng tö Attcnd to uil wilh pleasuïe, vko will favor thom with n c.ill. Itemember the "Empire Cook Storo." JAMES R. WEJiSTER & CoAnn Aïbor, fta.v'.iseoi 7Jj ANTÖHER & ARRIVAL AT THE H fOLD AND RELIABLE ) f j CLOTHIHi V-, i í ' EMPORIUHü IUw-M,3sr o. S FI-XCB3STI25: BLOCIC, MAIN STREET. "Win.. "V17'.GHa'2ZÏXl., iftajosi retnrned from the Eastern Clüw, with a larg and desirable .stock of FALL AND WINTER Gr O O 13 & l wVich he s dow oíTiM'ing ftt tiniiunlly r.rtmont may be found BROADCLOTIIS, QASSIMERE8, DOESKINS, fc VEST1NQS, of all loscri)tions, cspLcia-lly for JFALL AND WINTER WEAR ! wliicli he ia cuttJng and making t order, in tbelaiesf :itu: bi-.ii styleSj tft-iht-r wrth ji sujperior aeaOptmcnt of RE AD Y MADE CLO TUIN G! IKUNK3 CARPET BAOS, OMBRELUS, vat Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, with rmnierous otber artxles usuully fouud Ín BlmSu utabtiihiD6DtSi Am ANEMPOHIÜM OFFASIIIOfi, kesnbscril : " r liimself,1li:it ljislon? exporienco aii'l genera: sueceas,wiU enab1 him to give tho greatesi latisfactioa WftU who inay trust him iu the way of mauufueturtng ganuents to order. 7O9tf WH. V.'ACNrii. Ho ior the Xtifommoth (.1aïiinet Ware iiooms. MARTIN & TH0MPS02T, TT AVE JUST OPEHED IX TIIF.lRncw and Elegant War e-R oenn KAST SIDEOF MAIN STREET, ANM' AHBOU IiOSEWÜOD, MAIIOGAJNY SET3 OF PARLOR lURNITUEE iNCUDixe Bofas, Teto-a-TMw, Mh%] Bote-Wood, Blaoli Walnut, Plato and Uarble Topped OH Gfl TT UK TALg RO3EU MAllfKiAN'Y. BLAl K iVAI.XI'T, FANCY AND COTTAGE cnAlR?, ÍÍC, ÍZC, &O.) 'C. ..Wl. sf_, pw r 9 3HRU0RS, BURF.AÜS,SECRETARIE9, Complots BED-BOOW SI DS, INOLUDING LATEtíT STYLES, -orMATTBES.SES Of tho be i ■: ■ '; :■ and Dtfferent Material In Faot thev Have Bv( rytbiaa wiLU which lv furoiah ' PARUR, ' BOÜDOTR, B1TTING ROOM. Ol! KITCHEN, AND OLTR CITIZEN NEED NO loiiger go to Detroit or elsewbere to fiad a Iarge ansortmi-iit. Thii FUBKriTURB musut be fiold and will bo sultl nt V E R Y LOW F R I C E S ! tí Lol evcry man ant hil Ife or góing to be wift CÜMKANI 9E1S; T!iv:i1mi b&vq a MEARSE CAURI AGE, Aad are altrays reaíy to awínfl tn ího burial uftba (liat n tho City :uil adjofningcoantry. Ware Roomseasl sillo cf.M.ii;. Mn , ■, ':i.'i'.,'i-i'ii V:.ii::igton and Liberty 0. 5t. MAIITIX. r,,,73!) C'(.TS. TH0MP80N Hangsterfer's Jílock. DEA tí C O-, TNVTTK nttcntton to thcir new stock compii.'-iiig ail J. Kinds oí Crockery, Qlassware, Lamps, Gas Fixtiires andllousc-farniíhins góodM,all of which thoy aro oBta ing At the Loicest Possible Mates. Frcnch Chm.i Tcaüet frnm ti lj: lo 20 00 Froncb China dinnet ft from Ü5 (iü t. 70 00 Stone cliinn Tea wte frono S6P to 5 Oü Stone china dinner atts fi"in B SO to 2u ÜO (ila-N Ki roau4o ..iiiipn complote from í.1 to l". rirblo Kerosene Lamps coiuík-tc from 80 to 10 00 Fluid Lampa from 18 to 62) t& Lampo of all kinds altered and renaired. Summcr Hill Nursery. THE0D0RE R. DuBOIS, pROl'RIKTOROF TIIE SUMMKR HIIX XURSERY, ANN' J_ Arbnr, Mi1i.,ifl now rea'1. y to réceifé oroern for Kall and Sprittf Setting, TtU orden for Kruit and Ornamental Treoa, Vihoi, ShfbWL0tCt;wiUbefl..t't3froin ■'"■ ll1-t Eastern Narsértes, ui.l hiiipocfrual atteufaon v, ,1; ba .r v-n t BOtootWa and fiIliDgtheame. Uaving beeu ■■■■ cateri in Lbe Xui : .he Ea eoafltlent thal Síth ?iroipt inflclohí1 attentlon, and stricl liooeatj and integi-lty,be wüi baáble to itiontoevery one oonñalng tiietr onlerH tu h;ni, AUt;i?nu': oí I rao growra will lo well togivo him n callbeforeordoring throngh othci partica. iíc wroüMcefeï tooi ■ I tw City and Countj who purcha.-i'ii of hiri thopast ]i i'itf tor i'.e quilitFof tr&es broughi on by hiin. ai vrellu foi the goocl ordI in ihïïfefj-wTvo%d and dttwd íini8 j GllE AT BARGA I KS AI' Maynard, Stobbins & Wilson's. Q n: iiAVi-; aiíain hí.ím.kní.-íikí OCR STORE WOT i r thc mobt npleodid block of Cap O ö 3O EiS Lnat WAS ever ofTefed in any onc eKi&tfltthraètit in the State, al] 6f pehích tro i for OOM K [?KO(yjOi ialow as cun bo fomuJ in tho Viiioa Wc want Money ! inl wfl! mnko Grcai Sacrificas on Anyihing welmvc to obtain it, not excepting OLÜ NOTES AND ACCOUNTS We corilifilly invite ALL CASH CÜSTOMEIÏS to cali and examino our Gooils and Prlcos. We als mviU' uur Prompt Paying Customors fu mnw an3 b'.iy ifieír stipplipH for UióWioter. Tothosr Bashful ones thút are aftmid to culi, we pajr tü thsm, tak COUTAfQ SBISXxXj Your WIIÏÏA1? without longer waitii.g for hilier pricííttome in, JET JCJst. JSm J JLT oíd scorMj and then t sii'b ■ ro aj will nikc up all low It ia harfl.' D60C6B8ary to cnumcTBlcour GüüíIs, for Wc have Bveryíhingl A largo asüorlmentof CARPETING, CBOtKERY DRY GOOUS, MEDIIiES, GEOERIES, TAINTS, OIL8, ITAT', CAPS, BOOTS, SIIOES YANKEE N0TI0N8 &c, &c,, &c. OAILIL A 11 (UJOS ("15tQ MAYXARD, SIKBIÏIXS & WII.SO Stoves &. Hardware 1 RISDON & IIENDEltSON }.w v nnw in Store a largo assortmentof mss rsr ou yas jee: ma 9 Hardware and Houso Furnishing O L Ja ( All nork willbcsoWasCriEArasat any otlicr Establishment In Michigan, n . bave got tlic Best Asaortment of Cooking P ARLO R AND l'LATE I3NT TUia STATB, And will eellthem Choaper than TU E CHEAPLST, Píeaae culi juhI ce. All kin'ls of tin ware kojtt oo hnnd. Partleulax attontJoop&ld to nll kinds of Whicli wfl] br done wlth NEATNESS AND DlSPkTCII. 4Pleu cr,IUnil seo thfr STOVS ROOM in 2d utory of Js'ew Hlock. RISDON' & HEOT3EHS0N. A:m Arbor, Jan. 6, 1881. "á Still in the Field! ■wmi a LAKGE STOCK of GOODS in my line direct from New York, Boston, and tho Manufacturera! I have just received a large and wcll selectídassortiucut of CLOCKS, VTATCHES, T 3E1 "W 3E1 X H. Y1. SILVER & PLATED WARE, Musical Inetrumonts, Table and Pocket Cutlery GOLD PENS, And iv great variety of Yankee Notiona, Ac. I woulilcall particular attention to my large Btock of SPBCTACLE8, oí Gold, Silver, Steel, and Plated, with PEE SCOPIO GL ASS A superior article, and a great varie ty of articlca in the r.-r.' havrog ditfiult waicheatööo rtthgUi, can imipodatsd as my sfeoi !; Il Iwrgé and complete, 1" S, l'nrticvilrr atteDt"ii pald totlie RE PAIEING of a)l kinds of Fine Watchcs, such as Makiug & Setting New Jewels, PINIONS, STAFFS and CYLINDERS, also CLOCKS, AND JEWELKY, Keatly Kepairod aud warrantpfl. C. BLISS. kngaei i, Igdf . T8WÍ


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