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PATENTSD November lst, 1859. __ TUK MEA6URE6 Vjv" ïyiSSr A( tlio il ï : t a 3 ï c e Y H around thu Body ijff __ _,_ 42 the Arm-pits, rjj Jf ■ i ■ Lf M e tu E, the BALLOIJ'S Patented Impioved Ffeneh Yoke SHIRTS. PATKNTEDNOV. let, 1859 A New Style of Snirt, warranted to Fit Xiy HCDiling tlio above raeasnree per mail we ennguar antee ft perfect iit of onr ntw style cl' Bhirt, and retutn by expresa toanj part of the Ünitefl HlnN, at $12, $l.ri,$Í8. $4, &c, ice., por dozen, Xo ordet tüf tur Uva n huif a dozen Slnrts. Alfto.lmportersandDöaléw in MEN 'S FUIÏNISIIING üOODtf. ft, Wholesale Ira ío RuppUed on the usnal torini. BALLOU BROTHEKS, SOStf 4UJ Broadway, New York. MOüHE & LOOMIS Hnve Rcmorcd to tho STORE REÜENTLY OCCUPIED BY C. MACK, I'hcenix Block.Eftst side of Main 8t., AND HAVE . Q &&& la Store 3!?.0 A Lnrge and fP? '"Í?ÍS pKte ST':;'K 3g? OF BOOTS SHOES Of vcry descriptiou -which will be aotz oubafüti THAN CAN BE BOUGII7 I.' Tliis City. Alau s largc asaortmont oí HOME MANUFACTURE, Of all kind made in the mest Fa s n. lo n a l 1 e Siyle BY OOOD AÜÍD EXPERIENCED WOEKMEN, -OTTRrRENCfl CALF BOOTS aro XOTsuRPAíí'KntlrísMiclp of NewYork City, and are warrantod n(t to RXP. Our erOQASAND KIP Sa, aro made of tbe bent malcriáis Our ntock of Morocco Bootees Tor Lodlei if tti besl in town, ifith licels or without We Pfakc to Orflcr, andnerer miw of'êvrrtsa iho first time s K've llSft Cil" itI]d we will ufadw you i f roe qfobargo Wc bave ncurod un i cok trf twr Kx pt'rienct'd Joumeymcn. who dc nur monding in the !Vrt et -iiaimer, and oa ihorttst nu tice. Our motto ïi Qulck Sales and Small Piofits Thnnkful 'or past fTOr m hOjpe bypayinii HtrldattODtionto (tur boonnaMto myrit u libVntl lui re of your patnmftgf for the iuture. JEÏ" Kemembfrwe are not to be nmlersoin. 5"9L LíliORE & LOOMIS ra-nj-w goods VVLNES & KNIGIIT Aro now reteivingtheir SECON'I) Spring and Slimmer STOCK OF GOUDS In consequencc of the Great Pressure in the 3VI O TUT EJ TT ' IVT -. II Hr El T we havo been cnabled to puichase many kind of Goods at our ovrn prices. We can sell moet kinds of DRESS GOUDS for LESS THAN WAS PAID FOR THE SAME KIND OF GOODS in New Yort8IX WEEKS S1HCE! We invite the attention of all to aninspe:tion 3f our stock. WINES & KNIGIIT. May 10, 1861. SPRING GOODS. RICH G O ü D S . CHEAP QOODS. BAGH fc PIERSON HAVE just opened & large and wcll selected stock of ISti&ttxxfs Ooodfl. atest stylos aud patterns including POPLINS, CHALLIES, DE LAINER, TEIMBIINGS, S U M M E R S T U F F S . DOMESTICS, STAPLB.S, all Jarefully selccted, VTaranted to please, and for sale cheap. BACH & PIERSON March26, 18R0 973tf Oval Picture Frames I.I. SBBS, STYLES and TRICES just rcccivcd anti "i. fórjale cJicnpat SOHOFF & MILLER',8. Blí0.., W GaEAT.GFvEATER GREATEST BAliGAIKS EVER 0FFE11EÍ) ,859. : In tliia City, are now beingoffereil at the CnEAP.eLOCK, WATCH, & 3" o "tv o 1 xy L3 -L o x oriH B Hubsrlhor wmj]dey to the entizan? o I AinAr 1 particular, anti tho rotor' Wftthlon&w Cmnt-. logeneral, thal hehntjuat ÏMPOKI'KD 01lïKCTLY trom KUROpK.a Treinend ons Stock of Watches! Ali oi whtrh h bindshimeolito geil CU E AP ER tbftn can be bonght west of New York City, Opn Face Cyliudor VVatchee tmra í to 010 do do Lnvnr do do H to 21 lluuting Case do do do 14 to 33 do do CyHndcr do do 9 to 2É Gold Watehéi frota 20 to 150 I Lave al so tho CELKBUAÏED AMERICAN WATCHES,; whlfh Í wlll sen ttr $íi5. Kyrry Vvateh warrantcd to pcríorrn we II, or the ïnunoy relundod. Cloclta, Jewelry, i'Mted Warft, Fflncy Gooda, Gold Pentf Musu-nl lostrumenti and dtring, Cutlery, Ac, and in fnot n vnriety uf cvcryMiinir iMually kfpt y Jcvr efort can be bnughtfor the oext nlnety dny ut T'itif OWN TRICES! Persooi buylng anytblng nt thi vre known cstahlifthmo ut enn irlj upoD ííotting geoda exact'y ns rep r -!Mjt d, orthfitnosey rlundrd. Cailearly and se cure the best bargairii ever otfered in thi: City. One word in regard to Eepairing : Wfipre prfparnd tomnkonny repairs onflno or com moit Wfitrhce, rvon to rnnbinecrr tbe ontlre watrh. ' if neociaaiy. ItF-pairina; of Clock nd Jwrlry as tiflun). Aleo the mHnufucturinü of RING?, BROOCH? or auy'hinp; rfelred, fromCullf rnia Gold on short notlce. Eii2rvlpff in Hits hranchesexcented wltbnftt Tin and diapatch. J C. WATTS. Anu Arbor, Jnr. S8thI859. 7L-lw HORACE WATERS, AGENT 333 Ilroaclway, New York Publlahcr of Miialc and fflaalc Boofcü Pianos, Melodeons, Aiexandro Opgflna Oi'gan Accordeons, Martin's eclcbratod and other Guitars, Violins, Tunor Viol?, Vioünc.ellos, Accordeons, Flutiniis, Flute, Fifes, TrianglesClarinetts, T.uning Forks, Pipes and Hammen, Violin Bows, best ! ian Strings, B:ihs Instruments for Jiand, Piano Stoolí", and covers, and all kinds of Musical Instruments. 0 ïi o o t TSX. ix S i ei fu. -n all tbe publiehers in thK 0. s., Bertini's liunlin's, und Modern Sohoolf and all kinda of lnstraotion Boofca for the aboye instrumente; Churcfa Uusic BooIeb; Uusic olojïaiitly bound; Uiuic iiiipt'r, &nd alï kinds of Uutic Mdtchftndls6t A t t lieLowest Prices. New Planos, At S17Ö, $200, ÍC25,,$250,andup to 300. Secotid Fïand Pïatios Trom $'J5 up to $160: Kew HeloöiM, $45,' fto, 75,IOf), and up lo SQ0 Secofid Hand Hodeons frora I3Ó to ; llexaiidreOripiits, with -:.■ ps, $160, : -, $185 aad $226; thfrteeo stops, $250, $27ö and $300; Bfteenatops.íWWand $875; A liberal dmcounLI to ClerjEjnien, Churehea, Balíbath Bcbools, 8ei and TencUers. The 'lnuíe BiippUed attheusiml tráde ! Tcstlmonlnl9Of the Hornee IVaters Plano ; nrid JJe Ijxiroi:.-t. John TTpwoft, of Carthflgo, N"ew Vor];, wbo haa had one of tlie Ho ra et Waters ['ianoj, writes&s foQovrfi: - 'A frifnl of min: w si ■ toe te pttrehase ;i plaoo 'nr ber. Bhe IÜ68 tho ose yoa sold me io Decembei By piano la becomlng popnlftr In thfs pbcp, aad l thiub ] can introduce one or twp more; they w i II hv more popqlar thnn aáy otber m.".ke." í4Wo have fwo of ;ttcrs" ]'iano5 in nselo oorSeml n.rv, uno of which luis tn'iMi sLvcri'ly tested for tbcra i 3'enrfl. and we can testify to tbfir goou quality ai ui dnnP ! bilitv."- Wood S Gregory, Mottnt Cnrroll, TIJ. ' ii, Watant, K-'j. - l ear 8ir: Ha Ving ufwd one of yo u Piano Forlea fortn'oyears past. I have fonad i( a v:y superior Instrument. Al SZ0 GB-X, Principal Tirooklpn Hri#hts Semmary. "Tho Piano I received from yon continúes to ■ UCftctloD. 1 regard ;.t a one of tne beid instrumenta in the place." ' -■■ '. ■ :.. Cl irkk, Charlaton, Va. 'Xhe Melodoon haa tsafely arrited. I feel obliged to yen fory our libera] discount." Kcv. J. il. HcCoRjncfc, YerquemillëS, G. ''The iir,o was duïy rtoeïved. Itcanift In excellent CondlttOD, and i vt-rv mnch ailmireil bymy Damero ■■■ laiuitv. Accept my titftnka for your promptnesa."- I UOI'EH, U'drrenham, Bradjoed Co. Pa. tiVn']: . as weil, H i- tlif best one in our county.''lii'i.vus A. Í.atuam, CampbúUon% On. [fWe ara rarj mnch obUgedtoyou farhavlns sent shcU a Qne Instrument for $260."- Beank,Held b ('■.. Bnffalo Ve.mor.T4i, "Tho Uoraca Waters Pianosare known aearaoi very Bèét Wc aro enabled to spmk if tlic-" :isirnmes ti. with ■ ■ afidence, from perwnal knowledjif of thcir excelleni tone and durable quality.1' - N. Y. Evangelist. ; "Wc can si'(':ik of the mflritfl of tbe Horace VTi I .i personal knowledge, aa boing the my iim-st quaHty." - Chrhtian TntaHgmeer. "Tha Horace Waters pianos are ouilt. f tliP best and ! mosi thoroughly mamonea matertal. WebaTflQo W tïiat bayers can il" ;is wcU,perhapi better, at thiatlias at ; anv othwbOUB6 in the In ion." - Advocate and Jouraat. Vat--is' pianoa and melodsons challenge oompariaon i witU Ihe fluestxaadfianywhetfl in the country." - Home j Journal "Horace Waters1 Piano Fortes are of f u 11, r i eb. and even oaeand powerful - .V. Y. Musical Rtvc. "Oor fnrmU 11 ftnJ at Mr. Waters' atore the vory b bA .ssorUneni f Uusic and (f Iaooja to lo found in 3tand we iro our Bonthern and w friend?) to gire him acH whenever they gotoNefr York." - Graham's Magazine. Warehouee 333 Broadway, N. Y. Sab ba t h S ch ooi Bell, 100,000 Issceil lu ten Months. Tl ir uopreoodeoted sale of thlsboolc lias induce! the publiaher to add somé 3) now tunesantl hymns t nithout extra charge except on the cheap edition- Among thomanv beautiful tunes and iiymns aAded may be fonml: - ilI ouffht to lpve my mother;'3 0 1'U be a good ohlld, Indeed I irül." Th from tneBelljWéw nung at th Sunday School Anniversarv of the M. K. Chnrch ;it the Aoadetny of Music, with ereal ap&lause. The BeUcoctaina nearly 200 tunea and hymn,and is one of the best coUections ever isvnul. Trice 13c; $10 jut bvadrad. posteff 4o E3egantly bouml, j I gilt, 6c, $-0 per 100 it lias been iutroiluced into iu;uiv nf tbe Pnbttc Schools. The .e. la pabliabedinamail numben entitled Anniversaryand Sunday Sohool Music Books, Nos. 1, 2, 3, & 4, in order to aocommodate the milliou; f'2 k $;i per bundred Ko, 5 will soonbe issuel - cominpncrmrnt of another book, AW, Revival Mustc Book,No,l 8e '2, ( pric $] : f1.! per 100, pdfltage lc. More tha.i 300,000 copies of the above bo"ks liavo been biaaed the past ftlghteen monthu, and tbe demand israpïdly increasiuj. j L'ublished bv HORACE WATEBB, Agent, 33Ö Broadway, x. 1". , Fublieod by Horace Waters ïtfo 333 Hronduay, Kcw Yorfc. Yocfi'Kiml Wordscan nevordie;" ''The Angels told me so;" "Wfldí pf the WeêtL' tlThouflhta of God;" 'OiT9 IDO back my Mountain Home;" Day Dreani;" iLI);uii!v Cock ftobra;" "I'm wïth t !.(■■ Btill;lcPetnames;" "There's 110 tlarilr. like ininp;" "Sarah Jane IiW""Ever of thee:" "Pro le.iving thee in Sorrow;" "J3ir! ol BeAttty;1 "Home of out blrthj" "Gie of ltonabel,'' aud 'W-ikö, lailv, wake,,' price 25c Oftoh. ' IxstkI'SiK-vtau - c 'I'alafc t;:rilen, or Biogtng Pir.ï Polka 40c; "Swfnging Schottísche;" "Mirabel Schottisch;" 'Thomas Öakor's Sohotttache;" "Plooolomini Polka, 35 cotits caeh. The nboveim'c:fHhaveb.utifiil Vignettee "Wdmer Polka;" "Arabian Wai eryMarch," the vc-ry }ni: "VawiOTiaftna Doniells Maznrka ; "Rea ü iiijr tlkft" "Criaollnë Walt,'1 and "Ijancrv Qna artUo,"26ceacb. "The Emptreof Relch'e Quadrille;" a new dance, and "Tho Hlbernbui Quadrille." 85eeaeh Uftny of those pieeea are playd by Baker'e eétobm-ted orch'-' ra witn great pplruso.fl" Mailed fre. A targelot of Forelgn Music at half price. Planos Sfelodcons and Organs. Tlie ITorace Water QS, fot depth, iiiriiy of tone aii'l durrtbilitv, aró unsuvpjisspd. Pricos ory low jecond Hand Kanos and Melodco&s ttova $C5 to ; 1 50. Music uüdilusïcal infltructionfl tf all kinds, 4t the owest prices. HORACE WATERS, Apont, No. 888 Broadway, N. V. TfisrniONUis; - "The Eloraoê Vaten ríanos are known s ii'imii [ thevery bost.' - Evangtiist. We calS Kpmk oftheïr merltsftoxi pcraonal knowledpp."- Christlan Intel tig en eer. "Noüilngat the rairdiriplayedgreaterexceUonce -" - Churrhman. Wators' Pianos and UélMeona oháUesgeoomparison with the Gncst mado anywherein tho couulry.'- Uome Journal. T19tf rving's "Works - National Etlition IU-QS Ploa IMition of tho Works of WaSBIHOVON Ir visa (iucludiug the Ufe Ol WashiugUï villbo pubshed fr SUB3CRTBBR3 ONLY In Montbly Volumos. Prico $1.50 Payable ou Delivery. k'iiutifiilly Priiiicl on heavy superftne paper, ot (hl c:v best 'iii'üty, nnd Bubsteuuftlly buuud iu hoATj evelled boarda. TKach Volume il hifi t rat ed with Vigncttei on Stool a ml Wood, J] Kuickerbocker's New York, Sketch Honk, Cloth. Col il Hl bus, Ö vu!-;. Braoébddgfl Hall, Astorhi, Talesof a TraTsIor, Crayon Mïsci'Uany, Capt. BonnevfUe, OUver Qoldsniith, MahoniL't. Ü voIh. Grenada, Alhambrftj WolfertN Roost, Ufe f '.';i-hington, 5 vols. Salmagnndt. TIiík editiuti will be BOld Kxnrfuvüt.Y ín Pnb.-;criberi ui will be Rrontly Kiipcrior to any ever befoi 8 Toiy hanasome set of tn iriirer a-ljy popular wot-u. tbns placed within tho m ana ofaU. 0 p. 1TTNAM, .Wt., Tubhsher, 116 .Vlksnu Ptreefr, New York


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