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Business líttrtfltu. CARDsTcARDS! ! CARDSÜ! Hivinír parchase.! a Rotary Dumikii Carl p.,ïtLfii.ortment of Card typ, "us Dfficeis prepared to print Cards of al) kind. m the neatest mwsible stvle and at a gryat redaction from Ltp ?rlB,lnc!udlng Business Car, for mor of all „MioMandprofeMion-, Ball, WMlng, an4 TWBi ff Crd, etc.. ele. Cali, give U vours ordwl and See how it is ii' ne _ ' [ W. N. STRONG NALL, DUNCKLEE & Co., WIIOI AI.E and Ïil-TAIL dealen in Dry Gooíe, Car petings, Floer Oil Clolhs, Feathere, Paper Qtcginga, and a general assortment of Furnisliing Cuods, No 74 Woodward Avenue, Corner of lamed st., - - - " DETROIT, Miel. . G3l,Orders solicitedand promptly attended to-ff fOOyl RAYMOND'S Pliatograpliic and Fine Art GA LI. ER Y Xos. 205 and 207 Jefferson Avenue, DETROIT. Photoisraphs, I.ifeSiie, colored or plain, cabinet, telperial, felafnotypes, EXguerreotypw, Ambrotyp, etl L 3-CAKD 1'lf'A-KES by the Dezen orThou gancl. ' I. O. O. F. WASUTEMAW LODGE No. 9, of the Independent order of Odd Fellowi meef at their Lodg Koom, g; SüTHEELAND & SON, ITTHOI.ESAI.E AND RETA1I. Grocers and Commisslon W Merchants, Balt utcte Main Street Ann Arbor TNVITCHELL ie CLAHK. TTOBXKvsandCounsellors itUw, Gtoeral Life and V Kire Inmirance agenta. Office in City HaH Bloei, inHuronSt., Ann Arbor. Collections promptly pia.te jid remitted, and special attentiou paid to conveymnclng. D. S. TWITCHLL, f743tf1 K. "■ J. M. SCOTT. mbrottpe & Thotocrph Autists, in the rooms formerly occupied by Cordley, over tlie store of aporry t Moore l'erfec t satisfaction (ruara ntaed. WINES & "KÑIGHT. " DlAtKRs in Staple, Fancy Dry GonJs, Boots and Shocs, &c. &c, Main Street Ann Arbor. ""martïFthompson. PORSITCRE Ware-Rooms, Dealer in all kinds of Furniture, V &c. New Block, Main Street. ÊTSDÖNr&ÏÏËNDERSON, DF.LF.RS in Hardware,Stoves, liousi furaishinggoods, Tin Ware &c. &c. , N'e Block, Main Street. L. P. MILLS, " Dkaier in Staple Dry Goods, Grocerics, Boots and Shoes and Keady Made Clothing, UuronJStreet Ann Arbori ___ ' BEAKEö & ABEL, ITORXEYS & Coi-xseixors at, and Solicitors in Chanccry. üfflee in City Hall BLoek, over Webster fc Co'b Book Store, Ann Vrbor KÍÑGSLEY & ÜORGAN, A ttorxevs Counsellors, Solicitors, and Notaries Tub lic, have Books and Plata ihowing titks af all lands p the jounty, andattend toconveyancingandcollecting emands, and to paying taxes and aohool intei -est in ai.y jart of the State. Office eastsi.'.e of the Sijuaro. Aon Arbor. " JAMES R. COOK7 Jrsnci of toe Peace. Office nearthe Depot, Ypsilanti, Michigan. __ , ' Wm. LEWÏTT, M. D., PBaraAN & Suroeox. Office at his resident, North ST ofnuron streel, and 2d house West of División itreet, Ann Arbor. O. COLLIER, HyrütryACrrRKRanJ dealer in Boots and fSioes. ExLV1 change Block, 2 doors South of Maynard, Stebbins k WilBon'B Store, Ann Arbor, Mich. MOORE &TÖÖMK f ixCFACTCRKBS ani dealer in Boot and Shocs, 'VI I'hoenix Block, Main Street, one door North of V&shington. M. GTJITEKMAN & CO-, Wholesale and Ri'tail dealers and manufacturera of Keady Made Clothing, Importéis of Otlis, Cssuperea, Doeskins, &o. No. 5, New Block, Ann Arbor. C R PORTER, --p- _ Surgeon Dkntist. Office corner of Main fSi [W in4 Huron ftrtels, over 1'. BkIi's stoie, J_LWÏOÊÏi Aun Albor, Michigan. " Wm. WAGNER" in Roady Made Clothing Cloth, CweiraereB and Vesting, Hats,Cans,Tnmks,Ca.ratEags, &c. Main lt., Aun Arbor. BACH & PIERSON . Dealerr in Dry Goods, Groceriop, Hardware, Boots & Shoes, &c-, Main street, Ann Arbor, MAYNARD, STEBBINS cfe CO., Okai.krs in Dry Goods, Crocerios, Drugfl fc Medicines. QBdoíh & Shoes, &c, coiner of Main and Anu .stroels, ast bel w the Fxchange, Ann Arbor. SLAWSON & GEER, 1rocbrs, Provisio.v & Conuoission Mercliants.ítml dcg.JT lersin Watkr Lime, Lanu I'lasteb, aml Tlastek ok ?AKia,one door Kastof Cook's Hotel. C. BLISS, DBAI.ER inClocks, Watches, Jewelry. and Fancy Goods, t thesign of theliig Watch, N'o. 27, Phoen'ix Block. J. C. WATTST" DmAuntinClocks, Watches, Jewelry and Silver Ware No 22, New Block, Ann Arbor. t. b7Yreeman. Barbku anti Faahionable ITair Drwaar, Main Street, Ann Arbor, Mich. Hair Fronts and Curls kept (mstiiiitly on hand. SCHOFF & MILLER. DEALERS in Miscellaneous, PcUool, and Blank Books Sta tionery, l'aper Ilngings. &c, Main Streít Aun Arbor. MISS JENNIE E. LINES, TEACHER OF Piano Forte, Guitsr, and Biijiog, beiog desirousof enl;irginghar Uaw, wil! reeiv pupÜi al fhe reuidence of Prof, WïN'CHELL, wfaicfa being near he Union School, will ha very convepient for such scholrt attending there wit o n;iy wish to pursue tbe study ofraiisicin connectum with other branches. TermsSLO, half to be paid at the middle and the balance at the clo&e U 1 '. u-jui. D. DïPOREST. VITholksale and Retail Dealerin Lumber, I,ath, Shin gle, Sash, Doors, Blhi'ls, lime, Grand River ?lanter, l'laster Paris, and N'aüs of all sizcs. full nd perfect ansortment of tiie above, and all otber jinds of building matenals constaiitly on hand at tlie lowest possible rates, on Detroit Strest, a few rods from fche Raüroad Depot. AIso operatiag extcnsively in the l'atent Cement Roofing. H. O: I1ARVEY. REOPECTFUIXY olTers bis services (o üie citizen of Ann Arbor as aTeacheioí 'ocal uml Instrumenta Mano. EST PIANOS TUNEO AND REPAIRED 6 RïfueEmcek.- Rev. Mr. Blailc, licv. 5ir. Cktpln. Rev. Mr. Corsslio and I'iof. lritz1. For furihcr particuIarH inquire of Mr. Hlirvt-y at Mrs. Katiaan's, Washington Kt., hetween fjnfcion and l'jlivcritA' dtreets. S21tf. WASIITENAWCOUNTY BïBLE SOCIETY. Dkpository of BiMen and TestanifntB at the Sociüty pricesatw. c. Yoañuát'. chapín, wöÖD'a'cb. SUCCES80H6 TO tXTKJ-I, CHAPINtfc Ge MANUFACT'.lKERf OF Iiirit, Book., AND- ' qOLORED MEDIUMS, AKl A1S1JOK MI.CIÍ.


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