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How To Restore Peace

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Uooa Uovernmout can never exiWlong in the atmosphere of anarchy and rebellion,norcan rebellion loDglive witbin tbc jurisdiction of good Governrueut. They are radical and active, and hereditary antagonista, and raust, under all circumBtances, stand as opposing forces ; they must come in speedy conflict, and one or the othcr must go down. The question admits of no treaties, no accommodation, no compromise; ii' Government cunnot crusl; rcljellion, robellion will crush Government. The qucstiou between thein for the niastcry must be liko the answep of the Turkiisli Governor of Derne to the summons oí' General Eaton to surrendcr - "Jy head or yours." il Government yiolds to-day, and makes terms or compromises, or proposeu couditions of peace, it pays a premium fur a reuevved rebellion to morrow, with superadded insolence and iucroaaod demauds. Govern mout can mako but ono proposition to robellioa, and thafc is, to lay down it.s anus, unconditioual'y, and aeknowledge alleriauce to the Constitution, and submit to tbfl supremacy of the laws This the Government vi!l deinand in this case, ■end should those charged with the Administration fail or faltcr in this trust, of wliich therc u no auspicion, the people - the truc source of power - will uwke tlie demand in tlmir own sovercign name, and süc it cnfoiccJ by virtue of their own sovereign name, and suo it eni'orced by virtue of thüir own sovoreigu power. - And uutil every vcstige of the j-bellion is subjuj'ated, they will tramplo upon cvery attompt tu rally and divido upon party issues, a cd refuse to weigh taxation or even blood, against national honor aiid esistenco. This desqlating scoijrgü will be protractod in the same proportion thatitfiuds oncpuragement from partios and presses in the powerful loyal States. It will be brief, in proportion as all interests present a united jn4 tt.uyielding front for its overthrow. The rebellious hordos have already expended their best enérgica. The National fnrees Iiavc juat commeneed gathering in, in earnest. A considerable portion af tlio rebel army is composed of men fqo qld for efficiënt service, boys too young for it - of Unionloving raen forced into its ranks. They aru half armad, halffed, half clothed, and unpuid. They cannot subsist through tho desolate winter as they have through the suinmrr, on pillago. For laek of bettor materiüfla, tbcy must clotho tliemsolvos witli ContVderate bonds, as the first kíuirts did wit!) t!ic fig-leaves, and uso theta as liuniface did ale for food, drink, and lodgiii", and iilthough thoy uro as good for forago as for anythiug, those vfho atteinpt to üll their stoinaolis with tbem, like tho lean ktue of tho Nile, will reniain in .tiitu qiu anti Icllum. Thcsi: bond.s are only taken O security for borrowed trouhle. The ïiflod arms will provo inadequate, and the i rilled manitiom and money have already been cx'iondcd. They will suou louru by experience that the itluence of dying j seceasion journals and defunct . tions iu this State, ara as worthless as their own shinplasters and as unavailing ' as tbc piaycrs of Bishop Polk. That un ; army ostemporized from such material, starved, unelothed, and uupaid, with uo governroent either receiving or entitled to its respect, dissatisfied witli the usurpcd ' leadership, drngged to act oö'ensively against the Capital when their own seaboard towns are racnaoed by a Federal fleot, aud when the whole thing is cursed by the Uuionloving citizens of the : South, cannot be kept toirether for effective operations. Now is the time for the lovers of the Constitution and the Union to strike their blow. Humanity deruand that it be gpeedy and terrible ; that it erush out the foul and atrocious heart of of rebellion at a single onset; that banners be borne aloft iu every rcvolted district, hearing this inseription "Death to ! rebellion ! Peaee and protection to lojalty." Our brave soldiers are marching to tlie scone of action by huudrods md thousands, anxious to bear a hand in resouiug our glorious Union trom the hands of the spoiler ; and enlistinents are more active to-duy than ever, and let thein go on in countless numbers. Our floets are already hovering along the rebellious coast, to invite their return to the allegianoe they owe the Government. and in oasethey are unable or unwilling to return, to as sist them with the wiiole power oí the Government ! Our cnpitalists of great, and our pcople of moderate ineans, with an alucrity which must chcer and Ion evcry patriotto beart in the land, and ieave money-mongcrs abrod to gape and ivonder, liave laid their millions of treasjre at the feet of the Government, without reserve or stint, and have millions in readiness, and have bade it, in the name af all that is sacred, to crusli the rebellion, bcfore ifc relaxen or slumbers.- llcaven bq praised ! this infamous, impious ar.d ignoble crnsade against humanity is doomod ! The true and loyal, and Union-loving Lave all the elementa of sucoess within their own bands, and wil! not fail to wield thoni accordiugly ; and if thoy do, woe to conspirators ! Up thcn, with our glorius üag of the Union bigbor and still higher ! - let every loya citizen whcel into lino and mark time to the Union ; push on the column to the strongbolds of treason ; proelaim atunes ty to the people, extonnination to con spirators wbo precipitated and urge on the Tcbellion, and its end will bo as spccdy and inglorious as its origin and ea reer have boen depraved and damnable


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