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Col Baker's Presentiments

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It is a remnrkable feiitnra in tlia oases of Ellsworth, Lyon, and linker, that euch went into b:itlln uiih tlio prcsentiment of death tmnging over hitn. In the inst; neo oí Ellsvt;-:h it ivms hni'dly so trungp, ('nr lo was new to tlie field umi its penis must havo impri-ssed him. lint Lyon nnl l';ikcr had fought before, heerhilly and ?:iilv, yet in their last bütt'es ihcy wulkei} steadjly fofwnrd, with eyes open, iïito tliu vullev of Iho shiidow of dentti. - Geo. Wilkee, in a letter to tho" Tnhant, d;ites tliis prest1 n'nnentbuck lt August. IT-siys: " Upon the wrftèr of ifiíá artiule, perhilps, the tidins of )i is loss feil with. i muro rttiirtlinj etíect t h:in opon my pci'sdii t'lso. Lt vííih onr riHnl fortuna tu kim w C"l 1j..Ut wull, itrti) e liu ha h.'imr n entertain liim ai úr guefi to dinner, on un :iíter::oon in tl.emon'h it Acg'isl la-t. O i that o.oasion, hou rt'e ex ressfd (ín view o'l tliu eceiit üi-;is!er ut M mavstis) a oatnrúl joncyru un ti ,'lfu dep r ment nf bii Lroo 8, hosaid: " VTilke, I huve somo pemil ir kntíon ns tu the purt I un to in thu) extmoriilnury wur; nnd I ivimc yii to huar in inind üuie whtrt I imw s:;y to yon itot :!ii! resiilt of in idlc tai ry 01 vgu iinj ressicín, It íj iluul) ful whi'thnr T si u!l evi'P :iííii hikerítV eil in llie SiTuito ! To llio lo k ni -Ni-j vi.-n u ■Ii!-] [ InnicMJ npnii him ut hw exres!fmi lit; rcpütnl, ' I mil cv-'iUiiii I .shali not livo througli thiii wur, añil if my troop thoulil show ;niy wuht of roMilution, 1 rhall fa'l in lh lirst liattlo. I uaniiiit, añord, after my onréer in Jfoxico) and ts a Sen:itor of the United Statef, lo turn my faue frtn theenemy!" Ttiere was no gloom op dépróuíion }n his itmrtnér, Irá't it as phuractfüizud by u lempcrut earnestnp.-w which mudp u tj'wp inpFVftffl mj ray ipinr). Lo! béííiré Ootober his shcd ita laxe--, his swi'i-il lii'8 upon his pu'si;less 1'i'uaHt, and his tuga IfM bucoine the carerpentn oí the jrave. " Uood triend! l.mve heart! gallunt load.-l ! h;i;l and far. wel] "i ...m-'f


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