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The Domestic Tyrant

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Jt, id to ma a thorougbly disgnstiftg sight to see, as we sometimes do, tiie wil'e itud ohilijren of a f'aiuily kept in constant terror of the sclfUh bashaw at tlje b,ead of the house, and ever on llie watoli to yield ia evij1 pe t j matter to his whimn' and tañóles. fe imetiuie8, Whero liü is a hard-wrought and auxidis man, whoao hard work carns his children's bread, and whose life ai the sole stay, it is needf'ul that bc ahould bo deforred to in niany things, lest tho overtasked brain an4 over strained uervausaysteuishould break down or grow uuequal to their task. - But I am not thinking of su,ch fases, l rneau oascá in whioh tliO keaj of a faniily is a great, bullying, su!ösb seoundrol ; who devours sullenly tht cholee dishes at dinner, and walks into L1 tlie fruit or dessert, whilo his wifo looksi ij in silenoe, aud the awo strickcq clüldreu ilai'o uot (iut thüt they would like a litUe Qt" whnt the brutal hoUnd is ld'.ouriag. J i';au oases iu whieli tho 10 .tcinptible dog U extreuiely woll dressjd, wiiile liis wife'a aud ohüdieu's attire ia thiu ar.d bare; iu whioh lie hlierally tosses about hi money iu tlie billiard room, and goes off iuuutumu for a loar on the contineut by kimself lejving them to the joylessroui tine of thoir unv.ined life. Ir. is sad to sou the suddeu hush that f;ij]á upon t!)J little things wliea be ot){p'a the Ifousj"; how their sports nrc out sliorr, and the y try to feteal way from the room. Would that [ were the JJmpernr of 1 qssiri, an4 suoh a man njy subject ! tilrmld uot lm tuslejthe kvjout? Slio.ild i ot I inaks bini howl ? That would bj liis suitablo puuisluiient ; tor he will never feel wliai worthier mortala would regard as thg lvavipr ponalty by tar, the uMer abseu of pgnficjunce or re 1 affect ion betweeu liim and his ehildreq whon they urow np. He will Dot mind that there uevai wan j day wheu the todding creatures set lip a slmut of delight at his entranee, aml ruah :d at hun and scalcd liin). ;id searched in his pockets, and pullod liiin about; BOT that the d;iy will never Ooiue when, growing into men and women, they will come ti him for sympatliy aud uid:iuctí in thoir little tiials nj perplexitieí. - Oh ! woful to thiuk that theie are parents hold ín general ostiniation too, tn M'hQ111 their cliildreu would no moretliiiik of goiujj tor kindly synpatly, thm t'n'y woui'i Miink nf i_"iiii!i tO Nova Jeuibi- &3? üUtktóiun is ie tl of tlie iiniivj. iviug out wliolesonn: l'.a-luUO.-.


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