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The Veteran Gen Scott Retires

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V.'a.-iiii.aton, Siv, 1. Itfe fiii'uvii) letler liiiin Gei). Si:oi.t Was rod-ivod by ihe J c.-liii:t on Tl.nrsdaV, 'i'. M. Hj.nPQI'ABTHI OK TKK Ai.MV, ) r..ii;..-sl. O;;;. .'!Ut, -H. Til-' Hm. S. Cüih-ivii. SivtvUü-y uf Vut : Sin- Kor tluin tlnvo yetitv I have been uililtl e 111110:1 hint hl llt"lltil ' n bolfn, ol' !i walk iMini' tiiai) u lew li'VV pai'i-s It :i lililí', aliti tfl-.ll i II intioh pulll. O. lier ano lew iniii'iiiilii s. trup-y iinl vertido. ulttiiiaiiUi na) tlutl I IVpn.e of mimi il l r 1 Imiiy, Wllll lIlB 4l-. .li:iiK-i--i i1 Bdiory Bod mt-dicinu, hp tux;iiss:iry to itdil il ht'le iihiIV t ;i il ie ulrcady protrxoted niuuli heyHiid itie isuai tuit II h uiidur such cuvuiuManoes, in d di'tilily puin ful by the (innatural ami iinjust ivbcLhm iiow ruling in h; Soullu-rn Suites of ouit.SO laely [n-ieriiis :iid happy LJi.lon, Uur l hüi toiiij -i-livl in raqut&i tlijtt iny nnino lic plm'.ed on the iisl ot army ottioers rotirod fi'din hoHvu service. - Au this riTjin-sl Nxindud on ;in :ib.-nluto right gratitud by u rocoiit :ijt (t Con,'ress I i:n entirtlv (M lünTty to say t i willi tli-op tvjfivt tlmt I willidt-iiw mysull in llio!-t' niOMit'iilO'is timus from tho ord.TS ot i PtVnidont wlio h;is troated me with inurli ditini;iii-liuil kindimns and wurtpy wliotn I knuw, ujxiti fu rwiniil int6rooBra, ín I e jiatt'intic ithiiiit w i'.l i'il Kxiction:] ar;iallHs or fmjttdieeA, to liu b'glily curiHi'iei.tiiHKs in tlio pert'"niinnt' ot uvery duty, aii'l of i;nnv;tl!iM ;f.;ivi!v nnd j sovur ; ;iiul to vvn, Jlr. S'H-.reta'V, vvlioin 1 noiV OÖici. J'y irii!res fr the !at ti'.no, 1 heg to auknowledgè my tnany obüpfntioM (ir iho high considermi in l havo ,ree ivi)d ut ymir küiid, and have tho honor Ui ruinain, fir, with liih respect. (Siffned) WÏNtflETiD SCOTÏ. A special Cabin'it councM v;is conveneti on Frïilay Momtnjr, at !) o'!ock, t takn ihe KiibJHct iuu uont-'ideration. It was dociileil that Gon. Scoll's iellt'st. linilur 'lio Oil'uUlilst nees (.f i- ml vu tiet; J üiio ami iiifintiitief, cojild nut bu ileolined Genet ui MuClollan was thetou[)(n, willi il. e iinni.iint'us agivoiiioi.t f tin: Ou bi net notiried tiint tue coiniir.uul of tliu aimy wóul'l bu devolved u i:i liiui. At four d'clock ia llie af ern'-on the Ciibinet. again wai:d mi iho Pfefident und attended hiin to ihe rööidenoo ol nl General Soott. Hiiinjf seatod the President road to the Gcnoral tlio followitifjf order : 4i On tlio tirst day of November, A. 18(51, upon hiovii app iohii n to the President of iho United SlutM, Brevet Lieutenunt Genera] Scott ia i)i"dei'ed t' be placed iiptm tho lust of retired oifictitH of tho urmy ol the ITnitt-d States, without reduot.on in ciinent pav, or uilow anee. 'i he American people ill beur with sadness nnd deop smotion that Uoneral Scott hna withasxvvn from tho acivo control uf the army, whiio Uib President and linaninious Ciihiuet express thoir own and the natunv's eynipalby in his perBonal atilic.ion, and llio'r profound SBiise of the important publiu services rendered by hiin to his country 'luring his long and hrülinnt crer. nmong wliii'h wül evtr l gratefiiHy distinguished bis lui'hful deyotion fo t!jo Confti'n!i"n and tiio Union, and the Hag, whon Ofsailed by patricidul rebel(Sig'norl) ABRAHAM LINCOLX. Gen. Scntt lliiintipon rose and adJresócd the Pre.-nli-iit iii'I Ciiiinot. uhi had also r.Ben, as foPows: Mr. P't$iJemt-'YAa h0'T uln-lmstne; t overpays fal] services 1 have at ötüpted t reoücr tny c untry If I iiad aüy c'ain b bef r j, they are al obüteralfd "by an expression of approViil by tlio Pre id-'nt, vvith tha uouuL nious approval of Ihe Cabinot. I kflow tho LVerident and hia Cabinot wel!; I ki w that Uii.s coan'.ry h:is u!aised its iatoros'H in this tr. ing cr:sis in afe k 'uinjr; thoii' eou isels aio wi-e. their labors uro as nntiring as thoy are loyal, atid ;hon c'ti:se is ihe right ■ or.e. Mr. President vou must ex:iie uw, l am not fablo to stand loDgyr to givo utteranco lo tliu foei Inga ■( graiitude wliicli oppt esses me. In my otireinent 1 hail otior tny prayors lo God for ffcU Adini isi.rati'11), and fnr iny counlr]T. I ahail .ruy lor U with couliiloncc in suixoss uver all oneirnes, and ihat opeedily The President Uien toik leavo of Gen. 8i:ott, giing him his Ir.ind, and aving ho hojieil soon to writo him a private letter exprts.sive of bis gratitudo and aJjtttlion The followinir ík tho response of t'no Secretary of War to tho let er of Gon. Bcott: "Wab Dapartmext. ) ' W.WII1XCTON, NüV. I, lffil ) " Gbnkiial: It was my duty to lay b.fore tho Pre-ident your lotier f yesterlay, askitig to bo relio. 'od, uuder tho recent act of Congres. Inerparating from yon I cunuot refruia from xpressing my doop regret ihat your houkh, shuttered by long sjrvice and rpeatod 'sounds loceivod in your country'á defoüso, nhoilfd ronder it t:oc esaary foryou to retiro from your high position at this mometitöus period of our history. AUiough yon aro not to remam in autivo sorviee, l yot hopo that whiie I continuo n charge of tho Departmont over which 1 nuw presi Ie, I hall at timert be permittod tiu avail inysclf uf tho benétits of your vvie cotinsels and sage expei ience. It has boen my good fortunoso enjoy a personal aoquaintanco with yoi for over thirty yo.n-s, and tho p!ea ant rolulions of that long timo havo been greutly trengthoned by your cordial and onlire oo-oporatijn in all tho gffiut (jiostion which havooccupiod tlio Departtuent, and convulsed tho country for thu last six tnonths. In pnrting frotn yon, I can only expross tho hope that s merciiul Providance, that Iris ' tod you ainid so many trials, wíl] imi.rovö your health and continuo your life long after tito pooplo of tho country j hall have boon i e.stored to their fortnor happines and prospority. "1 ani Geipril, rerr nlnwrlf, y ir fvicná and. sirvuut, 'SI5ÍDN CVMBHO.V, Si-BTOtury oí War. Liut Gen. Winhi:i.i de m, ric.eitt.'' Major-Goneral iloOlellan to-nígbí imuod tho following order: HkADQUABTEUS OK THE AbMT. 1 VAsniM;ruv, Niiv. 1, 18G1.J Gbnekal Ohükii Na 17.- In accor danco wiih General Order No. 94 from the War Depainient, 1 huvby assutne mMBiSAÏld of tho i.rmie.s of the Uoittíd Utatea. I:i the midst of the difficulties which erjcoinpiisi and divide the n itii.n, hoe'. tittion andelf distrust may Well accompany the assuinptio') of' so vaut a re■pons')ihty, but itontiding, as I do, in tho loyalty, dciplino and cnurago ol our troopH, and bclieving, as I do, that Provid :nce wül favor ours us tho just ause, I cannot doubt that enceaga will crown our cftorts and saoriticen. Tho army will imito with me in thefeeling of regret that Ihe weight of many ye;;iv, and the elleut of incroueing iniirinit.u.-:, conlrnett'd and inteqflUied n h e country' pervioe, should Just novó remove lrum uur lieud the great H di r nf our na1: n, the hun, who, i: h'w yu-.ith rui vxi lik'h ihe repntution of hicpiintn 01 lh fi. Ids of Oaii-.iil.i, wbich] lic Minclllied uiili liis L!n,:il, nim m rio ra nmturi; ve:us proved l llie world ilnii Viiuüioun -kiil mui .itlnr ruiiM re! I eai, il not eulrfe, ttiaes.ploits nl Uor-, itz in ih(j i nd "i t!;u Moiitezmriiisi, : lid.sü :;;. han'lieen ilcvutud to tilo M.TVH1!.1 (i! C.ihllMy, U Id-u vlli.i(! i-lini'ls huvu luien lüreclod lo luili ld ' mfr liónor n't '.hu .:i!n]'rat sücrihcé 1 lii'1, :i WR.niór vvho sciraed Üie si Üi-h i unes of du; battlë tïo!l when his grfit : qiinlitioa ü-í :i sinti'Siuui] ctulld ftu ampluyed irtore prutitnbly for hUcnun'rv, : citizen vi lio in lus doclíning yt'rtrs hagiven tn tin; w i! ld the n-nst sliiliiiig1 hntüiice of ln.aiiy in disregurrfina; ;ll tu;s of liirth, :iint eliiiiiiíí; flill to thé oaUSO of til i th and honor. Siiih ha lieen Iho ::truiT and clinnu-tiT of Winlild Scott, wlioni it lian long b(!;D the dciilit of tliu na' ion to honor, both ns a man ;nd n ioldier, Wlfile wo reret his loss, thore i.- mie iliing we ciinnot regrêt - ti o biight esiimiilo lio hits lefi lor otir enmhiü n. Let us all hiipe ;imi [ray tli-ii liis deulitiing years may te passcd .i poiic'ö and happiness, aha that tlmy bu clieorcd by the sucoess of ih country an I the cause lio has foiight lor and loved s wul!. Beyond all that let i:s do tiolhing that can causo liiui to lilush lor ns ; let no difcat of ihf anuy lie has bci Uni'J coiuinandcd cinbilteí his l"st yuar.s, but let riúr victories itiin:in:i! tin.' c.lo.e of life so giand. 0KORGÈ B. McGLELL'AB;, Jl-:uir llonmil Coimuaiul i lig U. S. A..


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