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The Battle At Romney

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CoricsjtoniKü.ci" of ihe Cinciuivit-i Guzi-tte. l_.jir Keïs, Oei ber 28. Í8IÍI. i rubiifbd f Uomiu'y, Va. ( Onr camp is called if'er the gitUant eo;nm:indcr r(1 tl e " Uinggnld Oavnlrv," Captain Kcys. Ou lust Tbureday our regiinht, the Fonrth Ohio, teoeived orders trom Gen. Kellt;y, to pnck up and iimvj frotn Fort Per.dluton in New öféók, nrnl Ihere juin him wiih oliier hii'i!s in :i mnreh apon Romney. We left camp on Friday mftroing onder co mm umi of Utl. John 8. Maaun, ap )oiiit'd nee Col. J"tiii Andrew. deceased, and arrivod it Now ('reek in the evening, marchiog the distanoe of tweiity-six miles in twelvu hours. - Liout. Gul. Onntwell Vvaá wiíh ns, although ho h;d bid us fareWell tbe doy befbre, expectitig to return to Ohio to raise airoiher regiment, as Colon el, by au'.li'niiy of the Government. We joined Gun. Kelly's column oti Saturduy rnorningj and made a rapid inarch Riïinhèy, distiince ninoteen inüös, in order to engngu the eneiny, whrt was supposed t be four ihonsard strong, and at three o'olock P. 31., Ihe timo fixed for the fight. - Wu wero to be supportèd by anotber moving trom Oumberland, ihat was to como ifi by ay of Sprrngtield, and make a simultaneóos atlauk upon the en' my in the rear. At about 'lh o'clock we camc witliin four miles oi iïomney, v. hen theeneiny opened upon u frum Mechaoiuiburg Gap '.itli otie ).iooe óf arttllèry, but without any eÖect. We tlirow out Banking skinnishers, and retiirnód Ihe fii-e, w 1 1 onjpfcúr twelv ■ poundors. The enun y g;'vu ay. und rotteated throiifih l'10 ÜMP to Rpmney. Afur we pas.d hrough Ihe Gap al a doublé quiuk, we éíúr.é in pight of town, and witliin ive ur eis hijpdrod yards of the bridge ttut crosses thu South Branch, tlioy {i'ed iijnin us '.vilh a six pound rillêd connoii tl,at was plantod on a poiui dcross the ï'oad We moved -teadüy i'oywarj, ut Iho s;n,o lime ret inning the (i o wjtb hvo ol the pieces. Coinpuny F of the Fourth Regiment, workir.g orie piece of arli:leiy, :;nd Cóinpuuy D suppoitinj; t, ipoveil furT:ud in advancë, to nithin fiPy yards of ibe bridge, when the enemy ope.ned upon us witb grap9 truni a {welvepound howiticer. Ve fcjpt up a stjau'j' lire in return for snrr.c; ininutöd wh n (Julonel Masón, at the head, ordercd liis regiment to charge at i do:jble ijuick. Tlio men, thongli near'y given out uith fatigue, responded with a yol], nnd "went in.'1 Ouiuipanj I of the Bighih Öbio, ivith Company i) of tb o Fourth, wero the fiist to croas the bridge, t fjo Úinggold cavalry at tbe samo linie orossed tlirough the river. - The encmy became friglitened, evacúated their breastworks, and rutreato I tbrciugji the town :i utter oon.'usion a'ong the pike towaid Winchester. - The cavalry pursued the enemy beyond town, kilüng sevurul mere of thera and taking a good many prisoners, together with all their bowen, wagons, bugguge, cu.rrp cquipago, mail matter, two pieces ot cunnon, and several hundretl stand of anns. I havo not been ablo to obtain a correct list of cnptured articles, as the invoic;e has not yet been made out. It 18 enoiigh to siiy that il i.s a cúmplete viutory. The onaniy lost eight or ten killed, and about tvelve or fifleen wounded. Our 1(jss s a follón s : Je.sse Taylor, of Upt. Monis' Cuí, 7th Virginia Kegimont, killed; iïiram Meily, Ccmpany K, Fourth Üliio Rogin",ent, wounded in both knee.-!, sligiitly ; James Sines, Company F, j tli tiegiment, wounded in boad and eg', BÜghtTv; W. Fox, Company F,7tb Virginia Regiment, sligbtly; W. Fur]ru8on, Cpmpuny F, 4th O. V., had his thumb blown otl, and Isaac Merrideth, )1' une Cumpany, had bis ng t hard jlown olí' both by a prematuro dischargu of' tho cannon they wei o workng- The column moving from CurnbcrRnd advanced as Air as tho Chain Briilgo, thia .sido of Bpringfiölj, when they wero iiiet by (ho enemy who bad removed the plank from thy bridge, and oommnnded it with one piece of artillery. Tlioy ktspt up an irregular fig-ht unlil tho iiiieiny had heard of the rotreat t Romney, hen he took to ihe mountaius, and escapea towaid Winciiesier. Our column at thut point, lot but one man, tho eneiuy five or sis, so í far as eould be asceríained. The rebel torces at Romnny were sevo:i hupdrod cavalry and fivo companies of infantry; and at Chain Bridge tliree bundred and íiíty infan try. üur forces are turtiod towards the eust.


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